Monday, February 18, 2008

Random Stuff

We have sunshine in Oregon and all is good! After a long walk yesterday, I spent a good chunk of time cleaning and rearranging my daughter's room. She has a smallish room and lots of stuff. My sweet hubby finally installed the wall mounted tv holder my daughter got for Christmas so that freed up some floor space. I didn't get a picture of her room, but you wouldn't want to see that anyway. Let's just say, she doesn't share my love of all things vintage and roses. In fact, she is still trying to convince me to paint all of her furniture black. Ugh! I hope this is just a phase.

I do however have some random pictures to share with you. Starting with this one. This is where the basket I got last week at Monticello ended up. In case you don't remember, it's the tallest one on the left.

Here is a little clock I found at the Salvation Army "boutique" store last week. I bought it for resale, but I don't know, it's pretty cute. I do have a small collection of vintage clocks, I just may have to keep this one for little while. The funny thing about this clock is that it's also a music box. It plays "Edelweiss" and for some reason it started playing while I was holding it and walking around the store. I couldn't figure out how to turn it off so people kept giving me strange looks.

I got a couple packages in the mail last week including a package of vintage bling I bought on ebay. It felt like Christmas going through the bag imagining what I would do with these pieces of jewelry past.

The bag also contained three vintage "jewels" that had been soldered onto metal sticks. Not sure what I'll do with these, but I think they would be cute in little potted plants for an extra sparkle surprise.

Also in the mail were some vintage hats that I wasted no time taking apart for the flowers. That's why I got them in the first place. I guess I should have taken a picture of the hats in their before state. Here are some of them after. I finally found a use for the big jar with the painted roses on it. I have had this jar for a few months now and have been wavering do I sell it? or do I keep it? I guess for now it's a keeper.

I mentioned in my post on Friday that I was working at the Middle School. When I walked in I noticed these neat wood cigar boxes just sitting on top of a shelf so I asked if they were being used for anything, and if not, could I pretty please have them? Of course they couldn't refuse me and the boxes came home with me. I was so excited to have them, only now, not sure what I will do with them. They are so cute as is, but... maybe some vintage wallpaper, rickrack, lace, who knows?

I've been thinking about my 100th post giveaway and I'm still undecided about what the prize will be. Should I do a pink roses themed gift? Easter/Spring theme? Random craft supplies? I do know that I want it to be something that will appeal to the masses. Or a least my blog readers. ha ha Stay tuned to find out. 100th post coming soon!


cherished*vintage said...

Isn't the sun fabulous! It's so wonderful to see the blue sky up here too. Your new basket looks great in its new home. Fun stuff you got in the mail - I love getting mail even when I have to buy it. Enjoy the sunshine!

Linda said...

Hi Lisa, it is a beautiful sunny day here too.

I love your basket display. They are all pretty but I especially like the green one. At the peddler fairs I'm always drawn to these baskets and after seeing your I've decided next month I'm going to buy my first one.

The cigar boxes are neat, can't wait to see what you do with the. Enjoy the sunshine...hugs, Linda

The Feathered Nest said...

I love all your photos! And those cigar boxes are so very cool, I know they will be turned into something wonderful. My most favorite item is that little wire item next to the jar of flowers! How precious...xxoo, Dawn

Dona said...

I love the clock!! My daughter also does not like vintage. But I keep sneaking stuff into her room. She just rolls her eyes at me and then sneeks the stuff to the basement.


Sandi McBride said...

I'm so thankful for the rain,lol...of which we received one full inch last the baubles and the clock but love the cigar boxes best of all. You lucky Lisa's hard to remember you're in feels like you 're just around the corner and I should be able to run over and hold the wooden boxes in my hands...and not get a splinter!

Natasha Burns said...

Oh you always find the best stuff!!! I would love to spend a day with you searching for goodies. The baskets are lovely - and I love the flowers you pulled off the hats. The bling on ebay, wowee what a package of drool worthy sparkle!

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Lots of lovely things!! I especially love the shelves with rose trays and your new basket!!

Molly Mo's said...

Fun and lovely things! You have guts to just ask for stuff like the cigar box, I'm too chicken most of the time to do that!

Lori said...

Well luck you, those boxes are way to cool! Humm....I would say a pink rose theme would be yummy!!!! Lori

Anonymous said...

Very cool things Lisa! I have the same tray on top of one of my armoires (your first photo). Mine is light yellow, I think yours might be too. Wonderful cigar boxes too!

bee'nme said...

Hiya Lisa!

As usual, your goodies are wondeful - great finds! I love the basket vignette - too cute!! (like a magazine!) LOVE the jewels too!! Can't wait to see what cuteness you come up with for the cigar boxes (I like the multi-media approach idea...lace, ric-rac, etc...that would be fun!)

I love coming here Lisa - I'm always inspired and delighted!

Becky S.

The Tattered Rose said...

What a little package of vintage happiness from ebay. I think the jeweled things on metal pins are hat pins. They make little vintage china containers to display them in. I had a friend who collected great numbers of these for display. Maybe this is the start of your collection.
Loved seeing your pretties.
Cheers, Trish G.

Elzie said...

Here we have another grey and rainy day. But we did get sun this weekend and it was great.
Those cigarett boxes are so nice. Wish I could find such stuff too LOL.
Hope you have a good day.
Love Elzie

Pinkie Denise said...

Wow, love all your wonderful finds, so much fun, thanks for sharing Pinkie Denise

Just Between Us Girls said...

I love the sweet boxes you found and all the millinery flowers you placed in the jar with the roses.
I love the photo of you and your husband on your wedding day.

the said...

I always love looking at your new finds! Im going this weekend and hopefully get some new treasures!!

Have a good day,

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

It is freezing cold... but the sun has been shining and so I am not complaining! lol

I love your displays... lots of goodies! I wonder if the pointy sticks are hat pins?

xoxo Heather

Esther Sunday said...

I like the boxes as they are! Love the clock and the bling? Well, I'm a woman - enough said. Love, Esther

Adrienne said...

Ah, I found you again! I got a new computer and didn't get all my favorites moved over to the new one. You disappeared - temporarily - but you're back again in my favorite blogs to visit.

Is the Salvation Army boutique on Highway 99W in Tigard? I drove by there yesterday on my way somewhere else. I was in a time crunch but I'm going back there. If that's not the one, where is the one where you found the darling clock? I'd love to visit it, too.

I'll be back again soon and check out what you've been doing since I 'lost' you.
(in Canby)

Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques said...

Oh the soldered pins are cool! I think they would look great on display in a vintage bud vase...or on a mirrored vanity tray too!

Great finds!