Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Lovely Surprise and Some Vintage Finds

Last week this arrived in the mail.

It came from this Suzanne.

Here is the picture she mentioned.

Suzanne and I did a swap over a year ago which you can read about here and here.

It wasn't easy, but I managed to save devouring this lovely magazine for my camping trip this week. When I go camping, I love to have lots of magazines to read while I'm sitting in front of the campfire. This issue of Sommerset Life was simply fabulous.

Not only did it feature Suzanne's lovely photo, but it also had a wonderful article by local photographer extraordinaire, Robin Laws who I had the pleasure of meeting at the Tarte Barn.

My California buddy, Heather Bullard, also has an article in this issue.

And, I was thrilled to find another article by my sweet Washington friend, Tiffany.

Suzanne is such a dear. Even though she lives all the way across the country, I feel that we are kindred spirits and I hope someday we will have the opportunity to meet in person. What fun we will have then!

It's been awhile since I've shown you any vintage finds. I haven't been doing a lot of thrifting lately, but I have managed to find a few cool things. Like this lovely jeweled Christmas tree on velvet. I have since plucked all the cute jewelry and rhinestone buttons off of it to use in my projects.

I got this pretty pink pearl and rhinestone bracelet from Karen, one of the dealer/friends I did the garage sale with last weekend.

I found this awesome table (love the chippy pink paint) at an estate sale a few weeks ago. It is definitely a keeper after I give it a good scrup. The little white table got a good sanding and is now at my new mall space at Stars & Splendid.

Love this black and white polka dot apron. I will be wearing this one at the Barn House flea market on July 18th. Hope to see you there!

I am totally in love with this adorable little tole painted lamp shade. Looking for the perfect tiny lamp to go with it.

This bride and groom was my one and only find from our camping trip. We stopped at an antique mall nearby and I found it in the glass case at the register. I almost didn't get it as I have so many, but the price was good and I love the little lace veil she is wearing.

And finally, I have been adding to Sally Ann's collection of pearl necklaces. The most recent one I found at Value Village. It's the one on the chain, kind of in the middle.

That's it for now. I'll be back soon to tell you about the fabulous July 4th we had. Hope you had a good one too!


Sheila said...

Everything looks so lovely! my friend was in the last issue. Her name is Linda and is the owner of La Maison Rustique, I believe that Heather was on that cover too. This is a great magazine Jenny takes great pictures. I love your new blog banner super sweet looking:) hope you had a great 4th of July.


Chloé A. said...

hey, I stumbled upon your sweet blog via Karyn from French Charming. I love your layout and you have great luck finding such beautiful things. Love the photos.

Sammy Girl said...

Lisa -- Everything looks super. Also a great reminder that I NEED to go get my copy of Somerset Life before they are GONE!
Hugs and hope your camping is a ton a fun ...
Betty :)

shabbyscraps said...

Oh my goodness, there is so much to cathc up on! First, thanks for the lovely shot out for my article, and I agree, the mag was gorgeous! @nd, can't wait to see you at the flea! Next, your new booth rocks!! can't wait to see it in person! and last, hope you are doing great!
xoxo, Tiffany

trash talk said...

Talk about eye candy. This whole post was just full of it! I needed something pretty to look at...what a great pick me up!

Amy'svintagecottage said...

What a great magazine. Tiffany just told me she was in it and now your great photos I will be sure to pick it up!

Journal Swag said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I think I bought the wrong issue?! The one I bought today was green with a rhinestone piece of jewelry on it! It didn't look anything like this one! OH NO! Cindy's not in this one?! I made a special trip. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everything on your blog looks lovely!


Martha said...

Love all your goodies. How wonderful to have something of yours printed in that great magazine. Thank you for sharing. Martha

Stephenie said...

This Sommerset Life looks beautiful..So much beauty to look at and amazing artists featured.. Those laces are just gorgeous...I love when they're wrapped around spools...The picture is truly amazing...I'll have to go and buy this issue..Thanks for sharing.. I love all your new thrifty finds..They're all amazing...You always find the best things..I need to shop with you...

Alison Gibbs said...

I so love everything in this issue. I keep reading and reading and reading. So much eye candy.
Come visit my blog and enter my giveaway

Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques said...

You did well for not thrifting too much lately! WONDERFUL stuff! And wow, how cool is that to make it into the mag! Great!

Chloé A. said...

hey there!
thanks for stopping by my little blog and leaving such nice comments!

have a great week over there :)

Alicia ~ Time Worn Style said...

Looks like a great magazine, must check that out! Great finds as usual too.

Patti said...

Hi, Good Morning ... OMGoodness ! I soooo NEED that polka dot apron ! My kitchen is all black and white polka dots with b/w polka dot funky chickens - I have the perfect place for that apron ! Will you be selling it anytime after Barn House ? Maybe at Monticello ? (I'm there at least once a week !) I don't know that I can make it to the Barn this time as we live in LaCenter and the entire town is having a garage sale that same day ! I just love all your treasures ! Thanks so much ... Patti

Timi said...

Love that apron! I might have to knock you down and take it from you when I get there.
I was sitting at Barns and Noble the other day (in a crappy ass mood) looking through that magazine. If only I was on top of my blog reading! I would have know all this wonderful information.

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