Monday, September 10, 2007

Too Much Fun!

Isabel and I had so much fun yesterday at the Coburg Antique Show. We took our friends Jean and Kate with us to make it a foursome. We all had a great time and found lots of treasures. Here is a picture of Kate looking really cute with Isabel's new wicker cart.

Here are me an Isabel looking tired, but ready to go. Very bad pic of me, I think, cute of Isabel.

One of our first stops was to our friends Joy and Diane's booth. They were all together with Martha from Vintage Trifles and Cindy Docken from Tarte. Joy you might remember is from Auntie Joys and Diane is from Molly Mo's. Their booths were adorable. Here are some pics.

Joy holding her "prize," a new ironing board cover with what else? Pink roses of course!

Joy's booth, look at the cute apron!

Here is Diane setting up.

And finally, some pictures of my finds.

I found two rolls of vintage wallpaper, bag of scrabble tiles (just perfect for a project I am working on), roll of garden wire fencing, green wood hat stand, wedding topper, vintage scrap, pink plastic divided tray, bag of vintage lace, two french books, guide to Louvre museum, ticking pillowcase (splitting with Isabel), beaded heart pin, vintage wood box, guilloche pill box, petite point perfume bottle and crochet pink and cream apron (didn't make it to the picture). I was very happy with my finds. I wish I had taken more money because I'm sure I could have found more treasures, but we did run out of time and had to get back home.

Was so tired when I got home I did nothing but veg out and watched "Pride and Prejudice" for about the 1 millionth time. I just love that movie!

Reading over my past blogs I see a reoccurring theme. Shopping! I sure have done a lot of it over the summer. Now that summer is over though and I am running low on funds, I think it is time to concentrate on getting the house in order and working on projects. That is my goal, but of course, I can't go cold turkey. I will have to squeeze a little shopping in here and there.


~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Loved seeing all your finds! Such prettiness!
And you look so cute in blue and pink -- I'm lovin' those pink shoes!!
Please stop by my blog today; I am having a tea party!!

Becky said...

You all look like you were having the time of your life! Looks like a great day of friend time, shopping time and just plain good ol' girl fun! Great little things, too! I have an idea for the white wire...a hanging chandelier. Have you seen those? If not, email me and I'll tell you where to go for directions. smiles to u!! Becky

Aleta said...

Well girlie, you certainly found more treasures than I did!!! Lots of lovelies there!! It certainly was a delight to meet you too! Isn't blogland just the most fabulous way to meet people and then "meet" people?!! Or, in our case, the other way around!!

Warmest bear hugs, Aleta

P.S. I'll take you off my favorites and post you on my blog now. :o) No worries though, you'll still be a favorite!!