Sunday, October 14, 2007

A Smile Award and What's Inside Thoses Boxes?

My very first blogging award! I'm so excited! It's so nice to know that I am making people in blogland smile. Thanks so much Michelle! Now I have to give this award to 10 people whose blogs make me smile. And they are:

Priscilla the Flea Market Queen

Colleen at Fresh Vintage

Cindy the Queen of Tarte

Claudia at Paris Apartment

Okay, I can count and I know that is eleven. I could have done more as there are so many wonderful blogs that make me smile on a regular basis. If you get the chance and you haven't already, please visit these lovely ladies and you will see what I mean.

Now, for those of you that have been given this award, you need to pick 10 blogs that make you smile. I know not everyone will and that's okay, no pressure! Ha ha And since I never like to post a blog without pictures and because some of you asked, here are some pictures of what's inside some of the boxes in my sewing room which I featured in my last (and the longest in the history of blogs) post.

Vintage rick rack and seam binding

Barkcloth and vintage roses fabric scraps. Time to make another quilt I guess.

Here is a better picture of my very favorite box.

Inside is my collection of vintage glass buttons.

More fabric scraps.

Some of my Victorian valentines.

Vintage hanky collection.

Do you think I have enough old calling cards?

And finally, box of vintage ephemera for collage projects.

My dilemma, and maybe some of you will share this, is I have a hard time using my "best stuff" in projects. I worry that I will never have or be able to find that item again. Joy has been telling me lately to just go ahead and use my stuff, more will come my way. I really need to start doing that.


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Good morning there sweetness and light!!!! Thank you Lisa for the sweet, sweet, sweet award!!! ((HUGS)) to you!!!!! Your blog ALWAYS makes me smile!! I love all of your goodies and collections - just mind boggling! You know, you can make copies of your epherma to make into projects. Your collection of calling cards is amazing. You really should be in a magazine! Anybody out there who does publications? Lisa would be a fantastic read! Blessings to you and have a great day!! xo, Becky

Sarah said...

What a gorgeous blog, and what a gorgeous box - I really like it. I must confess to a passion for roses too - in Dublin I tried my best to always have fresh roses in my apartment. We're moving to Paris in a couple of weeks - the home of the most perfect rose thing in the world - the rose Laduree macaroon.... *swoons*

Sarah in Marrakech

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

OH how sweet you are Lisa!! Thank you so very much!! :))))))))))))))

I adore your favorite box.... it is so pretty. LOVE your other treasures today too!

xoxo Heather

Flea Market Queen said...

Lisa...what a sweet surprise!
Thank you so much, you are a doll!
I love your boxes and whats inside them even better. Holy Cow...
I could shop in your home.
I agree with need to be published!
Have a wonderful day...

Lallee said...

Lisa, aren't you sweet! Thank you very much for the smile award. I will respond to it soon. I come to your blog for a rose fix. They make ME smile, and I read your blog word for word when I visit because I enjoy what you have to say just as much.

Your glass buttons show off so beautifully against the blue box. Yes, I have trouble using or selling the 'good' things. I'm trying to hold things more loosely ;-)


Back Through Time said...

I think we must be kindred spirits, I have a lot of the same type of stuff and I too have a very hard time using some of my favorite best stuff!! Thanks for the peek!

Counting Your Blessings said...

You are such a darling! Thank you so much. Now... about those calling cards. I've never seen any before. I'll have to do some ebay looking, oh darn! I agree with Joy, use them and there will certainly be more. I'm finding that to be true with my fabric, etc. God will put another piece that you adore right in front of you. I'm trying to think of it as allowing someone else the opportunity to love it as much as I do. =) Blessed Mondays... Polly

Wanda said...

Hey, you've got some great stuff there! And so many calling cards. They're a passion of mine. I have a collection of two. That's 2. One, two. LOL I'd love to have as many as you. Just love 'em!

I don't like to use my best, or even less than best stuff for projects, either. My solution is to scan and print a copy. Of course, that only works on paper items. My other solution is.... well, there is no other solution except just not use them. So I hide everything away where nobody ever sees them. Hardly a good choice.

She'sSewPretty said...

Oh my goodness! I love all of your "stuff".

leesiebella said...

Hi There! I just found your blog thru Betty at She's Sew Pretty! I *LOVE* all of the great goodies you are sharing... I think I'll add you to my "Blogs to Love" list!

Great to meet you,


Natasha Burns said...

wow what absolutely amazing collections you have!!!! i love those cards and the seam binding and the way you have stored them is wonderful. the box that is your fave is gorgeous!!! thanks for stopping by my blog and now I know where you are!!

Firefly Hill said...

I found you through Claudia at the Paris Apartment. I love your things-beautiful.


Anonymous said...

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