Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What I Did Instead of Painting

On Saturday after the soccer game, I hit a couple garage sales where I found a few neat things like a vintage Anagrams game with lots of cool wood letter tiles, vintage Chinese checkers game, little millinery flower, some very old Spanish books and dictionary and a little white homemade cabinet. After that I had every intention to do some painting as it was a very nice and sunny day. But unfortunately I lost my painting mojo and ended up being a lazy bum who watched a couple dvds instead.

Sunday I was feeling pretty guilty for wasting the day on Saturday so I got up early and made this.

My latest shopping cart liner. I really need to save this to take to Farm Chicks. The last one I made, I ended up selling to Joy's friend Pam who used it as a bridal shower gift and filled it up with some neat things. I thought that was a very clever idea. Anyway, I have another one cut out for another friend of mine who asked me to make her one back in November or December. She is going to Farm Chicks to shop so I'm sure she will want it before then, so that will be my very next sewing project.

In the spirit of using my best stuff, I also made these on Sunday. I have been hording these barkcloth fabric pieces for awhile now with the idea that I would make myself some pillows someday. I just decided that now was the time. Three of the fabrics came from Isabel who is so generous. I kept them very simple with no trim or pompom fringe. The backs are all done in vintage ticking, envelope style, so they can be removed for washing. Ultimately these will go in my front room which is currently a mess and is my "staging area" with things to take to Monticello or things I am saving for farm chicks, display pieces, and things I just need to re-do with paint or fabric before I can sell them. Someday I will take a before picture. Just not today. I really want to re-do this room and this is my inspiration.

I love the mixey matchy quality to this picture. Isabel has a day bed that I'm going to buy from her to replace the hideabed we currently have in there. I painted that room a warm carmeley color a few years ago, but it is just way too dark so I'm thinking of going with a creamy white or maybe even a light aqua. I am dying to get busy on the room, but the thing holding me back, is what do I do with all the stuff that is currently in there. There really isn't any place for it to go. So for now, I'm just dreaming. Maybe I'll sell a ton of stuff at Farm Chick and then I can get decorating in there.

I thought I would show you where the jewelry box I showed you in my last post ended up. Right on top of my dresser holding my collection of vintage bling. I love this! It is the perfect size to hold my rhinestone, handpainted roses, and a few enamel pins. As you can see, there is room for more on the bottom part. I guess I better go shopping. ha ha

Today I am taking my mom to her doctor's appointment and then we are going out for a yummy lunch. Kids are off from school tomorrow and Friday (again) for conferences. I can't believe that there is just a little over one month of school left. We are going to have a crazy busy summer. Farm Chicks, Maui trip, camping trips, more antique shows, etc. I can't wait!

Hope you all have a truly fabulous Wednesday!


{oc cottage} said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, that jewelry box full of treasures! It like a dream! LOVE IT!


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Wonderful pillows!!! Love the bling, too!


Auntie Joy said...

Hi Miss Lisa
The cart and the pillows turned out wonderful!

Jennifer said...

fun fun goodies to share thank you. i love your bling and the pillows you made for your bed. so much fun! those shopping liners are awesome too. i need a cart to get liners made for. :)


Tracy said...

I absolutely LOVE the cart! Now you can shop the fleas in style!!

cherished*vintage said...

Your new jewelry box looks great with all your sparkly pins. I love your handpainted pins too. You always show something pretty that I just have to start looking for... hehe

Alison Gibbs said...

Oh my I love that jewellery box. So many precious pieces inside.
Love the cart liners and what pretty cushion covers

Cindy said...

LOVE the pillows! And the liner too, but really love the pillows.


Sandi McBride said...

Now how did I know that jewelry box was going to end up on your dressing table? Just a wild guess, I suppose,
lovely pillows!

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

I too love the mix/match stuff! I'm ordering a solid color couch just so i can have fun with pillows. Those fabrics are so beautiful.....nice!

Pat said...

Lisa, As usual, you are showing us lots of neat stuff....I am so envious of the resources for shopping there. The little carts you "upholster" are just the cutest things...I have never seen one here...the daybed photo you showed appeals to me, no end, and your new jewelry box filled as it is..divine! If I can't have all this stuff....I'm sure glad a nice person, like yourself, does! Pat at birdnestontheground

Anonymous said...

hi lisa,
boy do i relate to your dilemna of 'where to store the stuff'! when you deal in vintage it is always coming in and going out with some stuff staying in the process. but we love it, right?
btw, love the magazine picture. would you share which publication that came from...? i am a magazine addict, but i don't think i have seen that one...great look!
p.s. you are going to do GREAT at farm chicks!!!!!

Patina said...

Lisa, I really enjoy your blog, I have to say I love stopping by and seeing all the treasures you pick up. I have yet to meet you at Monticello, as our paths just don't seem to cross but I enjoy you're creative talents when I'm there. Good luck at Farm Chicks, I'm sure you will do real well.

Back Through Time said...

Love that shopping cart!!

Linda said...

Oh, I love those pillows....beautiful colors and your "bling box" is awesome. Hugs, Linda

Secondhandrose said...

Your inspiration room is adorable. I hope you get your room looking like you want it to. Thanks for all the pics. Come for a visit.

Decor To Adore said...

I absolutely love your liner for your flea market cart.
I had been looking for a pattern to make one for myself and didn't find anything of the sort. Perhaps this can be another venture for you.

Angela Harris said...

What a gorgeous collection of vintage bling. i know what I'll be looking for next time I'm at the flea market! So fancy!

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