Monday, November 10, 2008

All Saints Bazaar

I had so much fun on Saturday doing the All-Saints Bazaar in Portland. I couldn't have asked for better neighbors there too. Isabel was on my left, Amy on my right and right in front of me was the adorable Laurie.

It was busy with lots of people the moment they opened the doors. Since this is the first bazaar I have done in a very long time, I had no idea how I would do, but I have to say, I set a conservative goal and exceeded it slightly. Of course, I would have liked to have sold a lot more, but that's okay. Just being there was lots of fun, visiting and chatting with my neighbors, doing a little shopping too.

My pictures turned out a little fuzzy, but here they are anyway.

Here's Laurie in her booth.

Another shot of some of her adorable creations.

Amy in her booth.

Amy, who doesn't have a blog (yet), makes the most wonderful banners, pillows, ornaments, etc. out of beautiful vintage fabrics. You can find her wares on her ebay store Vintage-Home or on Etsy.

Here's a shot of Isabel's booth. She had some adorable banners and stockings made out of vintage wool blankets as well as some very sweet hanger covers for sale.

And finally, my messy space. I obviously brought too much as everything was literally crammed on my table, and under my table. Unfortunately I didn't sell one tissue holder after I made them specifically for the show. Oh well, I guess I will just take them over to Monticello and see if I have any luck with them there. I will be taking the rest of my Christmas stuff over later this week.

In addition to my fun neighbors, I got to meet one of my favorite blogging pals, Pam of One Gal's Trash. She was so sweet and I'm so glad she stopped by to say hi. I was also surprised to see my old pal Lindy who I have known since my daughter was newborn. We were in a New Mom's class put on by the hospital. I hardly ever see her, but she says she reads my blog all the time to keep up with what I'm doing. She was in Portland last weekend celebrating her birthday with her sister and a friend.
I saved the best for last. What I got at the bazaar. Feast your eyes on all these goodies, would you.
I got all this stuff at the treasure table and from one other dealer there. Not the greatest picture, but you can click on it to get better detail.

Rose banner, ticking push pins, lavender stockings, mini Christmas banner and adorable tags all came from Amy. The danger of sitting next to her is that I wanted everything she had. The beaded candy canes came from Laurie and the snowman came from Jennifer who also doesn't have a blog, but was just as sweet as she could be. Her business name is Trotter Ridge and she sells antiques and folk art.

Here are some miscellaneous jewelry items I found at the Treasure Table as well.

And finally, a rose painting I found in the Children's room when they finally allowed adults to shop in there. I cropped out the ugly frame it came in. Pretty colors, no?

Well, that's it for my day at the Bazaar. I was so tired when I finally got home.
On Sunday we had some family fun time by going out to lunch at Sonic (yummy!) and going bowling. After that, the kids wanted to be dropped off at the mall together. Definitely a first, so we dropped them off and headed over to Barnes and Noble to do a little book/magazine browsing. I was so excited to see the Artful Blogging issue my Manni was pictured in. I wanted to tell someone there about it, but I restrained myself. I did get the premier issue of "Where Women Create." I flipped through it, but will have to make time to read it thoroughly. Hope you all have a great week!


Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa, Thanks for the mention. I had so much fun chit chatting with our little corner of totally made the day more fun. The treasures you got were great! Hope to see you again soon. We need to set a date after the holidays!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lisa! Great to hang out with you vintage people all day. Maybe we need to schedule an "office Christmas party" for us vintage crafty types. -amy

One Gal's Trash said...

Hi Lisa,
It was great to meet you out in the real world! Your space looked so sweet, I wish I would have thought to take a picture of all your Frenchy porcelain couples. I loved how they looked all gathered together! Thank you so much for the mention in your post, lots of people have been linking over. I can't wait to see your space at Monticello. Bye for now!
Pam ~ One Gal's Trash

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

How fun!! I have bought from Amy for several years and her handmade things are fabulous! I can totally understand wanting to buy up everything. How cool to have shared a day with her, too.

Cute treasures my friend!!


Bazar da Fifi said...

Lindíssimo seu blog. Parabéns

joyh82 said...

It doesn't hurt to ask for things. You scored a lot of good stuff at Goodwill! They just opened a big store by us. Maybe I will check it out tomorrow.