Thursday, October 9, 2008

It's Thursday Already?!

On Tuesday I headed out early to the Washington County Court House to report for Jury Duty. My first time. There were a lot of people there, normal people, no weirdos or anything. Including my lunch lady friend, Donna, from the Middle School. We sat next to each other for the duration. There were four trials scheduled and after my number wasn't called for trials number 1-3, I thought it safe to go to the bathroom. When I got back, everyone left in the room was gone except Donna. She said trial #4 had settled and that we could go. I had mixed feelings about this as I knew I had lots of other things I could be doing this week, but I was kind of curious about how the whole jury thing worked. Oh well, I guess I will get another opportunity in two years.

Since I had the afternoon available I called my guy and he invited me to join him for lunch as he works nearby. I was actually headed to a couple antique shops in the area when I was talking to him, but decided to meet him at Chevy's for some lunch. Two lunch dates in two days is definitely a record for us.

After lunch I headed home, but of course I stopped at Goodwill on the way. I did actually find a few good things. Here are my purchases for that day.
I got the ceramic hand (will use to display bracelets and necklaces at shows), the pink and white dish towel and a flea market finds book(not pictured) at Le Stuff antique mall in Hillsboro. I usually buy pink dish towels whenever I find them as it is really hard to find pink dish towels new and I love the vintage linen ones like this one is. The girls crinoline slip, divided drawer and cowboy boots came from Goodwill. I found a couple white tops there too (also not pictured.)
Today I am going over to the high school with my friend Debbie for a tour of the new kitchen and to visit with my lunch lady buddies. It will be fun to see them again. I know it has been tough getting used to the new space, a few new faces, but knowing them, they are handling it like troopers.
Tomorrow I will be heading over to Joy's again to help her out a bit with her Harvest Open House. See Joy's blog for more details. If you are in the area, I will be there from 10am til noon. I'd love to meet you!
Wow, October is shaping up to be one busy month. No wonder I can't seem to get any projects done. On Saturday we are having friends over to spend the night after we go to the OSU Beavers game in Corvallis. We went to a game last year with the kids and decided it was so much fun we are making it an annual thing. This year we invited friend to join us. The following weekend I'll be heading up to Battleground to see my good buddies J & J. That's Joe and Jermonne in case you didn't already know that. They are having their season finale Barn House Gothic Harvest sale. Can't miss it!
The following weekend I will be helping Isabel get set up for the Portland Expo show. She will be there Friday thru Sunday. I'll only be there on Friday. My sweet MIL will be visiting for my son's 13th birthday that weekend. He will be 13 on the 24th. Ugh! I keep telling him to stop growing up, but like any normal teenager, he just won't listen to me.
Well, I'm going to leave you now with a little sneaky peak of something I'm trying to work on. I hope to show you the final results soon. But don't hold your breath. ha ha


Angie said...

Lisa, Great post as usual and some GREAT finds! That divided drawer is an old type set drawer used at like a newspaper. You probably already know that. I got one from my neighbor, but the inside dividers are all removed. Any ideas of what to do with it? I'm waiting for some ideas/inspiration to hit. Was thinking to use it as a "tray" on my living room ottoman for serving/setting drinks if we had visitors. Any thougths? Would you paint the inside if you were me and the dividers were all removed???? :) Thanks! Angie p.s. my blog address has changed so my family one and junking one are separate - the old was maamounmadness. :)

Connie said...

Wonderful finds, sweetpea! I've been called for jury duty 4 times in my life and Love Bunny zero! I hate wasting the time just sitting around for days on end waiting. Yes, it was interesting but trust me, ain't all that fun!! ;-)

Christine LeFever said...

My but you are busy! You must be the type who requires only four hours of sleep each night.

At any rate, such fun you have!

Christine ~ Zwee!!!!

Wanda said... got a hand! I buy every one I can find too, but rarely see any.

I've been called for jury duty once, about 15 years ago. Got out of that one because we'd just started a new business and I was "needed" there. I'm nervous my luck won't last much longer, although I might not mind it now as much as I did then. I'm kinda like you, wonder what it's all about.

ShabbyInTheCity said...

OH you're making me a bedspread?