Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday Update

On Friday I headed over to Monticello, just like I said I would. So glad I did as I found a big mess there. That usually means that stuff sold which is always a good thing. In fact, several things were gone including stuff that had been there quite awhile so I was doing a little happy dance right there in my booth.

I did bring a few new (old) things to restock my booth. Here's just some of the stuff I brought in.

Wallpaper rolls

Vintage folding cottage style chair with needlepoint seat.

Cute cottage style light fixture

Vintage button packs

Sweet chippy metal shelf

and finally, a country blue book shelf

Didn't do a lot on Sat/Sun. Some laundry, read another book, etc. Today (Monday) was the kids first day back to school, so I thought I would celebrate by going to a few nearby thrift stores. Here's what I found.

Cute vintage solid wood bed side table, adorable pink vintage baby book, old letter organizer, green tackle box, lamp shade and the most adorable ladies shoes bookends.Here's a close up. They are a little dirty and at first I passed them up, but went back and got them. They are so sweet and I've never seen anything like them.

A good friend, who shall remain nameless, invited Isabel and I over to shop in her garage on Friday. We were so tickled to be invited to this "private sale." We both found several things including these:

Three pieces of art made with vintage ephemera, a piece of vintage lace, a cast iron key, little kitty, silver card case and fuzzy chenille bees. But, my favorite find has to be this lovely hand painted tray.

That's it for me for now. I have projects galore swimming around in my head and I really need to get focused and get something done. I did make a trip to Home Depot to buy sand paper, paint and some rollers. Now all I need are a few days of nice spring weather and I can get busy. Happy Monday y'all!


cherished*vintage said...

Yay, I'm so glad you restocked your booth. We're heading down to Portland next weekend for the swap meet, and I'm going to visit Monticello's again. I can't wait to go through your button packs!!
PS I'm having a giveaway that ends tomorrow, stop by and check it out.

Lorri said...

I love all of the wonderful finds. Have a great week.

Halo Hill said...

Good job! Great stuff (I heart the pink and gray vintage wallpaper)! Your space looks great and I'm glad you found it messy!!


Connie said...

WOWl, you made a haul, honey! I love that little shelf but I'd give a molar for that wallpaper.......


I need to make a trip to Monticello,
first thing in the morning! You make it to tempting.....
Have a nice week!

Lateda said...

Thanks for leaving me a comment:)
LOVE your stuff! I have a love for roses as well:)
Hope to see you soon!!

Debi said...


I just stumbled on your blog and had so much fun looking at your wonderful finds!
Love, love the bookends!


Stephenie said...

I just LOVE your booth. I saw so many things in your pictures that I would love to buy. You really have so many beautiful things..I just love that wallpaper it's BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
You got some amazing things at the private sell...JUST LOOOOVVVEEEE the vintage ephemera.....That hand painted tray is gorgeous!!!!!!

Carla said...

Lovely lovely finds, but I was blown away by your stock. That wallpaper is just yummy. If only I didn't live on the other side of the world...

susansspace said...

I visited your blog today, & had such fun looking at all of your 'finds'! Wish I lived nearby, because I could go wild going through the sparkly jewelry & buckles!
Blessings, Susan

English Cottage in Georgia said...

I so love shopping without leaving the house...thanks for taking me along and providing a daily dose of inspiration. :-)

melanie's all my favorite things said...

cute cute stuff! I love your space in really is wonderful! I will have to check out the "new" vintage things! melanie

Alicia ~ Time Worn Style said...

oooh I would buy things from your booth if I could but alas too far away in another country! I used to have a booth at an antique centre too so I know what you mean by arriving to find a mess. One time a woman pushed over a whole shelf of china in my booth!! It was an accident though I was told :0(

Mo said...

Love that chair! So sweet!

Recycled Rita said...

I would love to buy that wallpaper! If you sell to bloggers just let me know, it is hard to find at a decent price here in L.A. and I want some to use in my creations and to use in my kits that I sell on etsy! Thanks, love all your finds....your blog is always fun! karen...

Erin said...

the hand painted tray is really gorgeous! You have really lovely pieces in your space! Pop on over for my 100th post give-away!

Anonymous said...