Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year-Favorite Projects of 2009!

Last year I did a top 10 favorite projects post. Actually, I did it in January, (which you can see here), but since this is the last day of the year, I thought I would just go for it. After looking at my posts from the year, I realized that I was pretty lazy about taking pictures of many of my completed projects.

So, here we go! In no particular order, here are some of my favorite projects of 2009!

Lined shopping cart trio.

Vintage wallpaper clipboards

Vintage wallpaper jewelry boxes

Another shopping cart trio

Barkcloth and vintage floral pillows

Display cabinet with vintage wallpaper

Shabby sewing drawers

Shabby buffet

Fancy blingy belt buckles

Cute vintage minty dresser

Soldered Collagey Christmas Ornament

Ruffley pantaloons

Reflector ornaments

Soldered charms

Cute apron

I forgot to include the project craigslist furniture I got this year and transformed, but you can check it out if you want to, on this post.

Wow, what a slacker I've been. ha ha Seriously, I do feel that way a lot. I always seem to have so many ideas for projects I want to do, but like some, I struggle with what to do first and waste a lot of time doing nothing. I don't like to make New Year's Resolutions as I always break them, but if I were to make one for 2010 it would be to spend more time being creative. That sounds like a fun resolution, don't you think?

As this is my last post for 2009, I want to wish you all a wonderful New Year. Here's hoping 2010 will be a great one!


Sheila said...

I admired them all from afar... I would love to make it up to your neck of the woods someday :) Happiest New year to you and your family.


Connie said...

I LOOOOVE your sweet blog, sweetpea! Just delicious to even look at.

lisa said...

I absolutely love the sideboard!


Happy New Year!


Janet Happy Girl said...

BEAUTIFUL work and thank you for showing them to us.

Inspired-Simplicity said...

I want one of each. You should be so proud of yourself. I can't wait to see your projects for this yr. You inspire me.
Happy New Year,

GerryART said...

. . . . . be creative.
I'll drink to that.

Cottage Rose said...

I so love your shopping cart's, they are just beautiful.. But then I really really like all your other projects as well... lol you have such a great talent... hope 2010 brings you much Joy and Happiness...

Happy New Year.


Lori said...

Lisa, you really made some lovely goodies for 2009...i love those pantaloons...the pillow made from the shirt is one of my favorites too!!! Happy New Year!!!

Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

Your treasures are all great. I looked at all past and present. You did a wonderful job on all of them. I will be back to see all the other things you have done. Hope you will stop by and visit me sometime. Wishing you and yours a blessed and happy New Year!
Hugs, Pat

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year , Lisa!
I want to ditto your resolution , I'm too much of a slacker to think of my own :0)

Florence said...

I'm with you create, create, I feel so good when I am creating. Happy New Year Lisa. Hugs Florence

Miss Rhea said...

Lovely, all of it ! Makes me want to drag out my wallpaper and get gluing ! :) Happy New Year !!!

Into Vintage said...

I think the belt buckles are my favorites - I love all the little bits and pieces. Wishing you a very Happy New Year! -amy

vintagesue said...

happy new year to you too!! i ADORE, ADORE, ADORE those belt buckles. what charmers they are.
ALL of your projects are super cute.
here's to another year of more, more, more!!!

♥Frann♥ said...

Peace,Faith and Love in this New Year that is begining.Happy 2010!

Faded Charm said...

Wishing you much happiness in the New Year, Lisa. Hope to run into you soon.

Take care,


cherished*vintage said...

Happy New Year Lisa! Wishing that 2010 is a fabulous year for you. I don't make resolutions, but I think your "create more" is one I'd like to make and stick to too.

Nora Begona said...

Recently I bought "blogging for bliss by Tara Frey, visiting some of the blogs mentioned in the book, doing some clicks on the links, I found yours. I love it!
I love roses and all the romantic and shabby look.
Here is mine if you want to have a look at mine.
It's about roses too. My favorite flower.

Sue said...

My, you have certainly had a most wonderful and creative year! Love the shopping cart liners. And the pantaloons..... and well, just everything!

Happy New Year!

Sue E.

Gabrielle Mader said...

great project..and I think you have been busy..I wish I could say I would be hard pressed to come up with ten. I like the minty dresser best....keep up the good work.

Gayle said...

Hi Lisa--I bought your darling chalkboard at Splendid yesterday....

your blog and your booth look just great....

Happy New Year, Gayle

Gayle said...

Hi Lisa--I bought your darling chalkboard at Splendid yesterday....

your blog and your booth look just great....

Happy New Year, Gayle

Elyse said...

this post has got my heart racing! i love the way you put things together and the colors and patterns you use. this post will inspire many of my own projects so thank you for sharing! i am loving the clipboards!

happy new year from snowy rhode island . . .

looking forward to many more inspiring posts from you!


Mitzi Curi said...

Your projects from 2009 look so stunning all listed in one post. I'm very inspired by them because I too love vintage wallpaper, and roses of course! My stash includes a lot of flocked papers, which are my new favorite. Have you worked with flocked paper? I'll bet your creations would be lovely.....

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

Lisa, I ADORE all of your projects! I love those clipboards you made!!!