Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Happy Blogiversary to Me!

Today is my 1st blog anniversary! It all started with this post. I know I've said this before, but I simply can't believe how much having this blog has meant to me these last 12 months. I have met so many truly wonderful people I now call friends through this little blog. Who would have thought so many of you have "a thing for roses" just like me.

I have been a stay-at-home mom for almost 15 years. I have had a few part time jobs, but have never had to leave my kids in day care. That has always been important to me and my husband. I started the whole antique selling five years ago and that opened up a creative side to me as I am also able to make/fix up many of the treasures I sell. But until I started a blog, I really didn't get much in the way of validation for what I did. I had no annual review from a boss who told me I was doing a good job. No yearly bonus for a job well done. Now that I am putting myself out there on a regular basis, I get such wonderful feedback from people from around the world. And that is just a bonus as I never really started this blog to get "validation" (something my husband teases me about mercilessly). I just thought it would be a fun new hobby.

So thank you fellow bloggers who visit on a regular basis and also those who only stop by once in a while. Your support through comments means so much to me.

I wasn't going to do a anniversary giveaway as I just did a birthday giveaway a couple weeks ago, but since this is a special day, I will give away to one lucky winner, a vintage wallpaper package. Just leave a comment on this post and I will draw a name on Friday morning.

As promised, here are the cute things I bought at the Barn House sale last weekend.

My first purchase of the day was this cute vintage cart. You probably know what I'll be doing with it.
Next I got this adorable little pink cash register. Not sure why I got it, don't really need it, but hello, it's cute and it's pink. I'm sure I'll find a place for it.

I thought that was going to be it for me, but then I poked my head into the barn and found this cutie. It's going to go in my living room above the big window. It is just a smidgen too short, but I'm sure I can make it work. I'm a sucker for anything with scallops. In case you are wondering what it is, it's a wood cornice box/shelf.
Next, I spotted this adorable little shabby coffee table in Joe's booth. Right now it's on my front porch, but eventually it will be hanging out in the front room with the day bed I got. It is taking me longer than I thought to clear that room out, I blame it on all the shows I've been doing this summer as this is where my stuff ends up hanging out. But soon, maybe this fall, I will really get to working on it. Anyway, this coffee table is going to get some glass and some black and white family pictures on it.
And finally since I hadn't spent all my money and I really wanted one, I got this cute tri-folding mirror from my buddy Lynne. I love the little pieces at the top. Please ignore the mess in the reflection. That is my much talked about messy front room.
On Friday, I will be doing a post for Tiffany of Shabby Scrap's Show us your Dress Forms Party. She has over 50 entries! That's a lot of dress forms. Should be a fun time. Well, better get back to cleaning. TTFN!
*Added note: I have been doing this for a year now and I am still having trouble with my pictures and text going where they want to go rather than where I want them to go. Ugh! (ha ha)

Monday, July 28, 2008

A Boat Ride and Barn House Extravaganza

The kids are home safe and sound with lots of stories about the fun times they had down in California. It was so good seeing them come off the plane. They looked so much more grown up. Forgot to snap a pic, but I did get lots of hugs in.
Last week went by so fast. My honey and I decided that since the kids were gone we should do something fun so we took the boat out on the river. We packed a dinner picnic and off we went. My favorite part was seeing all the neat houses along the river. It was so nice and relaxing just cruising along.
Here's my favorite boat captain.

And here's his first mate. Nice close up, right? ha ha

These are just a few of my favorite houses along the river. I could live in any one of these.
Oh to dream. Speaking of dreaming. Isabel and I had a dreamy time at the Barn House sale on Saturday. Joe and Jermonne were the most wonderful hosts for such a fun day. We got a little lost on the way out there, but arrived at 8:30 am. What a great selection of vendors all selling neat stuff. I tried to be good and not buy too much, but I did find some fun treasures which I will show you on my next post.

Meeting this sweet gal was one of the highlights of the day. You know Tracey right? If you don't run right over and check out her fabulous blog. She is one of the most creative people I know and now one of my new BFF's.

I didn't get as many pictures as I wanted, but here are a few of the many lovely booths there.
Joy's booth.

Cindy's booth.

Aleta's booth.

J & J also had a sweets and chili cookoff which I was lucky enough to be able to judge. The winner of the sweets competition was my sweet buddy Lynne Gunderson (also a dealer at Monticello) and the first prize for the chili competition was none other that J & J's "fire in the hole" chili. It was really, really good. But I also have to say that their peach cobbler was delicious too.

Isabel and I snuck off to take a peak at J & J's lovely home and all I can say is, when can I move in? Of course I forgot to take pictures, but Isabel took some and will most likely put them on her blog.

She did snap this picture of me taking a little nappy on their chaise. Don't I look cozy? I was joking that I was Goldie Locks and had to try out all of the beds to find one that was "just right." I can't even begin to describe how wonderful their home was. I have always wanted to live in an old house and this one was just like I imagine my dream house being. Lots of nooks and crannies and oozing with charm and character.

