Monday, June 20, 2011

A Thing for Roses at Monticello

On Friday, I went to Monticello to give my booth a bit of a fluff and to bring in “Big Pink,” as my friend called the big pink cabinet I took to Farm Chicks. I was very pleased to see that many items sold so I didn’t really need to take out too much to make Big Pink work in my space.  I also realized that I can’t remember the last time I showed pictures of my little space at Monticello.  My good friend, Amy, took this one back in April.


Here’s what my booth looks like as of Friday.





Here’s the cute little cabinet I bought from Isabel at Farm Chicks.  It’s perfect for holding some of my pretties. Of course, I had to add a little bling to the ugly lock.


This chair was from my own home.  It’s the only one (of four) that I finished making over.  I guess I just never loved them enough to finish. For awhile now, I’ve been looking for some new dining chairs.  I wanted a cane back and curvy legs, and I wanted them cheap.  Last week, I was lucky enough to get to pre-shop a few of my friends garage sales and at my friend, Allie’s, I found these.


Sorry for the poor quality picture. I love these chairs and all their mis-matchiness.  I love that they are already painted and they are sturdy. I have already given them new seat covers, but no pictures yet, so I’ll have to show you how they turned out along with some of the other great furniture items I scored last week.

This week, my #1 boy is heading down to California to visit his grandparents. My #1 girl and I will be taking a mini thrifting road trip. Be back soon with lots to share!  Happy Monday!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

White Wednesday

On Monday I went to my Stars booth as I had sold a really cool old postal cabinet that unfortunately, I never got any pictures of. I did however get a message on my answering machine from my good friend, Sue. It went something like this, “Hi Lisa, I’m at Stars standing in front of your booth, looking at a really cute postal cabinet that has a sold sign on it…” I can’t remember the rest of what she said. Something about how she wished it was hers or something like that. This makes me laugh, because Sue always finds the best stuff. I’m not kidding. She does. But, she also has a secret weapon. Her husband Joe. He is as good as Sue at spotting cool vintage junk and when they go to sales together, look out!

But, I’m getting off track. This post is about White Wednesday. To fill the hole that my postal cabinet left I brought in this really cool buffet I found a couple months ago.


I guess I should have taken a picture of it before I used it for display, but I think it’s pretty cute. When I found it at a local thrift store, they wanted a lot of money for it. More than I would pay for something I’m reselling. It was about 95% stripped and the cabinet doors were off and it had no hardware. When the store employees couldn’t find the hardware, they said they would sell it to me for half of what they originally quoted, so into my car it went. Other than finishing the stripping, putting on the hinges and glass knobs it was quite an easy project. I love it and wish I had room for it in my house, but unfortunately it is just too big for my space.

After getting my booth fluffed, I decided to walk around Stars and take some pictures of some of my favorite white things for sale there.



This giant cabinet is supper cool. I wish I got a better picture of it. It belongs to my friend, Mitzi and I love all the shelves, doors and drawers it has. You could store a lot of stuff in it and it makes a perfect display cabinet for collections.


This is one of two found object assemblage pieces Mitzi has made. The other larger one sold. I thought I took a picture of it, but now I can’t find it. I look for it some more and will post it if I find it. It was super cool!





New dealers at Stars. They were setting up their tiny space along the wall. Very cute and artistic.



I’m a sucker for a pretty vintage wedding dress.

Yesterday I went back to Stars because I had sold another larger display piece and had to rearrange. After that, Mitzi and I went out to lunch at Mother’s restaurant and while we were there, I got a call from Stars saying that my clothing rack fell off the wall and could I come in and fix it. The only casualty was the cute little white display cabinet pictured at the top of this post. Let’s just say it doesn’t look so cute any more, but I’m just glad that no one was hurt. After a trip to the hardware store to get some heavier duty molly bolts, my rack is back up and sturdier than ever. Happy ending to a somewhat sad story. Okay, enough of me rambling. I hope you have a great Wednesday and if you have time, drop by Kathleen’s blog and check out some of her other White Wednesday participants.

