Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Back to School Fun

It's been a couple days since I last posted which my good friend Joy was nice to point out. She said I'd better get busy with another one so she would have something new to look at on my blog when she visits.

This our last week of summer vacation so we have been trying to have a little fun before the daily grind starts next week. Yesterday the kids and I met friends at this really cool place called "Players" in Lake Oswego. It's a combination arcade, bowling alley, restaurant, party place. Very cool and nicely decorated. Wish I had remembered to take my camera. The kids had a great time bowling and playing games. My friend Andrea was nice enough to have both of them overnight last night, (thanks Andrea) so I did a little thrift store shopping this morning. Didn't really find anything too great, some clothes for the kids. Since I know you like pictures, here's a couple of my recent finds that I mentioned in previous posts.

Cute floral bedspread found at Oregon City Antique show.

Close up. So sweet, too small for my queen though.

Silver soap case

Wicker purse with flowers found at Monticello. Added the bird I found at a garage sale.



Flea Market Queen said...

Oh...I love the purse! The bedspread is a great find too...

Auntie Joy said...

Hi Miss Lisa
I was glad to see you got busy so I would have something to read!! Glad you had fun yesterday. I love your pictures. I should take a picture of my one wonderful treasure from the show... Stay tuned. Did you know there is a key or setting you can do on your computer so you know when your favorite blogs make a new post?? I need to find it. I read it a long time ago at Inspireco JOY

Shelby said...

Great finds!

BB (The Silver Lining) said...

Is the soap box sterling? Any hallmarks? Looks like a great find!