Sunday, August 19, 2007

Crazy Sewing Lady

Had a great day yesterday just sewing my heart out. I should have been cleaning house, but hubby was away doing guy stuff so I thought I would just do something creative. After being at Joy's the other day and seeing all of the cute aprons she is making I thought I would give one a try. Here is the result of my first effort.

The pattern is call French Flea Market Apron. Isn't it cute. I loved that I was able to use some of my stash and I didn't have to go out and buy anything to make it. I love projects like that, don't you? This one is very girly I think. I even added the chenille rick rack that I have had forever. My daughter reluctantly modeled it for me. I love that the tie wraps all the way around and knots in the front.

After that I sewed a little quilted case for my new camera. I didn't get a picture of that yet. It's nothing special, just something to protect my camera if I want to throw it in my purse. Now that I have my blog, I have to remember to take pictures of stuff. The last thing I made was a liner for the shopping cart I pictured the other day. I did make it out of the quilt I bought at TJ Maxx and it turned out great. I will post pictures tomorrow. I did a ragging technique and let me tell you, my hand sure is tired from all of that cutting.

I would love to do more sewing today as it is just the perfect weather for it, (raining and clowdy)but I need to get over to Monticello with some stuff. Might do a little thrifting along the way too. Enjoy your Sunday!


mamawillow4 said...

Very cute, Lisa...!! Can't wait to see a picture of the shopping cart!

Becky said...

What a sweet apron and I love the choices of your fabrics. Such talent that you are blessed with!! xo, Becky

Flea Market Queen said...

OK crazy sewing lady, I wish you lived near me so you could teach me...or better yet so you could sew for me!
Love your blog...