Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Another Busy Day

After being gone all day on Sunday, it was good to stay and home and get some projects done. I spent a great deal of time getting my small stuff organized for the Oregon City Show coming up this next Sunday. I am determined to pack as much stuff as possible into my van. In the afternoon however, my daughter convinced me to take her to the dreaded mall to buy some new school clothes. When we got back, I made dinner, downed a diet coke and got busy. Remember that little stool I pictured on a few blogs back? Well, I took it apart, and after removing a million staples and the ugly vinyl cover, I ended up with this.

Way better don't you think? I orginally was going to paint the metal base, but I really like the pink fabric and brown base together. I used a reproduction barkcloth fabric made by Daisy Kingdom in the 90's. I really loved how it turned out.
This is a footstool I found this weekend. It had an ugly fake tapestry cover which I replaced with this lovely vintage barkcloth from my stash. I only have one bouquet of this fabric left so I guess I will just have to make myself a pillow!
Here are some more pictures of my bedroom including the new pink chenille spread I mentioned the other day. I just love it! Don't you think it is just the perfect pink? The quilt at the end of my bed was a birthday gift from my sweet mother-in-law, Judy. I cut all the pieces from all of my favorite rose fabrics and she put the whole thing together. Fabulous!

I've had this cabinet for years. Bought it unfinished and just never got around to painting it. It holds the tv in my room. Recently I decided that I would put the vintage wallpaper in the panels. I just love how it turned out, even if the rest of the cabinet is still unpainted.
Another shot of my bedroom with a cute vintage little girl dresses and sweaters valance. I am going to try to get one more shopping cart liner and two more denim jackets made for the sale. I guess I better go get some more diet coke.


mamawillow4 said...

Absolute EYE CANDY, Lisa!!! My home wants to be like your home when it grows up...!!! Love,

Auntie Joy said...

HI Lisa
I am glad to be home so I could catch up with all your "doings" I love your apron did you use 3 6" width of fabric 45" pieces? You must have only used 2 because I can wrap it around me and tie a bow with sashes... I think you know what I am getting at?
Every thing is soooo beautiful I can't wait for Sunday...
I didn't know you drank Diet Coke "The Breakfast of Champions" JOY

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Your home is gorgeous! Please email me at sweetcottagedreams1@comcast.net
I have a few questions to ask you.

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Everything you touch turns out so pretty! I love the barkcloth you used on the chair.

cherry said...

Wow so glad I found you! Throughly enjoyed your blog. I live in Oregon as well. I have been wanting to hit the Montecello Flea market since seeing it in romantic homes. I live several hrs. away though. One of these days. cherry

Sweet Remembrance said...

As a fellow PINK ROSE lover all I can say is beautiful!

blessings said...

Oh gracious!! You have gorgeous rooms! I LOVE the blue floral chair with the pillows. Blessings... Polly

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

I just had to stop by and say hello! Saw you were from Oregon and of course wanted to pay a visit (I am from Portland)! You have lovely things! Wonderful things!


Catherine said...

Absolutely beautiful!! I have a thing for roses too, inside and out! You are very creative and talented! enjoyed visiting your blog!! And your beautiful home!! I fell in love with the blue floral chair and pillows..I LOVE BLUE!!