Monday, September 24, 2007

Do I have time for a Nap?

I'm so tired from my weekend. Aren't weekends suppose to be fun and relaxing? The flea market I did on Friday and Saturday was kind of a dud. Didn't make much but I got rid of a few items, so I guess it was okay. Don't know if I will do it again, but the the best part was the very sweet ladies that were there selling too. They were some of the nicest people you will ever meet. Anyway, now I have piles of stuff I just don't know what to do with. Some items will get new tags and go to Monticello, some I will save for a garage sale and some I'll probably just take to Goodwill.
I really need to get my house cleaned up. I am suppose to post pictures tomorrow of why I love my home. Right now I'm wondering, why I signed on to do this. ha ha If you haven't been to Karla's Cottage blog, please do so to check out what in the world I am talking about.
I went grocery shopping this morning which was big fun, but now I am so low on energy, I just want to take a nap, and it's only 11am. Maybe I will get a second wind. Hey look at the cute new converse I just got. The best part: they were 50% off! Sweet! I pretty much live in jeans and I wear lots of white tops, so these will be perfect for that. I love that I can get tennis shoes and groceries in one place. I could even get paint and hardware there too if I wanted. Gotta love one stop shopping! Yeah Fred Meyer!

Here is another picture of some stuff I snagged at a great garage sale I went to on Friday morning before the flea market.

The little crochet coin purse and jar with decal came from the flea market where I also got a bunch of old bottles and some jars of old broken pearl and crystal necklaces.

But the best thing I got at the flea market was this picture of what else, my fav pink roses. It looks like it was done in crayon, but the back of the picture says it was done in pastels in 1968. Kind of cute and amateurish. I paid $2.00 for it. A steal, I think. It will probably hang out with some other floral paintings in my bedroom.

Well, I better go and get something done. But before I go, I want to share a funny picture my daughter took on our way home from her soccer game yesterday. I stopped to get gas and saw this. It gave me a chuckle.

Click on the picture to enlarge and read what it says on the garbage can. hee hee!


Jane said...

Cute pictures! I am enjoying looking at your blog! Have a great day!

Back Through Time said...

Hi there! I love your picture and it was probably done with oil pastels. I have those and they do look sorta like crayons, lol!
You got a great deal!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

EWWWWWW! I do hope that the litter was FILTERED! Hccckkkk! LOLOLOLOL!!

Ok, back to the fun, love, love those shoes of yours. I want a pair!!!!! The pastel picture is perfect for you and your collections. Love the jar and the crochet purse!

Cannot wait to see tomorrow's posting. Get busy Ms. Lisa!!!!! ha!!



blessings said...

You found some great stuff!! I love the pastel. And I LOVE, LOVE the gift that you sent me!!! I was busy sewing today =) You are so sweet and I love your blog. I haven't been over for a few days so I'm going to go enjoy a few more posts before getting the kids ready for bed. Blessings... Polly

Sweet Remembrance said...

Love all your goodies...
but the used kitty litter, hmmm!