Thursday, May 5, 2011

Flea Market Finds and Market Cart Liner Factory Part 1

Thought I would pop in to say hi and to show you some of my finds from last weekends flea market visit. Isabel and I went to our favorite monthly market, and as usual, neither of us came home empty handed.  Here is just some of the things I brought home.


Several vintage flower pots.


More vintage glass lamps, a couple cute vintage bottles with black lids and two vintage Harry and David “pearserves” jars.


The black thing in the back is a velvet lined ring box, two vintage necklaces, misc. rhinestone bling, a silver tray with great roses detailing (didn’t capture that too well), a glass tray and a hand painted flowers mirror.


Vintage buttons and two pretty hankies.


Cute vintage gingham top.


Adorable vintage dress.


Vintage and antique lace and trim.

I also got a really cool old typewriter, a little metal chair and an antique child’s chair.

The second part of this post involves a project I’m working on for Farm Chicks.  If you have been to Farm Chicks, have seen pictures of my booth, or have been reading my blog for awhile, you may already know that I sell vintage market carts with custom made liners. Well, this year is no exception. I have a huge pile of carts all ready to receive their pretty liners. I have been collecting/hoarding them for the past year and now it’s time to work my magic.  ha ha Today I spent several hours coordinating and preparing the fabrics to make the liners.  Here’s the stack of lovely fabrics I have put together.


It’s kind of hard to get a good idea on how the fabrics look, but I’ll share some pictures of the carts when they are completed so you can get a better idea. Or, you can click on this link to see some I’ve made before. If you are coming to Farm Chicks and would like a cart with a liner to tote your goodies around, make sure to come see me. 

I’m off now to start cutting out the liners.  I hope you all have a lovely weekend!


Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Love all your finds! I have seen pics of your cart liners before and they are really wonderful! Looking forward to seeing this next batch!
Thanks for sharing photos of all your treasures! :)

kluless said...

Love your finds, especially the lace and button. What is the "month flea market" you attended? I live in Portland and don't know about this month flea - I'm missing out!
LOL - the verification word is rainiz. That's what we've got here, the rainies!

Diane Mars said...

Wow you guys scored! I love McCoy!

Into Vintage said...

Jealously admiring that blue ticking fabric in your stack... :-)

My Shabby Passion said...

Nice loot Lisa! Loving all the flowers pots!

A Cottage Muse said... all your new treasures! My favorite is the lamps!

The Attic Girls said...

You always find treasure! Too bad you are so far away...I might be your best customer..or competitor? lol

Florence said...

Love all your finds. Wow! Hugs Florence

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lizaanne said...

I own the very same little glass tray! It sits on top of my microwave and holds a cut glass sugar packet holder, a small basket with tea, and a tiny sugar/creamer set in white hobnail. What a useful piece, I'm sure it will stick around for long! Great finds!!!

Chasing Whimsy said...

Hi Lisa
Love your finds. Can I ask what flea market you go to? I'm i Washington and would like to plan a fun day trip.

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