Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dreaming of Paris-Part Four

Day Four in Paris

Woke to grey skies and tired legs. So much walking. Today is the day we met up with Isabel and her family at the Eiffel Tower. They were running a little behind but so fun to see them. Isabel and I in pink, as planned, do a goofy running toward each other thing. We must look crazy. We head up to the top. Kind of scary. Views not great due to clouds, but still a wonderful experience.

Me and Isabel at the top of the Eiffel Tower

In line for Notre Dame

After that we decide to take the Batobus down the Seine to Notre Dame. Long line, but it goes fast. Inside it is beautiful and huge.

View of Notre Dame from the Batobus

Mass is going on but there is an incredible number of people doing "the loop." You can pay for confessions with a priest or buy a candle for 5 Euros.
Next, Isabel remembered a fabric/quilt shop nearby so we go check that out and then find a cool creperie and had the most delicious crepes. Lemon and sugar for me.
After that we got back on the Batobus and rode to where we could get off and walk to the Place de Concord. where we met up with Isabel's nephew who is attending school in Paris. They decide to go on to Montmartre and since we were there the previous day, we parted ways. Isabel will meet me on Friday to go shopping.

I then proceed to the Tuileries Gardens on the grounds of the Louvre. Very pretty fountains, statues and great views of the exterior of the Louvre.
View of entrance to the Louvre.

This one reminded me of me with my two kids hanging all over me.

Got back on the boat and got off at the Eiffel Tower and walked back to the hotel. Rested awhile and then decided to go to dinner and the movie, "Paris, Je T'aime." We had a lovely dinner at the Champ de Mars Cafe. Steak and frites for me, egg and hamburger (no bun) for Keith. I had yummy chocolate mousse for dessert. We walked down Rue Bosquet over the Pont d'lama (bridge) up George V to the Champs Elysees where we saw the movie. The movie was mostly in French with no subtitles, so a little confusing, but interesting.

When we got out of the movie, it was midnight and the streets were packed with Parisians/ tourists all cheering the France win over Spain in the World Cup. It was crazy! Made our way back to the hotel (on foot) and crashed once again.

*Coming up on Dreaming of Paris-Part Five-Versaille.

If you are new to my blog, I have been posting journal entries I wrote on a trip to Paris with my Dad, Keith, three years ago. You can read the other entries, here, here and here. Looking back, I wish I would have described our experience in greater detail, but with all the things we did and all the walking, I was lucky enough to write this much before I fell asleep each night exhausted.

Next up-Crafty Day!


Ormolulu said...

Lisa, thanks for that vicarious romp through your vacation . . . what a joy! I felt a tinge of vertigo looking at those pics of top-down Eiffel Tower, tho.

Keep it coming . . .


P.S. I can't believe how LONG your hair is since I last saw you (cute no matter what)!

Maison Douce said...

Lisa, I can't believe how long your hair WAS compared to now... Hehe! Great memories....

Laurie said...

Okay so I almost teared up seeing your pictures of the Eiffel Tower. What it must have been like to actually be there!!!

Keep on sharing your fab vacation with us!


Grace said...

Oh today since I am sick I stayed in (like I had a choice) and watched Something's Got to Give...after I saw it at the end they eat at Grand Colbert in Paris so of course I had to go and today I actually teared up thinking how much fun I had. Thank you for posting it is so much fun to see other pictures! Grace

Crystal said...

Lisa, What a great view from the top of Eiffel Tower. I have been there 2 times. I wish I would have went up to the top, but the line was sooooo long both times. I had many more things to do, in little time. It is always nice to remember those days in a far off place, especially Paris:)

Have a great day!

Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques said...

Soooooo fun to see these pics. Brings back memories of my honeymoon! Paris is soooo neat.

Anita said...

If you want to go back, I am taking a Flea Market Shopping Group in April :) Tell your friends... said...

divine, divine and divine! Rachaelxo

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Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Beautiful photos!!! How blessed to not only get to go there, but to share time with your best friend.

LOVING your flea market finds and your space at the shop!

hugs and catching up on you,

One Gal's Trash said...

J'aime cette poste! Merci pour tous les photos de Paris! J'aime aussi les crepes avec citron et sucre.

molly said...

Loved the photos from Paris. I love the Place de la Concorde the center of it all in Paris.