Monday, October 24, 2011

Ruffles & Rust 2011

Kate and I had an amazing trip up to the Ruffles & Rust show. Timi sure knows what she’s doing, because I was in awe of the talent she pulled together for this event.  Eye candy everywhere you looked.  Booths where I literally wanted it all.  I really had to restrain myself because I could have gone a little crazy buying more than I actually did. I am not always the best at taking photos when I hit the shows, but I was proud of myself for getting a few snaps of some of my favorite peeps. I apologize as somehow, I always seemed to end up in the photo too.




Amy, Me and Kris from Today’s Country Store


Me and Deb from Garden Party (she’s a sweetie!)


Me and Karoline from Cherished Vintage


Mary Larsen and Me.


Shelly and Me.


Me and Timi’s posse.


Me, my home girl, Isabel and Kate.


Kate and me hamming it up.

Isabel took some amazing pictures of booths and lovely vignettes. You can see them here.

So, wondering what I bought? Thought you might be. That’s always my favorite part.


The two glass lamps came from a shop in Centralia we stopped at on our way there. The pillow was from Isabel’s booth, plates and juicer from Lisa, Sea Worthy Home, wicker basket from Karoline, wire planter from Shelly and I forget where I got the tea pot.


Button pins and blingy rings from Karoline, skeleton key necklace from Sara, bow pin at a shop in Centralia,  doll eyeball necklace from ReDeFind Vintage and metal hooks.

Didn’t buy anything big, which is a good thing as I am flush with furniture projects right now. Expo is coming up this weekend so there will be lots of out of town buyers coming into the malls. Need to get over, restock and fluff soon. Hope you have a fabulous Monday!

Added note: Not sure why some of my links aren’t working. I apologize for that, hopefully I can figure it out soon.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Road Trippin

Today my good friend, Kate and I are headed North to this awesome show.


I’m super excited to see lots of my favorite sellers. Will I see you there too? Hope so!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Vintage Sale at Little Cottage

Good Sunday Morning! I am still in the middle of my bedroom re-do.  Painting is done and now it’s time for the fun part, decorating! I have three big boxes of all the littles that I took out before painting. Some will be going back in, while most will be priced and head to the malls.  I’m trying so hard to eliminate the clutter and keep only what I truly love, but it’s so hard as I love it all. Anyway, I have a few projects planned that may take awhile, so it may be a few weeks before I share the big reveal.

Yesterday, quite early, Isabel and I headed up to Battleground, WA to Sylvi’s Vintage Sale she was hosting at her home.  We weren’t sure what to expect, but I have to say, it was the perfect shopping situation for both of us.  First of all, we both love Sylvi’s style and to make things even better, Joe and Natalie had cool stuff there too. Isabel and I got there first and there weren’t a bunch of people waiting so it was nice to be able to take our time, look around and visit a bit.  The merch and prices were awesome and we both got lots of great stuff.  Filled my van and still had to leave things behind to get later in the week. So, this is what I brought home yesterday.


Vintage bed lamp, cute little canister, three vintage clocks, floral fabric covered box, leather coin purse, pink child’s hanger and a lovely roll of vintage roses wallpaper.


Love these little vintage clocks. I am going to dress them up a little with some pretty bling.


Box of vintage casters from Joe.  I can always use these.


Four vintage frames.


Lovely antique baby dresses.


Look at the lace detail on this baby gown.


Adorable baby slip, a ladies half slip that has “Love Me” embroidered on it and the most lovely powder blue petticoat lace.

And finally,


I got this long low table from Joe for a steal.  I’m going to add a shelf on the bottom and casters on the legs and use it for my new sofa table.  My current sofa table (cabinet) is going to be used for a tv cabinet and my current tv cabinet will be headed up to my room.  Lots of switcheroos around here.  Fun times!

Got lots of projects to work on this week. My priority today is to buy a new palm sander. I wore my old one out and it broke on me. Hope you all have a fun and/or productive Sunday!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

White Wednesday and some other Goodies

Thought I would share some pictures of some of the things I’ve been finding this past week. I had a great month at both of my antique malls. Sold lots of furniture and other things so you know that means I need to get out and find some new (old) things to keep my booths nice and full. Here are some fun finds for White Wednesday.


Sweet vintage cream lace petticoat and cotton towel with lace.


Thrift store white dresser and craigslist vintage corner cabinet.


Found this adorable beadboard cabinet at Monticello when I was there last week. It’s a keeper. Will most likely go into one of my bathrooms to hold towels and/or toilet paper.


Found these adorable pantaloons at the flea market. They were part of a vintage costume. Have never seen ones like these before that just go over your legs with elastic to hold them up. So cute!

Some other non-White Wednesday related finds include:


Belt buckles to add bling to, coin purses to make more necklaces, a little silk girl picture pill box and an adorable antique petite pointe wallet. With roses, of course.


No trip to the flea market is complete without finding a bit of bling.


The little glass lamp was a thift store find, the mini crystals were found at the thrift store and the silver cruet holder and silver Victorian box were purchased along with the corner cabinet pictured above.

This cooler weather is making me feel like nesting and I am currently in the middle of re-decorating my bedroom. The periwinkle blue, which I never really liked, but worked with what I had in there is going bye-bye and will be replaced with a creamy white paint. It’s a big bedroom, so it will be a big job. I can’t wait to share the end result with y’all. When that’s done, I will most likely start re-doing some other part of the house. We have lived here for 10 years so it’s definitely time to make some changes. Have a great Wednesday!