Monday, December 8, 2008

Weekend Fun/Button Crazy

Saturday morning was beautiful so we (my family) headed out to pick out our Christmas tree. For the last three years we have been going to my friend Julie's house to get our tree. She lives out in the country and always has a good selection to choose from. I'm not too picky about our tree. We always get a Douglas Fir and it can't be too big as we don't have much room for a big or tall tree. It didn't take long to find one that was just right. My son opted out of cutting it down this year so that left the cutting to my main squeeze. Isn't he so cute?

Saturday afternoon my girl and I went to Northwest Portland to do a little shopping, have lunch and get her hair done. It was a beautiful sunny day. Perfect for strolling outside. Here's a picture of her new hairdo.
On Sunday, I headed out early to the Polk County Flea Market. This particular flea market is held once a month and is about an hour away from where I live. I arrived there at 7am and was surprised to see very few vendors set up. Fortunately, it didn't take long for everyone to show up and set up. I stayed until 9:30am going back through several times to make sure I didn't miss anything and I'm happy to say that I found lots of goodies.

I was on a mission to find buttons and jewelry I could use in crafts and I was lucky enough to find both.
Today I thought I would show you my button collection. Included here are tons of buttons I found on Sunday at the flea market, some I got on ebay and some I found at antique shops.

Before I show you the buttons, I have to tell you that for the last couple weeks I have been craving buttons. It's weird, but I just had this incredible urge to find a large amount of buttons so I could sort them. I blame her. Reading her posts about sorting buttons made me want to do the same. There is just something so gratifying about sorting buttons, and it's always fun to discover those special buttons too. Kind of like finding buried treasure.
So, without further ado, my buttons.

Before I went on my button shopping spree last weekend, the jar on the left was only about 1/4 full of white buttons. The jar on the right was empty. My hubby decided it would be fun to sort buttons with me and I graciously let him even though I wanted to do it by myself. The colored buttons will have to wait to be sorted, but we did pick out all the pink buttons to add to the other pink buttons I already had. Here they are.

These rhinestones buttons are on display in my bedroom in a little glass/brass box were I can see them every day.

These are all my old glass buttons. They hang out in my very favorite hand painted rose box which if you've been reading my blog for awhile you have probably seen before.

And finally, some bigger cool looking buttons. I'm saving these to use on some tote bags I want to make someday.

I am a little embarrassed to admit this, but I have two more tins of vintage buttons coming next week that I bid on on ebay. After I get those, I think I need to take a button buying break.
I guess the moral to my story here is that if you are looking for something (like buttons), put it out there (in my case just thinking about finding buttons, lots of them) or tell someone that you are looking for a particular item and chances are good you will find it. It has worked for me on many occasions. Then once you find the object or objects of your desires, it's on to the next thing. Let see... can't think of anything at the moment, but given time, I'm sure I will come up with something else I just have to find. ha ha
On my next post I'll share with you some of the other fun treasures I found at the flea market on Sunday. Until then have a great week!


My Shabby Roses said...

I love your wonderful collection of rhinestone buttons!
It sounds like you and your daughter had a good time. I've always wanted to walk through NW Portland and look at all the unique shops, and maybe go out for lunch. My #1 and I keep talking about it, maybe we'll just have to make it a priority.

miss gracies house said...

THAT is a LOT of buttons! Oh, the pleasure of going on a *hunt*! I tend to get stuck on one thing, too and then wonder why I have 3 dolls sitting on my couch?

Lady of the Mote said...

beautiful collection of buttons!

Rose Garden Romantic said...

What a great button collection!!

Halo Hill said...

First of all, I love buttons and love sorting them too! Most importantly though, I understand the "craving" thing. I go through a pearl craving, then one for vintage rhinestones, watch faces, special type of ephemera, old postcards. I KNOW exactly what you mean! Then on to the next thing! :)


Angie said...

Great buttons Lisa! The pink ones are delicious!


Kim G. said...

cool buttons! My mom has a great collection too, she stores them in old mason jars. I like the old glass ones!

Vintage Linen Treasures said...

Yes, your main squeeze is very cute and so is your daughter. I like buttons, but I LOVE vintage rhinestone buttons. I keep my eyes open for them so I can buy them for my eBay store...they've never made it on to the site! LOL I've kept them ALL.
You vintage button collecttion is beautiful. My mouth was watering when I saw your rhinestone button collection. I like your idea about displaying them in your bedroom. I'm going to do that, too! (I just need a few more...just a few)
Patricia :o)

texasdaisey said...

What a cool post. I have to confess that I have overdone it a time or two also. Isn't Ebay great?

Timi said...

What a fun weekend you had.
I'm totally drooling over your button collection. I love buttons!