Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Living Room Re-Do

I am a little behind in my posts. Thursday I had to help my Mom with moving some stuff, but before I met her, I managed to hit a couple thrift stores. Later after helping Mom, we stopped at an Estate Sale. Here is what I managed to find:

Little lamp with vintage shade, mirror, vase with yellow rose, little pink rose vase, vintage hair receiver, 6 vintage hankies, brass and glass towel holder, jar, needlepoint pillow, two sided doll (one side black the other white), red tackle box, vintage baby wrapping paper, deer rug and my favorite of all, cowboy boots for me!

By now you probably think I have pretty ecclectic tastes in what I buy, and I do. I am never really looking for anything specifically, just what appeals to me visually or if I have had good luck selling a particular item in the past, I will buy that item again. Of course I do tend to gravitate towards things with roses.

I spent all day Friday and part of Saturday redecorating my living room. Joy came over on Friday and helped me. She is such a wonderful decorator and I can't believe what great ideas she had using my stuff. I got to use a lot of things I wasn't really using anywhere and it was fun searching other parts of the house for stuff we could use. We started with the mantel which actually took a long time before we could get it to look like this:

We used lots of mirrors and frames, creamers, little roses paintings and my new lamp. I love it! I wish I took a before picture of it, but I forgot. You can't really tell by the picture, but it is a very large mantle on top of a corner gas fire place which we never use. In fact, when we first moved here I hated it as I felt it took up too much space in the living room, now that it is all decorated, I really sort of like it.

We worked our way around the room counterclockwise and next focused on this area. I think it is really very sweet and not too cluttered. Hey, I just noticed that you can see both of my "surprises" from my previous post (the white mirror and rose water color).

Here is the next area with my tv cabinet. I looked for a long time to find this one. I love it! It is a corner cabinet as I needed one to balance the corner fireplace and since the room is not really that big. It was already painted white and I just added the rose applique and glass knobs.

I found this little table with the drawer in my cluttered front room and decided it would be perfect here since I had so much white furniture I wanted to mix it up with a little rustic item. It is the perfect size to hold this vintage birdhouse I bought at an auction last spring. The mirror behind it was another one I bought awhile back and wasn't really using. We then rearranged the rose paintings on the wall above. The curtains I notice are a little messed up. I love these curtains, they are Martha Stewart from Kmart I bought them 6 years ago and still love them. I think I need to go through and weed out some magazines a little. Kind of messy looking, but the perfect spot to store/display them, don't you think?

Decorating the inside of the bird cage was so much fun. It came together pretty quickly too.

I have more pictures to share, just too tired right now. Gotta go to bed. Will post the rest tomorrow. Nighty night!

5 comments: said...

I'm glad you came to the party, thanks for being a part of it. I love what you have done since then, too!

Can't wait to see your cool holiday stuff at the next party!

Joy said...

Oh my - love this birdcage! Thanks for the visit on my blog. LOVE yours! Going back to peruse your beautiful photos...

Lallee said...

Your living room looks wonderful. I especially like the cabinet. The use of the pink pottery with the couples figures was very clever. Your green wall paint looks just like the green I have. I love what a neutral color it is!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Ok, hold on, I have to go change my shirt because I just drooled all over it....Ok, back! Lisa, your home is fantastic and I love all of the little vignettes and rose paintings that you have. The bird cage turned out great!!!!!! I love all of the texture and old pieces tucked in here and there! xo, Becky

Sandi McBride said...

I love the birdcage! Who
would have thought of that? You did, that's who!!! I once decorated an empty aquarium as a doll's house, but now this birdcage is too cute!