Monday, October 22, 2012

Vintage Halloween

I had been planning on doing a post about my good friend, Mitzi’s booth at Stars, but Stars beat me to it.

A few weeks ago I took some pictures of Mitzi’s booth all decorated in vintage Halloween. It is awesome. Here is one shot I got.

vintage halloween

To see more of Mitzi’s goodies check out the Stars blog.

Mitzi has two great spaces at Stars and is getting ready to bring in her Vintage Christmas goodies soon! And let me tell you, Mitzi is one of the best Vintage Christmas gals I know. She will also be the featured guest vendor in the window at Monticello in December. So excited to see her magic!

Not a lot going on with me right now, which is why I haven’t blogged in awhile. Getting used to not having my #1 girl home, although we recently had a very brief visit from her. She seems to be adapting well to college life. A lot better than I am adapting to not having her around.  Will hopefully get back to posting about my vintage junk and projects again soon. Don’t give up on me yet!