Monday, August 17, 2009

This Girl's Having Too Much Fun

I'm home again and so behind in blogging. Let me back up a bit to two weekend's ago when Isabel and I road tripped it up North to visit Timi, go junking and attend the first "Hot Blogust Nights" party.

We had a great time, found some great junk and made some awesome new friends. On Friday we made a little stop at sweet Kimberly's adorable home. Here we are hamming it up with WSU Laura's "sorority pose."Loved all the sweet old outbuildings on Kim's property. So much great potential for a studio/junk storage/guest cottage. Love it!

Don't you just love the chickens roaming around. I do! I wanted to move right in. Wish I got some interior shots of Kim's house. You'll have to take my word for it, it's awesome!

We arrived at Timi's house just in time for dinner and a junk swap party with some of Timi's friends. We met Dani, Jana, Trish, Amber, Mary, Ann, Jennifer, Annie and . Everyone was so sweet and welcoming. Lots of great food (the crab sandwiches were delish!), laughs and junk swapping. What could be better?

Here is Timi's house.

Love, love, love the pink chairs on her balcony and if you look real close, you can see Charlie poking his little head through the railing.

My favorite room in Timi's house. This is where the junk swap party was held.Saturday Timi, Isabel and I hit the road for some garage sale good times. We all found lots of good junk and we could have kept going, but we were running out of time and the truck was filling up fast. Here is a shot of the back of my van after we loaded all of our great junk into it.

Saturday evening we headed to downtown Snohomish where the blog party was being held. It was being hosted by Annie and several other stores participated by being open late and offering yummy snacks, beverages and special store discounts. I was the lucky winner of the blog badge contest and got to pick $75.00 worth of merchandise from Annie's! I could hardly believe it! I could have spent hours trying to decide what to get as she had so many amazing things in her store, but I narrowed it down to an adorable silverware ring (which hasn't left my hand since I got it) and a equally adorable vintage medicine cabinet. It was a great evening!

Jana and her Mom, Claris of Joy Works. A lovely shop that's been in business 30 years!

Fun and cute bloggers, Trish and Amber

Loved this mermaid display in the window at Joyworks.

Melaine and Kim posing at Annie's.

Just a sampling of the many awesome items for sale at Annie's.

Susan and her adorable daughter, Laura

Sunday morning we left bright and early as I had to get back home for a family dinner thingy being hosted by me. My little bro was in town for the weekend and graced us with his appearance. It was good to see him and the rest of the family (minus one nephew). My little bro lives in Arizona and we don't get to see him often enough. He's the guy in the black t-shirt. BTW, he's single if anyone's interested.

Monday morning we packed up the car and headed East this time to Boise, Idaho to visit my husband's brother and his wife. It has been three years since we visited them in Boise and it was fun to visit again. We did the Boise river float one day and while my hubby was fishing with his brother the next day, the kids and I hit some thrift stores and a mall. One cool thing that happened while we were there was going to a restaurant that we had enjoyed the last time we were there and finding out that they were filming an episode of "Man Vs. Food" for the travel Channel so we got to see this guy and cheer him on while he plowed through a massive amount of food in 30 minutes.

This weekend Isabel and I went up to see our friends at the Barn House/Willow Nest sale in Battleground, WA. I took one picture while we were there, but you can see all the lovely pictures Isabel took here.

We hit a few other sales and got some great stuff which I will share on my next post. Hope you all had a lovely weekend. I have a busy week ahead with back to school stuff, getting ready for Monticello's Fall Premier Sale and the Coburg Antique Fair coming up next month. I'm just exhausted thinking about it.


trash talk said...

Girl, I'm exhausted just reading about it. When do you come up for air!!! You must have wheels on your rear to have been to so many places. Everything looks like a great time. I gotta say, all you girls are just too stinking cute. I could get lost in all those stores and not mind it a bit!

PinkBalloons&Macaroons said...

Hi sweetie!! Thus is Britt(sparkledvintagecharm) this is my new blog I was telling you about. Anyway :-) cute post!! Looks like you had bunches of fun up north!! Sorry I missed this last Barn boy's show! :-( I thought it was next weekend! :-( Your brother looks adorable!! I am sure he is a sweetheart and won't be single long!!
Glad you had fun in Boise! Love it there! Hope you have a fabulous day!! hugs!!:-)

Sammy Girl said...

WA HOO! What a fun time! congrats on winning and even more congrats on successful thrifting. Was nice to see you and say hi at BH. I am hoping to go to Snohomish this fall ....
Have a super week!
Betty :)

Barn House said...

Soooo jealous you got to see Kim and Melaine!!! I got to hug Timi this weekend...1 out of 3 ain't bad. PLUS, I got to give you and Isabel a little squeeze this weekend too...all is good! :o)

mimi charmante said...

You are so fabulous! I definitely owe you for teaching me the wise ways of laura... I am just home and in catch up mode but loved seeing the photos you took!
Hope to see you soon~

Amber Strehle said...

Sooo fun getting to meet you and Isabel!! I will be posting pictures of Mona very soon!!:)

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