Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Good Friends

My friend Andrea is just the sweetest person ever. We actually met last year when she responded to a craigslist ad I placed for a desk I wanted to sell. She ended up not buying the desk, but we talked for a really long time and she invited me over to take a look at some stuff she was getting rid of. Needless to say, I left her house with a car full of cool stuff. Ever since then she has been great about asking me if I want something before she gives it to goodwill. She, unlike me, is very tidy. She doesn't like a lot of stuff in her house and is very organized. I, on the other hand, think that more is more or more is better. My house is in a constant state of chaos due to things I bring in, but either haven't decided where it will go or is needing some tlc or needs to be tagged and taken to a show or the antique mall. Fortunately I have a very understanding husband. I know it bugs him and I try to keep it under control somewhat, but I don't seem to be very successful at it.

The other day I went to pick up my son, at Andrea's house and I noticed she had a bunch of stuff on a table in her garage left over from her garage sale. I think I was out of town when she had it. Anyway, I asked if she was just getting rid of the stuff or could I go through it. She said she didn't think there was anything I would want.

Here is a picture of what I nabbed.

The blue folding tray is a reproduction. I will probably distress it a little. The vase with the red roses isn't really something I would buy, but it is the real McCoy. Really, a McCoy. So, maybe someone will want it. I thought the needlepoint pc. was pretty and the old green canning jar is pretty cool. The music thing is a mystery. Andrea said you use it to hold music, but I'm not sure. You could put magazines in it or something. I will most likely try to sell all of these item. Can you believe she was just going to give them to the goodwill?

Yesterday was a lazy day. I finally got the book Veronica and Astrid from the library (a recommendation from Alicia at Rosy Little Things) and read the whole thing straight through. It was a very sweet novel and I too recommend it.

My daughter has been going to soccer camp this week in the mornings so we have been staying close to home. The kids (and I) really need to get out and enjoy this beautiful weather we are having so this afternoon we are going on a hike up in Washington Park. We've done this hike before. It is really pretty and winds through the woods and we end up at the Rose Garden where we all get ice cream from a truck before we head back. I will try to take some pictures and post them tomorrow.

Here are a couple things I bought the other day while in Aurora:
These are the before pictures. I will give both items a make-over. The stool will get paint, and a new floral fabric cover for the seat. The cool vintage shopping cart will get a liner. I think I will use a floral patchwork quilt I just bought at TJ Maxx. It was on clearance for only $22 and will be great for lots of projects as it is a queen size. Well, I better get busy with some housework before the day has passed me by. Oh, going over to Joy's house tomorrow to check out her auction finds and look at the new cute aprons she is making. Check out her blog (listed under my favorites). She is a newbie just like me and we are both learning about this blog business.

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Lori said...

Just a quick note to say, I Love your style! and your shop, I simply must add you to my list to visit!!! Come have a visit with me!! Lori