Thursday, January 10, 2008

What I've been up to this week

Monday morning about 20 minutes after my hubby leaves for work, I get a call from him saying he slid on some ice and rolled his truck. What! Of course the first thing out of my mouth was, "are you alright?" He miraculously was uninjurred, but his truck was really messed up. Fortunately a police officer was on his way to work and arrived right after the accident happened. He helped my husband get out of the truck, which had landed on the drivers side, call a tow truck, etc. Wow, do we ever feel lucky. It could have been so much worse. The weird thing was that up until that point my husband didn't see any signs of ice on the road. Five minutes after the accident a radio station came by to do an interview with him. Later in the day a couple people called me asking if that was my husband. Yup!

Here is just one of the pics the police officer took with his camera phone. My husband still doesn't know how it ended up like this.

So, this week I have been without a vehicle while my main squeeze borrowed mine to go to work. Not a big deal, but I really need to have my car. So, yesterday we got a rental for him. His truck has been declared "totalled" so now the search for a new vehicle begins. Hubby says the sad thing is that he was just thinking the day before the accident how much he liked his truck. It was really nice, I will miss it.

I know lots of you out in crafty blogland like to use vintage photographs in your artwork. I too recently started buying old black and whites for future projects, mostly babies and little kids, but some pretty ladies too.

What do you think of this pretty lady?

This is my grandma. The one I mentioned in this post. Yesterday I spent a short time with her while my mom went to the dentist. It has been really hard to see how much she has changed since her stroke. Mom says she has good days and bad days. Yesterday she said she knew who I was, but I'm not so sure. I just give her lots of hugs and kisses and tell her how glad I am to see her.

Hey, what do you think of my banner up there? My partner,Barbara from Lavender Lollipop Lane in the valentine swap I'm doing made it for me yesterday. Thanks so much Barb! What a sweetheart, right? I just met her yesterday and she already made this for me. How lucky am I? I did end up buying a banner from Gail over at Shabby Cottage Studio, so I will just keep this one up until I get the one from her. I can't help but smile everytime I see it. Little ol me with roses on my head. Too funny!

So, yesterday I talked to Joy who is selling this weekend at a quilt show in her town. She told me that she is going to take some of the stuff I left at her place during her Christmas sale, like my barkcloth/denim jackets. What great friends I have. She also said that I could bring over some more stuff and she will try to sell it for me. She thought I should bring a lined shopping cart, but since I didn't have one already made up, I thought I would try to make one for her to take to the sale.

Here is what I came up with.

It sure felt good to be sewing again. I need to do more of that while it's too cold and wet to paint. I hope to get about six of these done for the Farm Chicks show. Everyone I make is different and I have a bunch of fabric bundles and shopping carts just waiting to be matched up.

Well, I better wrap up this post as I need to head on over to Joys! Have a great weekend!


Sweet Remembrance said...

Lisa...OMG, so glad your DH is OK!
Very scary I'm sure!
Your grandmother is beautiful, what a lovely photo!
And...well you know I adore your carts & liners...
Have a good day,

Vintage Tea said...

What a shock that call must have been but so pleased that your DH was ok.

Thank you for sharing your grandmothers' photo, if you would like to visit my blog you'll see I've just added a photo of my grandmothers' wedding.


Miss Sandy said...

Wow was your husband lucky, I am so glad he is not hurt. Loved the photo of your grandmother and your cart is too cute. My shopaholic sister-in-law would love it!

Aleta said...

Sooo glad to hear your hubby is alright. That would have scared the dickens right out of me. You're right, it could have been much worse! Yikes!!

Your grandma is beautiful! You are a lovely woman to tell your grandma how much you love her all the time. So many people forget t do that these days. Even if they don't know who you are I think they can feel the love and compassion. You get a gold star!!

Love, love, love the lined cart. Of course, I love your denim jackets too!! I wear mine all the time and always get compliments. I might need another one!!

Hope you're having a fabulous week.

Hugs and hugs, Aleta

Lisa said...

So glad your hubby is ok. Could have been worse for sure. Love the cart and liner. Love the photo of your grandmother, quite a looker!

Julie said...

Ohh - I love your blog and enjoyed my visit! I am glad you hubby is not hurt because his SUV looked pretty bad!

Linda said...

How scary...thank goodness your honey wasn't hurt. He was very lucky.
Your new banner looks great, and the picture of your grandmother is beautiful.
I like your liner it looks neat, pretty material and are those pockets inside?

Counting Your Blessings said...

You KNOW how much I love those shopping/laundry carts!! Maybe you should let hubby drive one of those from now on. =) So glad he's ok! Blessings... POlly

Queen of Tarte said...

Lisa...So glad you husband is alright, such a scary thing. Your banner is cute, can't wait to see the one from Gail. Take care...have a great rest of the week.

Stephanie said...

The weather here has been so weird lately, Im glad your hubby is okay. I love that cart, how cute!!

Janeen said...

Oh my stars! That is scary! Glad to hear that your hubby is safe! And that cart is sooooo Cute, cute, cute!!!!

Sue said...

Hi Lisa , That black ice is so scary - I did the same thing your hubby did. I had know idea I was on a sheet of ice. So glad he is okay. Cute cart - I have 3 done for Farm Chicks but I may try them at Stars & Splendid. So far the Flea Market aprons do well there.
Take good care , Sue

cherished*vintage said...

Whoa! What a roll over! So glad to hear your hubby wasn't hurt! Love the picture of your Grandma. And hey, your banner is pretty darn cute too!

Sandi McBride said...

Black ice is responsible for so many wrecks and then the cop usually has to give out "too fast for conditions" violations when it seems so unfair! (Have given a few myself, but only when it was very evident that was the case...) Hope hubby didn't get that gift that keeps on giving and glad he is fine...I love your banner but I loved the old one, too lol...your grandma is a beautiful beautiful lady...I see you in her...

Connie from Big Bear Lake California said...

Lisa, Thank God your husband is ok!! I Luv your carts!! Best Wishes, Connie

miss gracies house said...

I'm so glad your husband is not hurt...but I'm sure you'll miss the truck:)
Your grandmother's photo is beautiful~it is so hard when they start to leave us.
Cute banner! Yes, you look darling with roses on your head!
Have a great day!

Lallee said...

Lisa, I'm so glad your husband walked away safely. It's no fun getting those kinds of phone calls!

Your grandmother looks beautiful in that picture. You come from some good genes ;-)

Back Through Time said...

Your poor husband!! I know just how he feels, I did the same thing 2 years ago, It was SO scary and my neck and back haven't been the same since. He was SO lucky to be OK! That just made my stomach do flips seeing that picture.
Your cart liners are adorable! I have wanted to make one for years.
Again, glad your hubby is ok