Sunday, August 5, 2007

Weekend Update

We had the best time at Diane's Molly Mo's Antique Sale on Saturday. The weather was perfect. A little windy, but not too bad. She lives in a gorgeous farmhouse and has an adorable barn she has turned into a shop. Here are some pictures/eye candy for ya!

Here are me and Isabel in our booth. I'm on the right. We had a lot of fun. Sold some things and bought some things.

Here is what I got at the sale: blue rose ticking sheet, 2 pink rose ticking pillowcases, two rolls of vintage wallpaper, two cream ruffled chenille shams, vintage crochet tablecloth, bunch of vintage fabric flowers, handpainted bottle, pink bench, pink bed canopy, little cream cabinet, pc. of floral fabric and a rhinestone brooch (not pictured). I am going to use the wallpaper to line the drawers of the cabinet and put on the side panels. I want to use this as additional storage in my bathroom.

So, today was my husband's birthday and Isabel wanted to do another antique show, but since it was his birthday, I didn't feel like I should abandon him, especially since I was gone all day yesterday at Molly Mo's. So, I made a compromise. I told him I would only be gone in the early morning to help Isabel set up her booth. That way I could do a little shopping too. Joy from Auntie Joy's ( decided to do the show too and she had a booth next to Isabel. The weather was really crummy in the morning, drizzling turning to rain, kind of a bummer, but it cleared up later in the morning. So here is what I found to buy at the sale:

several pieces of vintage lace, three vintage slips (two white and one dusty pink), two pages from a victorian scrap book, green wicker basket, a porcelain posy, five pink goodie bags from "The Withies" and on the way out I bought the cute rolling cart which I will definitely keep.

This lady was so cute. She bought one of my vintage fabric denim jackets. I asked if I could take her picture wearing it. She just loved it and it was one of my favorites. I guess I will just have to make one for myself now. Thanks so much Isabel for selling the jacket and my shopping cart (the one pictured above) for me. You are a sweetie!

Time for bed!


Auntie Joy said...

Hi Lisa
I love all your beautiful pictures. You are making me look like a slacker with all the new postings and their terrific pics. Thanks for all your help at the show yesterday. It was fun not so much on the $$$ side but the weather turned nice and it was good to meet new people who like what we like and so are obviously the greatest.... A show is where I met you and Isabel!!Who needs $$$ when you have friends more precious than gold!!!

mamawillow4 said...

You are so welcome, Lisa! You are a sweetie, too!!! What a trooper to come up early to help us set up!!! And those croissants au chocolat..!!! Yumm!!! What a fun weekend we had... Wish you had been there yesterday with Joy and I, Joy is right, there is absolutely nothing better than meeting and spending time with good friends!! Love,

blessings said...

Oh my, Lisa, you have a wonderful blog! I can't wait to take some time enjoying it with breakfast tomorrow. Also, I have two tole trays that you may like (red with white roses). Just drop me an email if you would like to see some photos. I bought them for the sewing room but ended up using something else. You can just have them if you want - I'll toss in some fabric too. Ok, sorry about the long post. Blessings... Polly

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Looks like you had fun! LOVE the jacket and that Molly shop looks like my kind of place!! I see about 20 things in there that I'd buy! Your blog is so much fun! Keep up the great work! ~~ Becky

Anonymous said...


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