Monday, June 13, 2011

A Makeover Project and a few Weekend Finds

I thought I would show you a dresser I worked on for Farm Chicks, but that never made it there.  Here’s a before picture without its drawers.  (I’m so bad at taking before pics.)


This dresser was a craigslist find.  It was in sad shape and the top was peeling off, but I loved the cute legs and curvy detail at the bottom. It sat in my garage a couple years and I finally dragged it out to work on it.

Here is the after picture.


I loved how it turned out. I gave it a creamy base coat and a couple coats of minty green paint I had leftover. I was going to put decals on each drawer, but loved just the one.  I even had a mirror that I gave the same treatment to.  Both pieces ended up at Monticello where they sold just a few days later.  Another dealer bought them for her daughter.  So sweet! I love projects like this.  As you may have noticed on my last post, my booth at FC was quite full, so it’s a good thing I didn’t bring this cutie along.

On Friday, I hit a few sales and a couple thrift stores and found some good stuff.  Here’s just some of the bigger items I scored.


Got the brown desk, metal, scrolly pot holders, colander and lamp shade at estate sales, the chairs and lamp came from Value Village and the drawer box and giant flower basket came from Goodwill.  I ran into a dealer friend, Kay, at an estate sale and she had the shopping cart for me in her car. 

I also found some lovely Victorian buttons and some other small things that I have already forgotten.  Oops! Anyway, today I am headed into Stars with a big buffet that I scored awhile back.  I’ll make sure to take a picture to share with you on White Wednesday.  Happy Monday!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Farm Chicks 2011

Once again, the Farm Chicks show came and went, in a blur. The build up, hard work, preparation, packing, driving and the disruption to family life are all worth it. Because in the end, it’s about the sales, but more importantly, it’s about the people we meet.

My roomies this year turned out to be my good friend Joy, her husband, Dave and their son, Sam. I had just been talking to another friend about the fact that I hadn’t gotten to spend much time with Joy lately and now I had her for a whole weekend slumber party!

So, onto the show! It was so busy that other than a few trips to the bathroom, I rarely left my booth so the only pictures I got were of my booth.  Here goes.












These pictures were all taken just minutes before the early buying started on Saturday morning.  As you can see, I brought a lot. So much, in fact, I think it was hard to see everything. You can just get a glimpse of the most awesome piece I brought, the pink multi drawer cabinet shown in the last two pictures. On Sunday, I rearranged everything.  Here’s a picture where you can see the cabinet better.


Cool, right?

As I mentioned earlier, I didn’t get out of my booth much, so unfortunately I didn’t get to shop very much.  I did however, buy a couple cute items from my booth neighbor, Isabel.  I got a little dental display cabinet, which I have been wanting forever, and an  adorable apron from her. I also found a couple cute lamp shades and a sweet pj top which I’ll wear as a regular top with jeans.  I’ll have to show those another time.

As I also mentioned above, I love selling at Farm Chicks. The people are definitely the best part of doing this show.  I love seeing returning customers and meeting new friends. I love getting to hang with my peeps that “get me.” I want to thank each and every customer who bought from me. I couldn’t do this show without you, so I am very thankful for you all.

Wish I took some people pictures. Here’s a cute one Joy took of Sue, me and Patricia on Saturday.

farm chicks 272_thumb[1]

And here I am on Day 2. Picture taken by my road trippin buddy, Kate.


I called this my “sexy lunch lady” outfit. ha ha

Serena has posted links to other Farm Chicks posts and I’m so grateful as I was able to see so much that I didn’t get to see at the show.  You can go here to check out some more Farm Chick goodness.

This week I have been filling my mall space with my Farm Chicks leftovers.  Wow, that sounds bad, but really, it’s all new (old) good stuff.  I have a little break before my next show which is the Barn House Vintage Market, July 30th.  The wheels are turning though and I have several projects spinning in my little head.  I love those guys and this show.  It will be my third year as a vendor and I’m really excited to be a part of the Barn House family.  If you are at all able, I would love to see you there! TTFN!