Friday, April 30, 2010

Some Stuff

My girl came back from Outdoor School with lots of stories.  She had a great time, but said keeping track of 15 5th and 6th grade girls was a lot of work and kind of stressful.  She successfully taught several field study courses on water and other outdoorsy things and she even made some new friends.  I, of course, am glad to have her home again.

Last Friday I was invited to Isabel’s house for a little crafty day.  We were joined by Leah, Lara, Robin, Joy and Julie.  We had a great time visiting, eating and making cute little coffee filter and fabric flowers. Lara has  a great post about it here and Robin has some gorgeous pictures from that day here.


Joy came prepared with lots of crafty goodies.


Julie and Joy doing what she does best, laughing her a** off.


Robin doing what she does best, taking beautiful pictures.


Leah and Robin hard at work.

I don’t know what happened, but I didn’t get any pictures of our lovely hostess, Isabel or the gorgeous Lara. You can see them both on the links I gave above. Here are the flowers I made.



Isabel and I went to Cindy’s sale last Saturday and had so much fun.  As always, Cindy managed to create a completely new look.  Her theme of Spring in Paris was fabulous.  I didn’t take any pictures, completely forgot, but Isabel did and you can see them here. It was fun running into Florence who was adorable in pink.  And we even met a new friend, Marie from Salem who was so sweet and told us she has our blogs on her home page.  She even gave me a little bit of a hard time for not posting more often.  Hi Marie! Look, I’m posting twice this week.  Better? ha ha

After Cindy’s we headed on over to Monticello to drop off some things and clean up our booths.  I was super excited to see lots of stuff sold.  In fact, I’m having one of the best months I’ve had in a really long time. Wee Hoo! I’ll be moving my booth today and have lots of new items to bring in.  Can’t wait! I promise to take pictures of my new space once it’s completed.

I thought I’d show you just a few things I have found in my thrifting outings recently.  I haven’t done a lot and some things have already made it to the mall spaces.DSCF0849DSCF0850DSCF0851


I haven’t found any neat vintage flowers in a long time, so I was completely tickled to find these lovelies and for a really great price too. I know several bloggers out there that would love to get their hands on these.  You know if I’m talking about you.

On another unrelated note, I wanted to mention that many times I will get asked questions in my comments which go to my email account. Unfortunately, sometimes I can’t respond to the questions via email as the commenter doesn’t have their email address on their blog profile.  If you have a blogger account, it’s really easy to add your email address. Just click on customize, then dashboard, then edit profile and enter your email address where it says to, then save profile.  Easy! Not sure how it is done with Typepad or other blog formats.

Busy, busy weekend!  Moving booths today, vintage/resale shopping with my girl tomorrow and flea market with Isabel on Sunday!  All fun stuff.  Lucky me!  I hope you too will have a fun weekend.


Jeannie B. said...

I love the white rose. I think I see coffee filters in the back ground but not sure. Would love to know how to make it.

Grace said...

How stinkin FUN!! love all the flowers. Grace

Diane and Kelly said...

Girls just wanna have fun.

Second Hand Chicks

AuroraSuzette said...

You are talking about me indeed! I haven't found any vintage flowers in awhile..great pile of them you got. Hint hint... Looks like a lot of fun at the crafting event. I'm not that far away you know. Again. Hint hint...xx

My Vintage Treasures said...

You are having tooooo much FUN!!!

mimi charmante said...

oh, to live closer to you guys... you are lucky lucky girls!

Kindred Roses said...

Hi sweats,
You must show me how to make those fabric flowers. I want one!!!
Missing ya

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Looks like a fun, creative girl day!s

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Okay girl...
You are SO busted!!!
What's my NUMBER ONE RULE when I go out of town?
YOU CANNOT HAVE ANY FUN WITHOUT ME...and what do you go and do?
You get together with some fab girls and play and create! ;)
Seriously though...It looks like ya'll had LOTS of fun. I must say I'm jealous!
And if I were closer...I'd find some way to swipe those flowers from you!!!!

marie said...

Hey there it's me Marie! You girls are having way to much fun! I love the white flowers! they look like peonies! And yes I was tickled pink for your posting this week!!!! I know I'm selfish. :):)

The Feathered Nest said...

What a wonderful post girl!!! I so love seeing Joy laugh her head off!!!!! I want to be there with you girls!!!! And all of the finds...just amazing ~ hugs and love to you, Dawn

Sandy said...

It is such a gloomy, dreary day here. I decided to take a little "vacation" and search the web. Your wonderful blog helped chase away the blahs. Wish I could have joined the party.

Alison Gibbs said...

Oh what a fun day - lucky girls to have such fun

Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

cute post!! love all the creations you made! Craft time is always fun..especially with friends :-) hope you have a great day!! hugs!! Britt :-)

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