Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Weekend Haul

On Friday I headed over to Stars with the dresser I mentioned on my last post I was going to take.  Took out the white dresser and replaced it with the brown dresser including the mirror.  My booth was pretty messy (always a good sign) so I spent a couple hours cleaning up. By the time I finished I was too tired to take any pictures so I just headed home.  Didn’t hit any garage sales on Friday or Saturday for that matter.  I did, however, make a last minute decision to go to the Portland Antique Expo Saturday morning.  So glad I did as it was a beautiful day and I always love shopping the summer show.  A few years ago Isabel and I sold at the summer show, but this time it was so nice to be able to just take my time, wander the isles, chat up the vendors and other shoppers and of course, hunt for great vintage stuff. 

My goal was to find stuff to resell as I didn’t really need to buy anything for myself right now.  But, as always, I found several things that are going to be just for me.  At least for now.  Hey, my birthday is coming up soon.  A girl’s gotta treat herself to some pretties once in awhile, right.  Okay, onto the stuff.


One of my first buys was this jewelry Christmas tree.  I have bought one of these before, for the jewelry.  This one had lots of pretty bling I can use in my projects.

003  Three adorable vintage purses. The one in front says “Made in France” inside.  Oo la la!


Miscellaneous blingy bits, vintage watch, three glass drawer pulls, a bunch of old skeleton keys and just peaking in the upper right corner is a metal tie rack that I think will be great for a necklace display.  Thanks Joy for that great idea.


Love this cute, unusual white cabinet, and this old tool/hardware cabinet.  Behind both is a table I scored at the Goodwill outlet.


Here’s a better picture of the tool/hardware cabinet.  Found this late in the day on Saturday.  I was surprised that it was still there.


Another little wood cabinet with three drawers.  So hard to resist these.


Adorable sweet vintage 70’s pink top with lace.  This one is for me.  Really, so much cuter in person. 

I got this super yummy and fluffy chenille spread from Christa. Bought a little vintage wallpaper from her too.028

Couldn’t pass up this sweet etched mirror.  Bought it from my friend, Mitzi’s booth at Stars.029

And finally, my favorite find of the day and my birthday present to myself


This gorgeous barbola mirror was my very first buy of the day.  I couldn’t believe it when I saw it. I have wanted one of these for years, but they were always way over my budget.  Love this one and it works perfectly in my bedroom on the corner shelf.

So, as you can see, some to sell, some for me.  It was such a great weekend, but now I need to get back to projects.  Only three more weeks until this awesome show.


Can’t wait! I’m getting so excited.  Head on over to Barn House to get more info.  I hope to see you there!


Victorian1885 said...

Looks like you found some good treasures..we had our huge Antique sale this weekend as we have downsized to a new condo. We had a great turnout and are having another sale next week. So glad we still have the house until August 1st! Whatever is left we are sending to an Antique auction centre nearby. Have a great week ahead!

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Happy Birthday!
Love your special mirror as well as all your other great finds!
Hope your week is a good one!
Take care, Laura :0

kluless said...

Well fooey! I had a super busy weekend and knew the Expo was going on but no time for any picking at all. Looks like I really missed out but I'm glad you scored!
Happy Birthday! I am the 12th, when are you??

Vintage Station said...

Happy Birthday shopping!! Loving it. And as we always say, "other dealers are our best customers!" Glad you enjoyed Expo and you found such great items! I'll be at the Lake Oswego Show on August 14 with my French wares...see ya then??

A Cottage Muse said...

You sure did spoil yourself ~ Happy Birthday!

I am in love with that chenille and the etched mirror!!

Kim Caldwell said...

I have looked for a Barbola for years too! This one is swoon worthy!


Erica said...

What great finds! Good treasures!

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