Sunday, September 2, 2007

Shopping, Crabbing and More Shopping

Wow, has it been a busy weekend. Friday morning I started off doing a little thrift shopping on my way over to Monticello. I found some cute things. Take a look!

Little black trunk, crusty corner shelf,two wood cigar boxes and a little trio of valentine paper mache heart boxes all came from Goodwill. I also got another metal shopping cart there too. (not pictured) From the Deseret thrift store I got the wire basket, doll chair, two floral paintings, white wood shelf, round wood boxand bag of vintage seam binding. Not too bad for a day of thrifting.

After that I met Isabel at our booth and we did some major reoganizing. I think our booth looks so much better and it is so much easier to see everything now. That felt really good. Here is what it looks like now.

So, as I mentioned in my last post, we went crabbing at the Oregon Coast on Saturday. What a fun day. The weather was beautiful, the crabbing okay, but the best part was that we were all together and everyone was in good spirits. We took along a picnic and ate on the boat. We had four crab traps that kept us pretty busy, but the seals that were stealing our bait didn't make it much easier for us. We ended up with about 10 crabs total. If you know anything about crabbing, you know that you can only take crabs that are a certain size and you can't take any females. So in the following pics it may look like we caught a lot, but most of them had to be thrown back.

Mr. Crab aka "Old Salty"

What we ended up with! Yummy!
Last time we went crabbing I got enough to make crab lasagna and a yummy Paula Dean recipe for crab and shrimp au gratin. This time I think I will make some crab enchiladas. Now I'm getting hungry.

Today Isabel and I did a mini road trip to a flea market about an hour from here. We were both pleasantly surprised by what we found.

Here is what I got. Bag of vintage rick rack and binding, little tin with roses, wood box, satin organizer, pearl neckace with rhinestone clasp, tole tray and four vintage song books. On the way home we stopped at another Goodwill where I got the little metal shelf and a cool glass jar with lid. While trying to organize everything for a picture, I dropped and shattered the jar. Oh well, accidents happen. Bummer though.

Have a great Labor Day everyone!


Flea Market Queen said...

Wow...junking & crab! Could there be a better day?
You got some wonderful treasures...

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

You did very well treaure hunting! Your reorganization looks great, even though it was eye candy before! Love the lined laundry basket and flea market baskets. That little tole tray you bought is so cute, too! Love it all! Our Goodwill shop here doesn't have cute things like that, nor do our thrift shops. Hmmm..note to self, someday must take a long road trip to Oregon! wink and a smile, Becky

Auntie Joy said...

I love the rick rack
can we have a closeup of what is in that bag???

Adrienne said...

A great blog! I came here from Decor4U.

Where did you crab on the Oregon Coast? We were in Tillamook last weekend and some of our family went crabbing near there while my sister-in-law and I went antiquing. I really wanted to go thrifting in the thrift stores in Tillamook but that didn't happen. Maybe next time we are there.

Oaks Park in Portland is nearly in my backyard. I'm not far south of there and we love to go there with our grandkids.

Enjoyed seeing your treasures and finds and shop. I'll come back here to visit often.


Adrienne said...

I forgot to ask where you live south of Oregon. I'm in Canby. Where is your booth? Hope it's somewhere nearby.

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