Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Royal Project

Inspired by Lori of Vintage Flair and the fabulous Crowns and Tiara's book, Joy and I decided we needed make our own chicken wire crowns. Sheila was suppose to join us, but unfortunately she wasn't able to make it. We really missed you Sheila. But don't worry we had so much fun we will definitely want to do this again.

We met bright and early (9:30am) at Joy's house and armed with lots of supplies, got busy.

Here's Joy just getting started. I had a little trouble deciding how I wanted my crown to look and spent quite a bit of time arranging and re-arranging. All I can say is thank goodness for hot glue because it sure made it easy for me to change stuff as I went along.

For my crown I used some burlap (got last week at goodwill), four different kinds of vintage lace, old clip on earrings, millinery flowers, old pearls and some tulle. It took a long time to get it just the way I wanted, but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Not too bad for my first attempt. I think the next one I do will be all in pinks. It will be interesting to see how different I can make my next one from this one.

Joy's crown is completely different than mine and I joked with her that you could definitely tell which one of us was an art major. Hers is just fabulous. She has such a nack for knowing what to put where. I'm sure she will be posting this fun project on her blog too so be sure to stop by her blog and tell her what you think of her crown.

Here I am modeling my masterpiece. I sure do have a goofy look on my face. I think I was just thrilled that I was able to finish before it was time to head home.

Here's a cute picture of Joy modeling her crown. Isn't she so adorable?

This was such a fun project, even though I got a little frustrated with the creative part. Putting things together so they look good doesn't come easy for me. Usually I don't lament over what to put where, I just do it, but today for some reason, I just couldn't get my creative mojo going.

I got both of my valentine's swaps in the mail yesterday and also received one. Barb from Lavender Lollipop Lane was my partner and she sent me the most wonderful box of delightful goodies you can imagine. All perfectly me. I forgot to take pictures today, but will do so tomorrow and show you on my next post.

Hope you enjoyed our royal craft project.


My Grandkids ROCK said...

My,oh my you ladies are always having way too much fu. I am jealous. Pam

Anna T said...

What a great idea and fun way to spend time with a friend!

Auntie Joy said...

I'm working on my post but of course it is slow going. You look great in jewels!!

Michelle said...

Your crowns are simply perfect!

Thanks for sharing,

Stephanie said...

Those are so cool , I bet I see them at Farm Chicks !!!
I want to make one now , what a cool idea :)

Sandi McBride said...

I love your crown...next time can I come play???

Janeen said...

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Presenting the Queens! You both look like you had a ball of fun! And... the crowns look fabulous!

KimberlyRyanDesigns said...

The cowns are just beautiful, I love your blog, hope you will visit sometime! Kimberly

pattie said...

Now, I guess I will just have to get some chicken wire and the book...THESE ARE FABULOUS...(Sheila directed me here!!)

Anonymous said...

Lovely ...love your vintage stash too! Where do you get frames for your charms? I have been looking everywhere?
Denise Mass.

Coleen said...

great crown!!!! sounds like you ladies had a "Royally Fun" day!!!!

Flea Market Queen said...

You both look so regal in your crowns! I told Joy I wanna make crowns with you too...how fun!

barbara burkard said...

oh!!! your crowns are devine! what fun!!!


Prairie Home-Sherry said...

I want to make one too!!! What treasures!
Come visit!

Aleta said...

I think both crowns are absolutely fabulous!!

Hugs and hugs, Aleta