Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It Never Hurts to Ask

Went out for a little thrifting this morning when I really should have been home getting ready for the Bazaar I'm doing this Saturday. I spent quite a lot of yesterday scrubbing the white and pink cabinet that has been sitting on my front porch since this summer. I did this so I can take it to Monticello tomorrow. It was really dirty, but now, it looks so much better. It 's really a fabulous piece and I can't believe I am not going to keep it, but oh well. Maybe if it doesn't sell, I'll find a place for it.

Anyway, back to the morning thrifting. At GW I didn't find anything for re-sell, but I did find some cute clothes for moi. Two cute tops and three dresses. I don't really talk to much about all the clothing I buy at thrift stores on my blog. I guess I just think it's kind of boring and that people would rather see the cool furniture and other junk I find. Anyway, I think I was meant to have these dresses and even though I probably won't wear them until next spring/summer, I was still happy to find them.

Simple pink linen dressWhite Cotton Eyelet DressWhite cotton dress with chocolate brown flowers and satin ribbonThese dresses look so much better in person and on than hanging on a hanger. Plus, they all need a washing and a press too.

My next stop was Value Village where all I found were a pair of jeans for my son. After that I headed over to the Union Gospel Mission thrift store. As I was walking in from the parking lot, I spied what looked like a crusty table with wheels and a drawer sitting on the loading dock. Once inside I saw a pair of cute old white painted windows that were hinged. I asked the sales person what the price was and let's just say, pretty cheap. I also asked about the table I saw on the loading dock and he said he would check it out for me. A few minutes later he wheeled it in. A very cool old metal cart with drawer and wood wheels. I nicely pointed out that it would need a paint job and he quoted me a price half of what he told me for the windows. "Sold!", I said. Here they are together posing on my front porch.
My final thrifting stop was at the Salvation Army. You probably remember me talking about this particular store before. In case you don't remember, this one is called their "Boutique" store. This means they primarily carry antiques, vintage items, home decor and name brand clothing. The prices are a bit higher with nothing priced under $4.99. I had seen this little mini dress form the last time I was there and thought it was too cute. The price wasn't though. They had it marked $18.99. Well it was still there today and since SA puts the date the item gets priced on the tag, I noticed it said October 15th. Now, I know that was only a little over two weeks ago, but I decided to ask if they could do anything about the price. She said that she would take $5.00 off. Score! Still higher than I would pay for something that I planned to re-sell, but I will be keeping this cutie for myself. I then spotted a multi strand faux pearl necklace with an awesome rhinestone clasp thingy. The date on that was July 11, so I again asked if I could get a better price and the nice lady ended up taking $4.00 off so I was very happy. Here are my two finds at SA posing together.

So, as my post title today says, it never hurts to ask. Of course, I don't always ask for a lower price and when I do, I'm super nice about it so I don't offend anyone.

Now you know one of my thifting secrets. I have more, but I can't tell you all of them, now can I? ha ha

Finally I want to share with you what came in the mail the other day. My giftie giveaway from Kim at Camp Whimsy. Don't you love all of these goodies? This was one giveaway that I really wanted to win. I can't believe I haven't opened that jam or made the pumpkin whoopy pies yet. Now that I have posted this picture though, look out!

I promise to be back on Thursday, okay, maybe Friday to show you a little of what I will have for sale at the Bazaar. TTFN!


Anonymous said...

Hi! Glad to see you got your goodies! The mixed berry preserves are my favorite, I made mini whoopie pies with the mix and they were great too. I have a metal cart exactly like the white one you found. I have it outside and use it as a potting table. Love seeing all of your vintage finds!

Sally Townsend said...

Right with you on thrifting, love it, although last time came back empty handed and was alarmed by the lack of stuff in the shops, signs of the crunch ? adore the necklace.

Anonymous said...

Lisa, you did GREAT! Love those hinged windows - would have snapped them up too and the cart and small dress form are wonderful! Happy Hunting!


Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Ohhh I love your little mini dress form ~ that was a score and a half !
I wish we had a boutique Salvation Army ~ that sounds like fun !

Anonymous said...

I love thrifting! great finds!

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