Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'm In

Finished up my move in at Stars & Spendid today and just couldn't wait to share the pictures with you. So, without further ado, here they are.

(very bright yellow walls just wouldn't work for me)


(spent several hours papering walls with textured wallpaper and vintage sheet music-much better)


As you can see, I took lots of pictures. You can click to enlarge any of these photos. I can't believe I got everything in. I even have room for more smalls if you can believe it. I'm loving how it turned out. Hopefully, shoppers will too. This neutrals theme is quite a departure from my usual pastels. I can't believe I had so much of it. My front room at home looks a lot better, but still needs a little attention. I'm thinking after the garage sale this weekend my house will be in much better shape.

So, do you want to see my buddy, Mitzi's space? She is just two rows away from me and her booth couldn't be cuter (more cute?).

Love this rug!

I'm loving this cute display wall Mitzi's sweet hubby made for her. Anything with scallops is a must have in my book. Check out this adorable revolving rack. I was with Mitzi when she got it and if I would have known what a great display piece it would turn out to be, I would have tackled her for it.

A whole lot of cute going on here.

Well, that's it for me for now. I'm tired! I'll be posting info about the garage sale tomorrow for those locals who may be interested in coming. I'd love to see you there!


sandra said...

Hi Lisa,
Your new booth is just gorgeous!! Love how you did your walls, such a perfect backdrop for your treasures! Mitzi's booth is great, too.....love that lampshade made into a display piece.

Kathi said...

Looks very pretty! I'm sure you will attract lots of shoppers!

Gail said...

How fun!!! Can't wait to get up there to see your space!

Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

Love the wall treatment, excellent job! You have some lovely treasures and I need that gorgeous dress form. Your space is lovely and I wish I could jump in and explore it all! You must be exhausted because you sure did a lot of work today! Best wishes to you...I know it will be fabulously successful!


vintagesue said...

i can't stop staring at all the beauty in your new space. lord....you west coast girls are AMAZING. sooooo much talent. love your walls. love your DISPLAYS. love your color scheme. love all your goody bags.
sure hope you do well there. i would buy stuff all the time!
love the vintage rug too btw.
you did well!!!!!
always enjoy your blog. you are a great source of inspiration.

Pallas said...

Your booth looks fabulous! The sheet music makes a really great background. Wish I could come shopping as I see several pieces that I want to buy.

Patina said...

Wow, that is a big change for you. It looks so nice Lisa. You did a real good job!

I bet it feels so good to get some of those things out of your house and into your new space.

Connie said...

That's lovely, sugar! I wish we were over there. Maybe I'll get to some of the events when we visit granddaughter in Washington next time. Do you have an online store? I see some things I'd love to have.

trash talk said...

Excellent. I know the walls had to be a lot of work, but it really paid off. All your lovely merchandise plays off it beautifully. You have got some killer stuff not to have known you had so many neutrals!
Mitzi has a real talent for merchandising! Great displays. I don't know if it is hers, but I love that narrow bed spring!

Anonymous said...

I love love love it all! It was good seeing you last weekend, don't make fun of me, but I went there all three days! It was an awesome sale, see ya around =D

laurie - magpie ethel said...

I can't believe that is the same booth I saw yesterday...WOWZ!!!! You had quite a day! Looks great - I'll pop by in person to check it out. Now get a good nights sleep - YOU DESERVE IT!

SashaKay said...

Love the new booth!
I love the sheet of vintage music!great idea

Kathy said...

Hi Lisa, You must be busy busy!The booth looks wonderful!!Great Job.The walls are a huge improvement:) Kathy

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Hello Lisa

What a wonderful display! You have done a fantastic job. So many things to tempt me if I lived closer! You must be so pleased that your efforts have paid off.
Isabelle x

Timi said...

What a great job! Your booth looks fabulous. Mitiz's is super cute too. That's going to have to be on my "must stop" while in Portland.
Garage sale???? Oh how I wish I lived closer!

WSU Laura said...

Love it! You guys are so talented. I am thinking, ROAD TRIP!

Amy said...

I know how much work it is to set up a booth in an antique mall - it's amazing what you accomplished in just one day! Looking forward to checking it out. :-) -amy

Barbara Jean said...

Great job how you set that up.
Both booths look great.

Barbara jean

One Gal's Trash said...

Hi Lisa,
Your Stars booth is fab! I wish you the best of luck there. Give me a shout if you want to meet for coffee or lunch, I have a rolling granny basket for you!

Stephenie said...

Your booth is just amazing!!! You did an amazing job on the walls, I love it..You have the most amazing treasures in your booth also....I would be in so much trouble in your booth..I saw so many wonderful things I would love to buy...Hope all is well..

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Lisa, I love the new look. Neutrals are so soothing!!!!!

I am getting a new space where I sell, too. Tis tons of work, but worth it!!


Little Cottage said...

Hi Lisa,
Congrats on your new space & all the best wishes for it! Looks really FAB!
- Sylvi

Kirsten said...

What a gorgeous little place.. I'm sure I'd spend days in there. The vintage rug is darling!
All of the best with your new booth.

Sue (Vintage Rescue) said...

Both booths look fabulous; I'd bring a rocker and park my junky butt there....

Junkstylediva said...

Your booth came out great!!! I had one a few years ago in my hometown and I loved working in it! Yours is much cuter and I wish you lots of luck and FUN!

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