Monday, July 28, 2008

A Boat Ride and Barn House Extravaganza

The kids are home safe and sound with lots of stories about the fun times they had down in California. It was so good seeing them come off the plane. They looked so much more grown up. Forgot to snap a pic, but I did get lots of hugs in.
Last week went by so fast. My honey and I decided that since the kids were gone we should do something fun so we took the boat out on the river. We packed a dinner picnic and off we went. My favorite part was seeing all the neat houses along the river. It was so nice and relaxing just cruising along.
Here's my favorite boat captain.

And here's his first mate. Nice close up, right? ha ha

These are just a few of my favorite houses along the river. I could live in any one of these.
Oh to dream. Speaking of dreaming. Isabel and I had a dreamy time at the Barn House sale on Saturday. Joe and Jermonne were the most wonderful hosts for such a fun day. We got a little lost on the way out there, but arrived at 8:30 am. What a great selection of vendors all selling neat stuff. I tried to be good and not buy too much, but I did find some fun treasures which I will show you on my next post.

Meeting this sweet gal was one of the highlights of the day. You know Tracey right? If you don't run right over and check out her fabulous blog. She is one of the most creative people I know and now one of my new BFF's.

I didn't get as many pictures as I wanted, but here are a few of the many lovely booths there.
Joy's booth.

Cindy's booth.

Aleta's booth.

J & J also had a sweets and chili cookoff which I was lucky enough to be able to judge. The winner of the sweets competition was my sweet buddy Lynne Gunderson (also a dealer at Monticello) and the first prize for the chili competition was none other that J & J's "fire in the hole" chili. It was really, really good. But I also have to say that their peach cobbler was delicious too.

Isabel and I snuck off to take a peak at J & J's lovely home and all I can say is, when can I move in? Of course I forgot to take pictures, but Isabel took some and will most likely put them on her blog.

She did snap this picture of me taking a little nappy on their chaise. Don't I look cozy? I was joking that I was Goldie Locks and had to try out all of the beds to find one that was "just right." I can't even begin to describe how wonderful their home was. I have always wanted to live in an old house and this one was just like I imagine my dream house being. Lots of nooks and crannies and oozing with charm and character.

Here's a picture of Isabel and me making a Joy sandwich. Don't we look yummy? ha ha

Well, got lots to do this week. We have family coming for a visit next weekend so I need to get the house cleaned up and ready. Now, where do I start?

*Added note: I may have gotten the winner of the bake off wrong. I think it was Natalie from Sparrow, with her delicous Coconut Lime Sour Bars. Sorry!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa!
It was fabulous meeting you in person, and I think you're my new BFF too! I can't wait to get moved up there to my favorite part of the country!
ps. did you make it to the other fair in Camas? We couldn't get here 'coz of the parade.....

Connie said...

You looked relaxed and daaahhhhling, my little freckle face!! You are CUTE!! Oh, sweet chickee, and you're married to a honest-to-goodness HUNK!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, it looks like you had oodles of fun at J&J's, I love the pic of you on the chaise.

Glad to hear your kids are home safe and sound.

hope you enjoyed your dinner on the lake and the homes are gorgeous.


Anonymous said...

So sorry we missed each other at the sale! You guys look so cute making the "joy" sandwich. She was so sweet to meet!
xoxo, Tiffany

3CHEERS4MOM said...

Oh how I wish I were there. It looks like a blast. I am planning to go to Canton in Oct. I can’t wait!
- Cheers, Amy

Unknown said...

Will you sell any basket liners?
They are prescious....

Unknown said...

If you won't sell any you know anyone who will sell them...thanks for any info.

Timi said...

What a great "just the two of us" get away. I'm so jealous. A little boat ride really is fun.
I'm super jealous about your sale trip. I'm going to need you to post a list of sales so I don't miss anymore of them!

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Looks like you had such a fun day!! I love that big white cabinet you found a couple posts ago!!

Barn House said...

Hey Lisa! Thank you very much for everything on Saturday. We are so happy you finally made it out to see us and had a nice time. And OF COURSE I would stop everything to hug you...that's what we do around here...those cars could wait!! ;o)