Here's a picture of Isabel and me making a Joy sandwich. Don't we look yummy? ha ha

Well, got lots to do this week. We have family coming for a visit next weekend so I need to get the house cleaned up and ready. Now, where do I start?

*Added note: I may have gotten the winner of the bake off wrong. I think it was Natalie from Sparrow, with her delicous Coconut Lime Sour Bars. Sorry!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I Miss These Guys,

but I am having a fun week. You may remember on my last post where I said I was going to stay close to home and work on some projects, housework, blah, blah, blah. Well, I didn't.

Instead, I drove out to pick up a cute desk/vanity on craigslist, and since I was out already I didn't want to waste all that gas and just come home so I stopped at a couple thrift stores. (Are you at all surprised?) I'm so glad I did because I found several fun things. A great dresser which just needed a little sanding and new knobs for next to nothing, some sliver monogram napkin rings with different letters on each one, a cute little white kids chair, a simply adorable little dog oil painting and some other little things.

I almost did the happy dance when I spotted a very sweet old bride/groom wedding topper to add to my collection at the Goodwill. Price? .99! Wee Hoo!

Here's the most recent picture of my collection. (Click for better view) Do you think I have gotten a bit carried away? I don't care if you do. I love them!

Yesterday I drove down to Silverton to spend the day with Joy. I took my new sewing machine. Hey, did I ever mention that I bought myself a new sewing machine? I didn't? Well, up until we left for Maui I had been using my Mom's Bernina, which I just adored. I had my own machine, but my Mom's Bernina was like sewing through butter. I just loved. Anyway, she wanted it back and I promised her I would take it in for servicing before giving it back to her. So, the place I took it just happened to be having a sale on their machines and before I knew it, I bought my very own brand new baby. A Bernina 230. Can a person really be in love with a machine? Well, I'm here to tell ya, that it's possible. I am in love and I don't care who knows it.

Wow, did I ever get off track. Okay, went to Joy's and I made another shopping cart liner while she worked on some aprons.

Here's a picture of the cart liner I made. This one I will be taking to my next show which will be in Oregon City on August 24.

Joy made the cutest apron for Diane. Here she is modeling it. Joy tried to get me to make an apron, but I was too tired and lazy so I just sat around visiting doing nothing. It felt good to be doing nothing for a change.

Today I will be heading over to my doctor to get my foot looked at. I have been having a lot of pain in my right heal (bone spurs, I think) so I thought I should get it checked out. Hopefully they can do something for me as I am tired of hobbling around like a little old lady. *Apologies to any little old ladies that read my blog. I am also going to meet my lunch lady buddy, Debbie for some lunch at our favorite Thai restaurant and get caught up on her recent trip to South Dakota.

This week is really flying. Tomorrow I will most likely hit a few garage sales, try to get a little house work done. Saturday morning, Isabel and I will head out early to go to the Barn House Flea Market. We are both slated to be judges at the Chili Cook Off and Sweets competition. It's a hard life, but someone's gotta do it. Isabel has been to Joe and Jermonne's before, but this is my first time. I am super exicted as there is a whole bunch of great vendors selling what I'm sure will be awesome stuff. I'll be back on Saturday or Sunday morning to show you what I scored.

Before I forget. Look what came in the mail for me yesterday. Timi sent me this sweet belated birthday gift of vintage paper runners and two sweet pink glasses. Thanks so much Timi, but I was really looking forward to that half bag of charcoal brickettes you said you found for me.

Sweet Rene was so kind to give me this award. I was able to meet Rene last spring when Joy had a sale at her house. Stop on over at her blog and say hello. Thanks so much for honoring me with this award Rene. I really appreciate it.

That's it for me today. Wow, didn't think this post would be so long. Oh yeah, one more thing to show you.

Here is a little side table/cabinet I picked up at a garage sale last weekend. All I did to it was give it a little sanding. Did I ever tell you how much I love my electric sander? Maybe on another post.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Week to Myself

The kids arrived safely in California and are having a great time with their Grandparents and Cousins. Yesterday they went to the beach and today will be going to play mini golf. I spent my first day of freedom doing what I do best. Thrifting. I decided to head on over to a neighboring town to check out a few thrift stores there. As usual I found some great things. Here is a picture of my spoils.
I found the two mirrors, sampler, sewing box and large pc. of floral fabric at Goodwill. Next I went to the Goodwill outlet to do some digging. There I found the blue chenille spread (big holes, good for the chenille bundles I sell), rachel ashwell shabby chic sheet, down ticking pillow, pink cami, blue with pink roses duvet cover and some other miscellaneous clothing items (not pictured). I also hit a couple antique stores in the area, but didn't find anything great to buy.

This is something I didn't buy. Do you think I should go back for it? I don't know. But look, it has a pink rose on it.

After dropping the kids off at the airport, we made a quick stop at Monticello where I dropped off a few more items and took these pictures to show you how our booth looks now.

My side of the booth

Isabel's side.

It was really hard to get good pictures because of that big window. Okay, maybe it was just me, the bad photographer.

