Monday, January 21, 2008

Baby it's Cold Outside

My dad calls me the other day and leaves this message on my cell. "Hi, it's Dad, I'm sitting on the back patio in my shorts and a t-shirt. It's in the 70's today, how's the weather up there blah, blah, blah..." Today the sun actually came out, but I think it is in the 30's. I decided that since the kids had no school, and I didn't have to go anywhere this morning that I would go for a power walk. It has been forever since I have done any serious walking so it was time. Let me tell you, it was cold with a capital B as in "Brrrrr." It did feel good to get some fresh air and exercise. I really do need to do it more often.

Joy and I had a great time at the Clark County Antique Show yesterday. We were on a mission to find some good junk. We saw lots of pretty things at pretty high prices, but we wanted to find the cheap cute junky stuff. We are nothing if not thrifty. We both found smaller items, but I was hoping to find more stuff. It was the last day of a three day show so I guess I can't complain too much.
Here we are, the happy shoppers. Our buddy Susan took this picture in her booth. She has the cutest stuff and such a good eye for finding interesting and cool things. I got a cute mother of pearl necklace and little metal and glass box from her. Joy dropped some cash here too on some cute things including a pretty pearl necklace that I told her I would have to tackle her to get it. (I didn't). I wish I had gotten more pictures of Susan's booth to share. She'll be at Expo in March so I will take some then.

Here's a picture of my haul. A little dark, sorry, but you get the gist. One vendor had some really pretty vintage fabric, but I thought her prices were a little high. I went through her fabric scraps and found these lovelies pictured here. I got all of them for $3.50. I'm going to make some cute patchwork pillows out of them. Of course, they all feature my favorite pink roses. We also stumbled on a booth that said, "everything under $100 is 50% off." We found lots of small cute items for just a couple dollars. I got some rhinestone barrettes, a pin and a rose thimble there. I was on a rhinestone kick for some reason. I was also on the look out for cheap but cool looking vintage earrings to use in some of my craft projects. I was hoping to find a big bag of them, which unfortunately I didn't.

I got this cool vintage floral hat and two rhinestone buttons from another dealer who we have bought from before. She always has great funky, you never know what you will find here, kind of items.
Close up of the vintage fabric scraps.
Here is a close up of the little box I got from Susan and some more rhinestone pieces. We stopped at a big Salvation Army store on the way home and I found the watch on the left. It isn't really very old and just had a new battery put in. The watch on the right I found at an antique shop we stopped at in Vancouver. Price on this one, just $1.00! Woo hoo! Love it! I really do need to stop buying vintage silver watches, but I think it's now officially an addiction. They are just so hard to pass up when I see one this cheap. I also bought a sealed up stack of postcards at that same shop for $7.50. I have a ton of postcards, but what sold me was the one on the top was this lovely pink rose birthday postcard. After going through the stack only about half were decent enough to keep or resell.
Tomorrow I must head to Monticello. My car is packed with stuff to take so all I have to do is drive over, unload and get busy trying to find a place to put my stuff. Did I mention our booth is a little on the crowded side? It has been over a month since I took in anything new (old, I mean), so it is time for a little fluffing.
In my next post, I will show some pictures of where my finds from this weekend ended up. TTFN!


Michelle said...

Yes, it is cold! Good for you on power walking! I power walked to my coffee pot for a warm cup :)

You got some great loot! I love the little box with the rhinestone stuff..


Linda said...

I agree it is so cold and rainy too. I'm in a walking group and having been missing lots of mornings.

Great goodies, sweet fabric and love the hat. Are you going to leave it as is or take a part for the flowers?..Linda

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hi Lisa - well, SO. Cal is getting the warmth as it is ccccc--oold here in No. Cal - to the bone cold. Brrrrr.

Show us your pillows when you are done making them. I realllllly wish I could shop with you girls! Always a treat to see what you find. Never that good of luck here without having to pay a good price.


cherished*vintage said...

It's capital B in Brrr here too, but oh how I'm loving the sunshine! Fabulous stash you found this weekend. I love seeing what you find!

Lori said...

I'm so jealous, I 'm have vintage withdrawl!! Haven't been to any shops or even the Goodwill since before christmas, hubby better give me a all day Saturday jaunt in Michigan and fix that!!! Sounda good huh? Great finds, can't wait to see your booth! Lori

Scrappy Moments said...

Yes it's Cold, It was Minus 7 here this morning. You found some Beautiful Things. I think My friend and I are going to the Antique show at The Expo Center in March. Hopefully the snow will be melted by then. I saw that Creating Keepsakes is Doing a Covention the same weeknd as the Antique show, Have any idea where it will be?


Esther Sunday said...

Ya done good. Love, Esther

Jennifer said...

Ohhhh I am so jealous...Haven't had any good antique shows around here in a WHILE! Enjoy your treasures!!!!!

Sandi McBride said...

So you and Joy couldn't give a girl a call and tell her you guys are going shopping? Don't you think I could have made it in time, huh huh? Glad you got out of the house and had fun despite the cold! Oh, but I'm loving the cold right now!!!

Back Through Time said...

You always find such fun stuff! Tomorrow it is suppose to be BELOW zero for a low, I am cranking up the heat!!
Keep warm!
PS I did my weirdo list, lol

Flea Market Queen said...

Once again you & Joy found some treasures! Love the hat...