Thursday, January 24, 2008

Where some of the stuff landed

I promised to show you where some of the items I bought at the antique show last week ended up. So, here goes. I hope you have your coffee, this may be a long one.

I added the floral hat to the vintage hats I have hanging on the wall in my bedroom. All the other hats belonged to my Grandma Pressley. I found them in an old hat box at my Dad's a few years ago and told him I wanted them. He said he would mail them. Over a year later I still hadn't received them (ironically he worked at the Post Office at the time). Finally, on a visit to us, he brought them along. I love that she actually wore these hats. She was an amazing woman. I will write more about her on another post sometime.

The two silver watches were added to their siblings here on my pink swivel mirror. Do you think I have enough? I guess my motto is if you have one of something, 8 more are better.

Here is Manni sporting the new mother of pearl necklace I bought for her, I mean me. I love how all the necklaces look on her. Personally I wouldn't wear more than say, two necklaces at a time, but on her, it works.

I made the rhinestone earrings you see here with some broken vintage earring pieces I got for $1.00. I love these kind of simple, takes five minutes to do kind of projects.

I have lots and lots of vintage postcards, primarily ones that feature pink roses, surprised? I keep them in 2 photo albums so I added the pink roses postcard I got (lower left corner) to
this one.

More rhinestone button bling was added to my collection. This little box is too pretty to be sitting in my sewing room all the time, so I have it out in my living room so I can enjoy the sparkle when I walk by. More and more I want to see my finds on a regular basis, so I have been trying to find ways to display things so I can see them. More things in jars, see through containers, etc.

Speaking of bling, I had to add the three little rhinestone pins to the others I have in my bedroom. I love this little glass and metal tray I found at an antique shop in Troutdale a couple years ago.

The fabric scraps I bought are all washed and ironed and are now ready to be cut and sewn into a couple pillow tops. I'm thinking a little vintage lace and some pom pom trim might be a nice addition. Maybe some cute vintage rick rack, not sure yet, will have to play with it a little.

I did end up going to Monticello like I said I would and had fun adding some new things to the booth.

I was happy to see that a few of my items had sold, which left more room to put some new items.

As usual, I had to do just a little thrift shopping on my way there and of course, while I was there.

Here is a picture of my finds from Tuesday. Go ahead and click for a better view.

Cute tole waste basket, scrolly metal rack thingy, pink plastic hanging thingy, neat beach painting in pinks and browns, ruffly umbrella, wood salvage piece, pink basket, metal frame, paper trim, pair of rose pictures, little metal scrolly rack, vintage pearls, vintage watch pendent, wire heart wreath form, two vintage aprons, and a roll of rose wallpaper.

Love this little vintage crinoline I got from Randy's booth. It was tucked in a cabinet. After washing and doing a little repair, it is as good as new. This is the before picture.

Yesterday, I met my hubby for lunch and did a little more thrift shopping on my way to meet him. I will tell you more about that experience on my next post as this one is getting a little long. Okay, a lot long.

Today, I am doing lunch lady duty and tomorrow, I just plan on staying home and getting some cleaning/projects done. My swaps are about 90% completed and I really want to get them in the mail.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures of my junk. More pictures of more junk and some projects coming soon. Have a great day!


sheshedecor said...

Hi Lisa!! GREAT stuff. You have much better thrifting luck than I! I love your new blog banner too! I am sooooo excited about Monday! What materials/embellishments do I bring?? Please let me know.


Anonymous said...

Oooh, love all your blingy jewels and how your sweet Manni is just covered in them! Adorable!
Smiles, Heather

Esther Sunday said...

Gosh, Lisa - I LOVED this post. Lost myself in all your wonderful finds. I particulary LOVE the vintage hat display! So nice when you know the history on them to. Your space is so sweet at the Monticello! I need to go there sometime... Love, Esther

Miss Gracie's House said...

You always find the the cutest stuff! Gotta love all that bling!
And the postcards-my fave!
You think 30 is cold-it was 4 below this morning with a wind chill of 20 below! Too cold to do much of anything!
It is soo exciting to see your "pink tractor"...I'm really hoping to get there in June!
warmest wishes,

Anonymous said...

Lisa your finds are lovely!
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cherished*vintage said...

Hi Lisa! I totally love the little rose pictures you found - too sweet! Hey, I have a question for you. Where is Monticello? We come down to Portland a couple times a year, and antique shop in Sellwood, and Troutdale mainly. When we're down again, I'd love to check out your space at Monticello too!

Sandi McBride said...

Wow Lisa, I had to go et a second cup of coffee...I love it all...the hats, the jewelry, the post cards...and Mannie!

Coleen said... find the kewlest stuff..I gotta go visit your booth...haven't been there in awhile!!!!

Cheryl Miller said...

I absolutely love your blog, because of all the fun pics you give us! Next time I'm in your city, I'm headed to Monticello to see your booth (never been there! What's up with THAT???)

pinkroses said...

OK, now I've found you again...I've been here before. We are seriously separated at birth...I'm not even kidding...I can't even begin to comment on what I love because I love it all...I'm putting you on my favorites...
suzanne duda

Lallee said...

Funny you mentioned grabbing a cup of coffee because that is just what I had in hand when I came to sit down. I enjoyed seeing all your lovelies displayed, especially the hats and necklaces.

Rose Garden Romantic said...

It's all so pretty! Especially the jewelry and the postcards! I love collecting postcards too- especially one with ROSES!!! :D

Linda said...

Hi Lisa, loved seeing all your treasurs on display. I adore your hats, your latest one looks great with your Gramma's and Manni looks awesome. Have fun with all the new finds. Linda

Michelle said...

What yummy stuff! I can't pick a favorite .. maybe the jewelry cuz I love bling!


~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

I loved seeing all your pretties, but especially your grandma's hats. I have some of my grandma's hats too, and they are among my most treasured possessions. :)

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Love Mannie's neckies! Where do you find the leaded ones? Love those!!! I'd love to go shopping at your space!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful treasures! I want a manni! did you make the jewelry on her?