Monday, October 8, 2007

Flea Shopper and Computer Expert (well, almost)

Wow, the weekend really flew by. Didn't get much housecleaning done on Saturday, but I did get a start on cleaning up the sewing room. I am determined to get that room done this week so I can take some pictures to share with y'all. It has been sadly neglected all summer so it is a big job and I never seem to have large blocks of time to do it. Sunday was so much fun though. Met Joy and Cindy at the Polk County Flea Market for some great shopping. After that we headed over to the Salem Collectors Market which was only about 10 minutes away. Here are some pictures of my haul.

As you can see, I did pretty good. I found a little wood vanity bench, vintage tiara, old picture frame, bag of buttons, metal basket, two small vintage prints, old books, two old baby pics, little gold sewing kit/case, floral fabric, two boxes of vintage greeting cards, vintage silver watch and cottage covered scrap book all at the Flea Market. In Salem I found the yellow roses print, needlepoint cover, porcelain girl, tiny perfume bottle, tiny wood easel, large glass jar with handpainted roses, scallopy green wood tray, another silver watch and amber glass knob (not pictured).

After we got done shopping Joy and I met Isabel and Jean at the Greenbaum's Quilt Shop to do a Cottage Quilt Tour/Quilt Show. It was fun seeing all the quilts and homes of quilters. Here are Joy and Isabel outside of the Old Mill Museum where the quilt show was held.

Some pretty pink quilts.

On my way home I stopped at an antique shop that I had previously spotted a cute rustic display cabinet. It needed a little work, but I thought it wouldn't take too much to fix it up, mostly just trip to the glass shop. I really needed something like this to display my small items at Monticello. So, I was able to talk the shop owner down a little in price and I also got this.

My favorite find of the day. The mirror that is. Sorry about the super blurry pictures today. Isn't it so cute? It was pretty grimy when I saw it in the store, but nothing a little magic eraser couldn't handle. I just love it with my vintage beaded necklaces hanging on it along with my newest collection, vintage watches.

The kiddies only have two days of school this week due to conferences and a non-contract day for the teachers. I guess I should plan some fun activities so they are not just sitting around watching tv and playing video games all day. Being home will be good for me though as I will be able to tackle some more chores and I won't be out shopping. Yikes, I have been going a little overboard lately, haven't I? Like I said, it's an addiction.

I want to send a little thank you to Priscilla over at Sweet Rememberance for helping me with my sidebar flickr thingy! Thanks so much! My husband also helped me resize the picture for my banner. Hope you like the changes!


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

I am really needing to make a trip up to you!!! Are you selling the picture with the cottage and yellow roses? If so, I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today! ha! I love it and the other little cottage picture. Lisa, your collections are just wonderful and some of the best I have seen. I have a do you do the banner at top? It turned out cute. Email me with the details..if you would be so kind! Amy said that she had met you, too, when I did the posting about you. Isn't it a small world? I have never met her in person though, but bet she would be lots of fun! xo, Becky

Sandi McBride said...

Where do you find these wonders? I find I may need to join Becky, take a!

Sweet Remembrance said...

Lisa...You got some wonderful goods again! I am so jealous...
So glad you got your flickr working & I love the banner!

Lallee said...

I love the pink mirror. Wonderful, wonderful finds. It makes thrifting in my area look pitiful! Sniff.