Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Isabel's House aka Eye Candy!

If you are regular reader to my blog, you know that Isabel is my good friend and partner in crime, I mean business. ha ha We have been friends for about 4 years now and we are true kindred spirits. Just yesterday when I went to her house to take some pictures, I noticed a barkcloth panel that she purchased on eBay. I bought the exact same one from the same seller. This happens a lot. She made me promise not to show the messy parts of her house. I told her I am an experienced not showing the messy parts photographer.

Isabel is a wonderful quilter/sewer and just amazes me with her handiwork. I am in awe as to how she is able to do as much as she does with four kids. So here are some of Isabel's collections.

A corner of Isabel's living room featuring just a few of her vintage rose paintings.

A neat story about this cabinet. We were shopping in a small town of Vernonia, OR when we spotted this cabinet in a cute little shop. We both loved it, but the price tag was super high. Months later Isabel was still thinking about it and wondered if it was still there. We went back to that shop and found out that it was no longer there, but after talking to the store clerk, we found that the dealer had moved some items over to another shop across the street so off we went. We were pleased to find it there and the price was quite a bit less. After a couple phone calls and some negotiating, the cabinet was hers! To make this story a bit more interesting, we found out that it was built by Ludmil Marcov from Willow Nest

This is were Isabel stores her rose patterned china and her french enamel pitchers.

A cute little shelf that holds orphaned salt or pepper shakers. Rose shakers of course.

A vignette on a shelf above the front door. Picture taken from the second floor.

Isabel's wall of cottage prints. She wanted to straighten them up before I took the picture, but I said, not to worry about it. They are still lovely even a little crooked.

A little nook above the guest room doors.

Some tole trays, tins and china on cabinet in dining room.

More tole trays and tins on cute lace lined shelf over family room window.

This is one of my favorite collections of hers. Becky did a posting recently on her blog about collecting vintage mirrors.

Another cute corner in the living room, more tole trays and rose mugs with writing on them.

An lastly, I leave you with this cutie.

This is another favorite of mine. Hand painted pink roses with text that reads, "The Little Sharp Vexations and The Briers that Catch and Fret, Why not take All to the Helper Who Has Never Failed Us Yet." Polly, I know you will love this one.

I have more pictures to share with you of Isabel's house, but my camera battery died mid uploading so I will save them for another time. Have a great Wednesday everyone!


Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

That is a very cute house! Thanks for sharing! And for honoring her by not showing the messy parts!


Seeb said...

nice pictures,beautiful house,good friends.I look forward to see more photos :)

Auntie Joy said...

My oh my, you take some beautiful picture!! I love Isabel's house and all of her wonderful treasures.

Flea Market Queen said...

I love her house...I love everything in it! She truly has some fabulous finds...
Thanks for the eye candy!

Lallee said...

Isabel's home is just beautiful. I drooled over all her beauties just like I do yours! You are kindred spirits indeed.

mamawillow4 said...

Thank you, Lisa, for featuring my home in your blog! It's so much easier to appreciate my things when I don't have to stare at the clutter and mess around it... (nice cropping, by the way!!)! You have inspired me to work harder at getting my home tidier and more enjoyable (will that ever happen with four active children?). But, as you so well reminded me through a little gift (magnet) that I proudly display in my kitchen, "Dull Women have Immaculate Homes"....! Love you

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

WOW!!!!! Isabel's home is precious! I had fun looking at all of her goodies. The market basket is quite the find! Thank you for sharing with us, Lisa! You and Isabel must have such fun shopping together! What a great friend! You both are blessed!



PS: Thanks for mentioning my blog. I like Isabel's collection better..more interesting backs on the mirrors.

Wanda @ Just Vintage said...

Oh, I LOVE Isobel's house! We share some of the same collections. I collect cottage prints (as does a close friend of mine), but I don't have quite as many as Isabel. Thank her for letting you share pictures of her house with us and thank you for taking them. Looking forward to the next installment.

blessings said...

That's so funny! I'm behind on some of my blog reading so I've been slowing visiting old posts. Today I scroll down and see the handpainted roses with the quote about briars... I was thinking, "Ooo, I have to copy that down so I can use it sometime" and then I see my name! Thank you for thinking of me. You're right, I LOVE it! Blessings... Polly

Pat said...

Lisa, Oh, my and Isabel are really something. I love her home, how you photographed it, all the lovely roses......and the relationship between the two of you friends. I'm envious! Thanks to both of you for giving me an inspirational "peek." Pat at birdnestontheground

jerrylovesneedlepoint said...

I am new to these wonderful, inspiring blogs! Is that what they are called? I loved your wall of mirrors in antique frames, Lisa. And I so enjoyed the pictures of Isabel's home. I would never have thought of the hand mirrors hung on the wall. I am a lover of flowers & found some needlepoints & put in old painted frames for my bedroom. I am now retired & going junk shopping more. Thanks for some wonderful ideas. jerrylovesneedlepoint