Thursday, June 11, 2009

Farm Chicks Part 2

First off, I apologize for taking so long to get this post out. I have been having a hard time recovering from the show. I guess all that lack of sleep and overload of caffiene is finally catching up with me. As Joy and I were talking about yesterday, it feels like Farm Chicks was such a blur. It went so fast. I had so much fun, but felt like I missed so much as I was so very busy the whole time. That's a very good thing, but I wish I had had more time to get around to meeting more people. We met so many amazing people who came by our booth, but wish we had more time to chat with them all. Anyway, here's the re-cap.

Friday morning we left the house at 5:00am. I picked up my friend Kate who was nice enough to keep me company on the long drive to Spokane. We drove over to Isabel's house where she was rounding up the kids for the trip and off we went. Things were going smoothly until we got to Kennewick, WA where we stopped for a potty break. When it was time to head out again, Isabel's husband's truck (the one pulling the trailer) wouldn't start. Long story, short we ended up hanging out in the parking lot at McDonald's for several hours, eventually got the truck fixed and were finally on our way again.

Fortunately, I had gotten in touch with Serena (Farm Chicks) and she had made arrangements with the show security to lets us in to set up late. We arrived at about 7:30pm (we were supposed to be done and out of there by 6pm), and were greeted by several friends including Joe and Jermonne, Cindy and Barry, Jeff and Julie, Joy and Dave and Kate's sister, Sue who all rallied around us and helped us unload and set up. It was an amazing show of friendship and something that I truly love about this business. How we are all there to help each other in times of need. And boy, did we ever need the help! Thank you all of you for this wonderful display of kindness!

We were at the fairgrounds until about 10:30 pm setting up and were able to come in a little early in the morning to put on the finishing touches. Here are the results of our efforts. You can click on any of these pictures to get a more detailed view.

Pics of my booth Saturday and Sunday.

Isabel's booth next to mine. She has some more beautiful pictures here.
We were so crazy busy on Saturday I didn't get to take as many pictures as I wanted, but here are a few of the many amazing booths there.

Kris and Amy from Today's Country Store.

Joe and Sue's booth

Cindy's booth

Lisa Souer's booth. I have been of fan of hers for years! She finds the most amazing stuff and couldn't be any sweeter.

The fabulous Barn House boys booth. A word I used a lot this weekend sums it up, "Awesome!"

Beth and Vicky's awesome cowgirl glam booth.

And finally, Joy's booth. Super cute! She sold a ton of stuff.

I have to send a giant cyber hug to Joe, Jermonne, Cindy and Celeste from Chaps for the fabulous party Saturday night. I haven't had such delish food and laughed so hard in years. These gals are the reason for all the laughing. Okay, maybe the lemon heads were to blame. Sorry for the awful picture, but this is the only one I took.

(Terry, Timi, Laura, Donna, Isabel and Michelle)

Sunday at the show was a lot quieter. I did manage to step out of my booth for a few minutes to shop a little, but I forgot to bring my camera.

Overall, it was a wonderful experience for me. Even with the rocky start I am excited to go back again next year. Isabel and I have already been talking about what we will do differently.

On my next post, I'll share with you the few things I bought at the show. If you haven't had enough Farm Chicks pics you can see more at the links on this post.

Have a great Thursday!


Funky Junk Sisters said...

Your booths were so wonderful! We had so much fun at farm chicks, now we have to get ready for our show this weekend! Hope you can come!

Linda & Dixie
The Funky Junk Sisters

Coleen said...

Hey Lisa!!!
I love the "Bling" I bought from you!!! Your booth was just fabulous as usual!! i just posted a real sweet picture of you! Thanks for posing for me, I know you were really busy at that very moment!

Heart Hugs,

sandra said...

How much beauty can you have in one place? A LOT from the pictures of your booth and all the others! Sure did make my heart skip a beat....hope I can make it out to the Farm Chicks next year.

vintagesue said...

you have just revived me with those amazing, incredible, soooooo scrumptious photos of your booth and all your talented booth sisters. you gals have it going on!!! the displays you all come up with amaze me. i would have to take out a small loan to pay for everything i'd buy from you if i lived closer.
thanks for the eye candy and all the inspiration you have given to me thru this great blog!!! talent, talent, talent!!!!

trash talk said...

I just got through telling Isabel all y'all hard work both before and during the show really was worth it. Everything quote you..AWESOME! I'm glad things smoothed out and you were able to have a good time. It makes it worth all the effort!

Erin said...

Thanks for sharing pictures and tid bits from the show. Your booth is really amazing and I love your shopping carts! Erin

Teresa Sheeley said...

It was so wonderful getting to chat with you at FC!! And I agree it was a big blur!! Did it really happen??? :) Good luck with your upcoming shows!! Everything you have is so beautiful. :)


koralee said...

Oh i am so excited to find your lovely blog....your items are amazing!!! I really really want to come to one of your shows this summer...will try really hard! I will be back to read more of your posts....have a great weekend!

Tiffany said...

Hi Lisa! I wanted to thank you for the tissue holder, you didn't think it was much but I really love it those are the kind of kleenex I use in my purse and now I have your cute holder to put them in. It was nice to see you again this year at the Farm Chicks.

Barn House said...

"Blur" is an understatement (to say the least)!!! It was awesome being with you, our little crew and meeting all of the new folks. The show was spectacular!!! And we would have waited all night for you to get there to help you unpack...without a doubt!! :o)

J & J

Mermaids of the Lake said...

It was fun to meet you! We were a part of that group of blogger girls! You and Isabelle had gorgeous booths! We put a cute picture of you on our blog post. Hopefully, next year you can spend a bit more time socializing! For the Mermaids, it is such a simple little drive to The Farm Chicks show. We just get on I-90 and drive for 15 minutes and we are there! We loved meeting everyone and next year our other Mermaid partner, Jennifer will be with us!

Mermaid Debbie

Black Cat Cottage said...

Everything was so pretty! I really liked the pillows, they were so sweet!Hope you had fun!

Junebug Furniture and Design said...

Hi Lisa, your booth was GORGEOUS!!! Beautiful pillows too! Wish we would have had more time to visit. We did chat a bit with so nice getting to know you all. Glad & Celia/ Junebugfurnitureanddesign

Celticlass said...

Love everything I bought from you at FarmChicks but mostly your sweet spirit and Thank You for the precious gift. P.S.: Your haircut looks great! Erin

Amy said...

I am reading WAY back....I am very behind! Lisa Soeur has been my eBay favorite for years & years!!!I screamed when I found her booth at Farm Chicks years back. Ohhh...all these pictures make me miss shopping so much.

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