Wednesday, May 11, 2011

White Wednesday

Here are just a few White Wednesday finds and project pictures from Chez Lisa.


Lovely antique French nightgown found at Stars.  A keeper!


Pretty beaded cashmere sweater.  A recent thrift store find.


Cute and shabby little white cabinet.


Mirror found recently on Craigslist. Love it! Lamp on top was the one with no electrical that I found at the bins. Had my husband rewire it and I made the lacey shade to go with it.  Here’s a close up.


Here is the other lamp I worked on this week.


This was an easy fix.  The lamp was in perfect shape. I found the shade at the Goodwill and just added the ruffled ribbon trim.  Simply sweet!

Head on over to Kathleen’s blog to check out all the other White Wednesday participants.  To celebrate her 100th White Wednesday post, Kathleen is having a great giveaway.


The sun came out yesterday afternoon and I was able to finish some painting projects which felt really good. Today is a sewing and sanding day for me. I’ll be back soon with some finished projects.


Faded Charm said...

Thanks for the shoutout Lisa. I'm lovin that mirror:-) I was just looking into lodging for Farm Chicks. My daughter and I might make a trip over. Where do you guys usually stay?

Hope to run into you soon at the Mall.


kluless said...

That lamp shade is SWEET - what a great idea!

A Cottage Muse said...

The sweather is so beautiful!

Vintage Station said...

Love the sweet and fits the crystal lamp perfectly!

Jessycalouise said...

The Lamps look lovely <3 I'm following.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

hi lisa! just catching up on some blogging and your posts. first of all...if you get rid of that little cabinet, let me know. i have admired it for many years now and should you tire of will have a good home. i so wish i could go to farm chicks to shop your space. love the soldered charm necklaces so much!! i met a gal the other day who sold there before and she knows who you are. she lives in spokane and i think her name was julie. all of your fun finds.


Jas said...

I like your blog!