Thursday, November 15, 2007

A Thing for Craftin 'n Thriftin

Wow, what a fun couple of days I have had. Yesterday I headed over to Joy's to work on that Christmas project I mentioned earlier. It was so much fun playing with all of Joys supplies. We were stamping and embossing and taping and wiring and organizing to get it all just right. Unfortunately I ran out of time and didn't get to finish my project while I was there, but I only have a few more things to do on it before it's good enough to show you.

In the meantime, I'll show you the one Joy made last year. It's an advent calender. Mine is similar, but different and I am just loving how it's turning out. Finally I am making something for myself which I never do. I always seem to make things for other people or to sell, but never for me. This one is all mine! Joy's making another one with some cool rubber stamps she just got. Can't wait to see how that one will turn out.

Joy is getting her shop ready for her Christmas open house. It already looks pretty cute as she recently had a sale there. I'm going to help her on one of the days of the open house. While looking through her shop, I found a few things I just had to bring home. (For some reason blogger is not letting me post any more pictures. I guess they think I have enough for one post.)

Of course since I was road trippin it over to Joy's, I had to stop at a couple thrift stores. First stop, Goodwill where I found two cute glass jars. Next stop was at a little thrift/antique shop where all I found was a cute little jar with a pink lid which cost more than the other jars put together, but I just loved the lid. I was running late, but there was another Goodwill on the way to Joy's house so I just stopped in for a quick sec and boy, am I glad I did. I found these two cute crinolines, which I just love. I can't seem to stop buying them if I can find them for a good price. I also found a denim jacket, and a chenille bedspread. The bedspread was $10.00 which is not bad, but I have a lot of chenille, did I need more and at $10? I opened it up with one of the sales people and discovered a few holes and some stains. She said, "how about $4.99?" I said, for $4.99 I'll take it. There is a lot of fabric to work with and it is a nice thick all white chenille. Right now it is soaking in the machine. I also got a bag of vintage linen scraps for $8.00. I have some projects in mind for these.

Today after dropping the kidlets off at school, I decided that I hadn't had enough thrifting so I headed out to the Goodwill that is closest to me. I also hit the Value Village which is just down the road too. Here is what I got at those two fun places.

  • cute little vintage cabinet(I'm in love with this!)
  • carved santa
  • towel holder with roses on base
  • vintage metal napkin holder
  • about a million red striped cello bags
  • winter scene tin
    green crepe paper
  • three tier hanging wicker baskets
  • punched tin Christmas tree
  • valentine heart box
  • metal frame
  • cross stiched sampler

I had to run a few errands on my way home, but I stopped at a local bazaar that is going on not expecting to find anything I like, because this one usually has mostly new Christmas stuff, but surprisingly I found a little corner of vintage items. Here is what I picked up there. I really shouldn't be buying any more linens as I have a ton, but I couldn't resist these two cute little cottage towels. I also got these sweet vintage reflector thingys. I saw that Joy made some really adorable Christmas ornaments out of some she had. And the vintage garland will come in handy for some project I hope to have time to do.

And finally, if you are still with me, I made a quick stop into an antique shop in my town that I hadn't visited in awhile. The owner and I started chatting about starting up a summer antique faire next year. I said I would be on board for that and would be happy to help with anything to get it going. While chatting, I found these cute items.

*cute antique metal frame
*six old keys
*pair of porcelain rose earrings

Wow, all that shopping can really tire a girl out. I'll be back soon with pictures of my completed project. But now I need some rest! C ya!


Wanda @ Just Vintage said...

Oh, my! You done good, girl! I'm loving that little chest thingy, too.

Michelle said...

You got some great stuff~I need to go to my thrift store.. what could I be missing?

ShabbyInTheCity said...

So much to comment on! Oh that old garland!!! And the advent calendar is amazing...

Amy said...

You must have some great thrifting karma! Love those little cottage towels. -amy

Aleta said...

Treasures galore!!! Love, love, love all the old Christmas goodies. Oh, and those keys!! Bears like to wear keys you know. ;o)

Warmest bear hugs, Aleta

Sweet Remembrance said...

You are the worlds best thrifter...
I can't believe all your treasures!
Oh and I love the advent calendar.
Love It!
Have a Happy Thanksgiving...

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

You are so gifted!! What a great idea for an advent calander! LOVE IT!!!!! You NEED that little cabinet! I'd buy it, for sure! What a wonderful shop it is! Wish it were close by.

Have a great weekend and did you enter my giveaway that ends tomorrow morning? I haven't checked to see who all entered.

smiles your way, sweetie pie!


Lallee said...

Your advent calendar is terrific, Lisa! I love it.

Love all your new treasures~especially the cottage towel.