Friday, November 7, 2008

Bazaar Preview

I've been busy all week getting ready for the All Saints Bazaar which I'll be going to tomorrow with Isabel. Check out her blog to see what she's been busy making. Of course, I wish I had gotten motivated a long time ago as there were many things I wanted to do that I just didn't get to. I won't say if I had more time, I probably would have gotten more done, because most likely that wouldn't have been the case. I'm a last minute kind of gal and work well under pressure.

Since I only have an 8 foot table, I wasn't sure how much I should bring. I'm terrible at space planning, but I usually make it all work. That said, here are few items that I have been working on that will be coming with me.
Cute little travel size Kleenex cases.Chenille fabric bundles and vintage linen grab bags.Mini wallpaper packages.Collage PacksRolls of Vintage Wallpaper (need to make some more)
I am also going to bring a couple of my shopping carts with liners. Like this one which you haven't seen yet.

I also did a little decoupage on this cute red tool box. It will be cute for display, but will also be for sale.

I don't have a lot of Christmasy stuff. Just a few odds and ends like these Christmas Postcards.

I will be bringing a few of my barkcloth denim jackets as well and lots of miscellaneous vintage items. Not sure what people will be looking for so better to have a variety.

If you are going to be in the Portland area tomorrow, please stop by the All Saints Holiday Bazaar. I would love to meet you!

All Saints Church

3847 NE Glisan Street

Portland, OR 97232


Timi said...

I sooooooooooooo which I lived closer! I'm crying right now I want to go to your sale.
We have the same old boring bazaar stuff here. I would love to see something fresh and new.
Have a great sale

v said...

I like what u did 2 the shopping cart. Nice...

Miss Gracie's House said...

I can't tell you how badly I wanted to come over this looks like there are sales everywhere!! Very cute collage packets-that is a great idea-
So did you get to Diane's?

Cottage Rose said...

OH Man I too wish I lived close by, it sounds like a great place to be. Hope you can take a few photos to share. Good luck tomorrow and hope you sell out....


ps love all that you are taking

Anonymous said...

Sure wish I could be there. Maybe I need to move.

Connie said...

Lisa, all those items are adorable! You're very creative I can tell, chickee! I drooled over those little kleenex holders. Plus your shopping cart liners are fantastic. I cannot imagine you not selling out of everything, sweetpea!!