Saturday, August 11, 2007

Good To Be Home

Went camping this week at Timothy Lake with the family. Had such a fun time despite no showers. Took the boat out and set out crayfish traps. Our campsite was just beautiful. Very private with our own little beach. Great view of Mt. Hood. Hubby brought a cajun crayfish recipe which was actually pretty good.

Came home yesterday and after showering, went over to the Antique show being held this weekend in our town. It was okay, not many vendors, but the Girlfriends, Randy and Susan were all there from Monticello. Linda Marcov was there from Willownest and our friend Karen from Apples and Antiques was there too. I bought a few things of course: two satin box organizers, cute pair of vintage floral pillowcases, a floral lamp finial, vintage paris postcards book, glitter letters "OUI", and some vintage pink ribbon. I will take a picture and show what I did with some of these finds later.

Today, Isabel and I are going to check out the Aurora Antique Fair. (As if we haven't been shopping enough already.) It's a good thing we are selling stuff this summer because we just keep buying more. Yesterday I received some wonderful vintage valentines from ebay. I just love the really old lacy ones.

More pictures of Timothy Lake Camping trip.

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