Sunday, December 6, 2009

Fun Weekend

It has been a really fun weekend and it isn't over yet. On Friday I loaded up my posse (Isabel, Adrienne, Kate, Jean and my Mom) and we headed over to Kathleen's sale in Mt. Angel. I didn't get any pictures, but you can see some of her adorable things on her blog.

We then headed down the road a little further to attend Joy's Holiday Open House. This is the third year that I've gone to her Open House and it gets lovelier every year. Joy's eye for detail is just remarkable. I was too busy looking at all of her cutie decorations that I didn't get any pictures, but Isabel and Adrienne took lots, so I know they will be posting about it soon. You can check out some pictures of Joy's Open House a few years ago here.

As mentioned before, here are the little Christmas ornaments I made and took to Monticello. I think they turned out pretty cute. I've had these tin reflectors for a while and just decided to add a little jewelry to them. Simple and sweet.

Today we will be going to cut down our Christmas tree and the decorations will be coming out.

I have a fun cookie exchange party that I will be going to as well, so I better get baking. Have a lovely Sunday!


Connie said...

Those are cute, sugar! I'm making pink and white things for our tree this year and think I'm just about finished. Well, Love Bunny THINKS I SHOULD be finished, honey!! LOL

Lori said...

those are really cute Lisa!!!

The Flying Bee said... did I not see these? I love them! I want to buy one for my tree! Do you have an Etsy? Have a great Sunday!


Cottage Rose said...

I love your hand made Christmas decorations, so pretty.. You sure are a busy thing these days..hope you had a fun time finding that perfect tree... have a great week...


Celticlass said...

I love your ornaments. Hope you had fun Christmas Tree hunting and stayed warm. Can't wait to see pictures of Joy's Open House. I have only been to one of her Open Houses with my buddy Florence last Fall and it was fabulous. How did I miss this one??
Happy Holidays,

Rochelle said...

Those are such cute ornaments....wish I could make my way down to Monticello this hoo to me!

Auntie Joy said...

Hi Lisa,
Thank you again for all your help! I so appreciate you! I also loved your cookies! Let me know when I can come your direction for whatever I can do to help you!

Anonymous said...


I just had to let you know that your ornaments are so sweet! I would love to have one for our tree. Are you selling them?

Blessings to you,


Sue said...


I love your sweet ornaments. Are you taking orders? Very creative--they would look just perfect on our tree.

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Beth Neumann said...

I love your idea! Somehow I ended up with a bigger tree thias yeasr asnd it needas more bling. Are you selling them on Etsy or elsewhere?

Merry Christmas


Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Oh, I wanted to get over to Mt Angel this past weekend too...but didn't make it! Hope you had a lovely time.

Stay Cozy, Carrie

The Rustic Victorian said...

oh! they turned out great!
Merry Christmas

one gal's trash said...

These are very sweet. I just cleaned out the studio last weekend and found a box of brooches I made with reflectors and trim and orphan earrings. They are so festive! Maybe I'll put them up on Etsy and see how they do. Hope you are well and staying warm. I'll be at Crafty Wonderland late in the afternoon on Sunday...are you going?

Come Junk With Us said...

Very Cute! Love those. Another fantastic creation by you.
Looks like I missed a really fun day. DARN IT!
Happy Holidays

virgina bed and breakfast said...

This is a beautiful art and craft
a hand made creation.It is a great piece of collection and lovely.

Eileen@Star'sFault said...

Love the reflector tree ornaments! They are so pretty!

Blessings ~ Eileen @ Star's Fault

Mitzi Curi said...

I love your idea! I have some little tart tins that I've wanted to turn into ornaments. I think a little sparkle in the center will be just the ticket!

shabbyscraps said...

oohh, I love these! I wish I had time to make it down there...
xoxo, Tiffany

Andrea said...

Everything looks so yummy!

Anonymous said...
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