Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A Day at the Beach

On Friday we headed out early for a drive to the coast/beach. Our destination was Cannon Beach where we hadn't been in several years. Usually when we go to the beach it is to Lincoln City as it is the closest for us to travel to. This is the scene out the window on Friday, our last day of spring break.

Lots of snow and stormy conditions, not typical for this time of year in the coastal range. There were also lots of cars in ditches too, so I'm glad we arrived at our destination safely. When we got to Cannon Beach we parked the car and decided to walk around the town a bit. Not many shops were open yet, but we did manage to find this wonderful shop. Sesame & Lilies. They have been written up in Country Living or Country Home, I forget which one. But they had all kinds of neat things to look at. Most things were way too expensive for my thrift store budget, but it was still fun to look. I loved this shell display on the wire rack.

Cool old bottle display on a neat crusty cabinet.

Sparkley chandeliers

Pretty pink display

Very cool chippy antique plate rack

And, the store's cute mascot

After we walked around a bit, we decided to grab a bite of lunch at our favorite beach restaurant, Mo's. They are famous for their clam chowder. I had my usual bowl of clam chowder, salad with shrimp and garlic cheese bread. Wish I got a picture of it, but it was gone before I could get my camera out. After lunch I had a hard time convincing anyone to walk on the beach with me. We decided to drive south to see what we could see and found a place to walk down to the beach for a bit. Here is my cute hubby, all bundled up.

Sweet daughter climbing on the rocks

Adorable son waving at Mom.

After playing on the beach for a while we decided to take a different route home and traveled south stopping at little beach towns and of course a few antique shops and thrift stores along the way. I didn't find much to bring home. Some glass knobs, a basket, vintage sewing stuff and this.

This sweet vintage nightgown was just being hung up at a thrift store when I saw it. I love the ruffley detail. I paid a whopping $2.00 for it and it even fits me. Here is Manni modeling it with her collection of pearl necklaces.

Even with the crummy weather, we all had a good time at the beach. We definitely need to go back on a sunnier day. Gotta run now, hop on my pink cruiser to go to my lunch lady job. Have a fun Wednesday!


Linda said...

What a fun day you all had. I loved seeing all the pictures and the beach is someplace I love too. Cute hubby and the kids look like they are having a blast on the rocks.
What a treat to find that darling nightgown, the end to a perfect day. Hugs, Linda

Adrienne said...

Loved going to Cannon Beach with you. We haven't been there for a few years, either. I think it's time for us to head that direction! Thanks for sharing the cute shop. I love that old nightgown. Such personality. I think my dear little mother and I may head to Monticello on Friday. It's not definite but she's very interested in going that direction with me. We need to get out and do something fun! ~Adrienne~

The Cutest Cottage Lamps said...

Such a beautiful picture of the Oregon Coast! And the store "Sesame and Lilies" looks like someplace I'd like to visit. I'll bet it was nice to get away to the beach!
Have fun,

Bristol said...

What a fun day, I love the pictures at the beach!

Cider Antiques said...

Hello, Looks like a great trip! I think I could antique shop across America!! Pennsylvania and Vermont are just south of me. That will keep me busy for a while.

I enjoy your photos/blog. Our children look about the same age. They grow up fast don't they!

I just found a Lilli Diamond chiffon dress at Good Will, but I had to pay $6.99 for mine ~ LOL.

Have fun on your holiday, Karen

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed all of the beautiful pictures. I have never been to the beach....but someday I will.



cherished*vintage said...

Hi Lisa! We love eating at Mo's too. Yum! The nightgown is a great souvenir. Thanks for sharing your getaway with us.
**I'm having a giveaway - check it out if your interested...

miss gracies house said...

Sounds like a fun day! GREAT nightie!

Sandi McBride said...

Now that was fun...I love all the pictures and the fact that you love the beach rain sleet snow or sun! Hmmmm love the nightgown!

Michelle said...

A trip to the beach is so fun and fun you had! That's good that you found some treasures.


Nancy said...

Glad you had a fun's always nice just to get away and clear your head...the water always seems to take you away...

Love the vintage nightgown...beautiful with her pearls.

Have a great week!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

You are lucky you made it to Cannon Beach! We tried to go on Wednesday last week and had to turn back because of the snow!

That is a great shop, I love it! I shared a photo from their shop one time on my blog. I need to go back, thanks for the lovely photos!

Rose Garden Romantic said...

That looks like my kind of antique store! Looks like you all had a great day at the beach. Manni looks lovely in your new gown and pearls!

Auntie Joy said...

Hi Lisa,
I loved seeing what fun you had at the beach!! I will show my buttons as soon as I get photos... As for now, quilts are the latest. Check it out...

Back Through Time said...

Love the pink nightgown!!What a deal

Secondhandrose said...

OOH, love Manni's new nightie! Glad you still had fun in the not so nice weather. Come for a visit.

Charmingdesigns said...

Oh my goodness. I missed that Value Village sale!!Was there a long line??I Love that plate holder!! You found the BEST stuff!! Laurie

Anonymous said...

We went to Cannon Beach in early March too...hadn't been for awhile. Could you BELIEVE the wind damage from this winter? SO many trees down!

I almost screamed when I found that store too. I felt like it's "what I want to be when I grow up". -Amy