I wanted to show you what my sweet Isabel gave me for my birthday last week. All my favorite Rosy things, a cute piece of fabric, vinyl apron with roses, porcelain rose pin and the oh so lovely roses painting.

I have to tell you the story about the painting. On Friday at Expo after we got set up, I did a little walking around and spotted that very painting in a booth. Since we just started I thought I would wait and see how much money I made and if it was still there later I would buy it. Well, I went back on Sunday and it was gone. I talked to the dealer about it and she said, "oh yeah, that was a nice one, it sold." Well, I was a little bummed, but I do have a lot of nice rose paintings so I just had the attitude that it wasn't meant to be. I had told Isabel about it after I first saw it and apparently she went over and bought it for my birthday present and had to have Joy hold it so I wouldn't find out. So sneaky, but I love that she did that. The more I look at this painting the more I love it. Right now it is sitting on a cabinet in my entry until I can find the perfect spot for it.

Aren't bloggers the best? I wanted to acknowledge a couple awards that my blogging friends have given me.

First, my BFF Timi gave me this award. She is so sweet and just lives a few hours away. You may remember that I met her at Farm Chicks and she was so sweet to buy one of my lined shopping carts. Timi has some great vintage things for sale on her blog right now. Hop on over and check it out.

Another new blogging friend, Stacy, contacted me to let me know how much she enjoys my blog which she found out about from her Mom, Niki who lives here in Oregon. Stacy was kind enough to give me this "Fantastic Blogger" award.

Stacy says "I have spent probably a year researching blogs every Friday to pull inspiration for my own work. And even though I am not able to be in the pacific northwest, after visiting "a thing for roses", its almost like I am there. The reason I mention this, is I don't think we give enough credit to the people who influence us in our daily walk, and I just wanted to say "thank you." "Isn't she the sweetest?

I am constantly amazed and inspired by so many blogs. It just gives me a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that I am actually inspiring others, little old me. Who would have thunk?

Today just gonna stick close to home. Do a little housework, maybe work on a project. The weather is cooler today so I probably should work in the yard a bit, but my bedroom is on the top of my list to get cleaned up right now. It looks like a laundry bomb went off. Hope you all have a great Tuesday.

Oh, I almost forgot. Isabel and I went to see Mamma Mia! the other night and it was fabulous. I highly recommend you go see it right now. Make sure to stay and watch after the credits roll. You'll be glad you did.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Great Garage Sale Finds and a Hometown Parade

On Friday morning I was out the door to hit a few sales in my town. The first few sales I hit were pretty lame, but as I kept going I found some great stuff. One of the antique dealers in Old Town was having his annual Barn Sale. Found lots of cool vintage items there. Here is a peak at what I found.
Two lace tablecloths, vintage gold mirror, girl print on boards (sold the last one I found that was similar to this) neat old sewing drawer, old bottles, old frame, bag of vintage rick rack, two gingham aprons, watering can, old emphemra pics of little girls, old hat box, toy rifle

stack of vintage magazines, sheet music. Great graphics.

neat old typewriter

cute powder tins, bottle opener and glass knobs,

But the best find of the day was this awesome cabinet. Now, I'm not suppose to be bringing any big stuff home and I don't really have room for it right now at the antique mall, but I just couldn't resist. It is very dirty after sitting in a barn for who knows how long, and it has a few issues like missing cabinet door on the right side, missing glass and the door on the left is locked/stuck (no key), but come on! White crackley paint, pink paint on the inside on the left with pink shelves, cool hardware, neat carved details, what's not to love?

Here's another picture of the cabinet with the desk part down. Look at all those cute cubbies! This thing is made of solid oak and is so, so heavy. All I'm gonna do is give it a good scrubbing and it will be good to go. I've decided that even though I like making stuff pretty by giving it a makeover with paint, somethings are better left as is.

I was thrilled with my finds for the day. The best part is that I found everything here less than five minutes from my house.

So, are you ready for a parade? Yesterday was the Robinhood Festival in our town. We have been going to this Parade/Festival for the past 12 years, but I have missed the last three years due to Expo falling on the same weekend. I was thrilled we could all go again. It brought back such great memories of when we would take the kids when they were just little tikes.

Here are the parade goers, boy on right is my daughter's buddy.
Veterans, choked me up.

My friend Marcy's daughter Kate was in the Maid Marion Court.

Here's Marcy!

My friend Kevin leading the Robin Hood Marching Band.

Here's my friend Kelly with the Sherwood Youth Cheerleaders.

I loved these twirlers!

After the parade, the kids took off with their friends and hubby and I wandered down to Old Town to check out the Festival. Lots of booths, food and our favorite "Firemen Chicken" which we quickly got in line for as it always sells out fast. Took our chicken down to the stage area where we ate and watched some African musicians and the Reptile Man. It was such fun and a good reminder of how awesome it is to live in a small town.

Gotta run and get ready to take the kids to the airport. Will be stopping by Monticello to take a few more things. My honey has never been to Monticello so it will be fun to show him our new and improved booth. I promise to take some pictures this time.