Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Some Stuff I Found Last Weekend

The last two weekends have been great for thrifting. Most of the stuff I found in Washington has already been cleaned, sorted and taken to my mall spaces. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures but, as I mentioned in the last post, Isabel and I hit a few sales last weekend. One of the best being the sale at our friend, Karen's house. Karen is an antiques dealer who lives in our town and she was in desperate need to clean out a lot of great stuff. I didn't get to her sale until 3 in the afternoon and she still had some really awesome stuff at super low prices. Isabel came right after I left and bought a bunch of stuff too and got even better prices. We both went back later together and bought even more stuff. So, you're probably wondering what the heck I got.
Here are just some of my weekend finds.

Adorable little dresser found at Vintage Gatherings in Battle Ground.

Bar stools, end table, lamps, vintage hangers, great vintage photo in neat frame, bucket, lace, jar, chippy hanger thingy and crusty candle holder all found at Karen's sale.

Close up of the cool lamps I found.

More great finds from Karen's sale. Hard to see, but that bench is really cute. I'm going to recover the seat in that neat fabric on the left.

Cute book shelf found at Vintage Gatherings.

Mirror, bed lamp, divided box, tool box all found at Vintage Gatherings. The chippy cabinet door I got from Linda Marcov (Willow Nest) at the Barn House sale. The little toy phone was found at another Battleground sale Isabel and I found. (More on that later)

This awesome frame was in pieces when I bought it at Karen's sale. Also got the wicker stool and rusty wire fencing there too. I am loving this frame though. Not sure if I will keep it, sell as is, put a mirror in it or make it into some kind of memory or chalkboard. Too many wonderful choices.

Other things I got that I didn't take a picture of before storing them in my garage are a white metal bakers rack, child's sized shopping cart, slipper chair in need of a slipcover, three ottomans needing to be recovered, another cute dresser with an ugly paint job, white gate leg table in pieces and some other miscellaneous goodies I can't remember. To think Isabel and I were worried that we wouldn't have enough stuff for the Monticello Fall Premier Show and the Coburg Antique Fair coming up. I think it's safe to say we do, but now we need to get busy and work our magic on a few things. Personally, I need to get busy painting and sewing as I'm am kind of running out of time.

Now, for that sale Isabel and I found on Saturday. It was pretty close to the other sales we went to and was advertised as a "Antiques" sale. Isabel found and bought lots of cool stuff. I only bought the toy telephone and a couple pairs of jeans for my son. But, the best part of this sale to me was the property where it was being held. The sweet owner, Beth, told us we could snap some pictures so that is just what we did.

Beth's property was just a little slice of heaven. I would be a very happy girl if I lived in such a place.

I'm going to leave you here with the one and only picture I took at the Barn House/Willow Nest sale.

This sweet kitty was so cute hanging out in one of the display boxes. You can see it has a tag on it for sale. I don't think the kitty was included with the box, but who knows?


Heidi Ann said...

Absolutely great stuff! Wish I had a bookcase/shelf like that! I love seeing all of the fabulous things that other bloggers find, and also how they transform them or create something. Very inspiring!

Maison Douce said...

It's fun to see what you found at Karen's... Great stuff!!! Glad to see your sidebar came back!

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Great finds!!

NicNacManiac said...

SCORE....fabulous finds!! You've got some real jems there.

laurie -magpie ethel said...

My mom and I hit that same sale with the amazing yard (almost bought that phone!). We also toured the yard - awesome, awesome piece of property and she had done amazing things with it! Good to see you last week!

Annie said...

You are welcome. I was so happy to meet all you creative gals. I really did have a good time and hope to see you again soon!

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

Great, great stuff, Lisa.

Cottage Rose said...

Wow what great goodies you found. I love every thing, the lamps are just gorgeous. And the photos of her garden are just stunning... Loved the old ladders she made into an arbor.. thanks for sharing them with us,, I really enjoyed it..


Rebecca said...

Really super GREAT stuff! OMGOSH! Love it all!

Can't wait to see what you are going to do with it all!


Uncovered Ruby said...

Hi Lisa,
I see you enjoyed our Vintage Gathering Flea Market last Saturday, we do have a lot of fun. We're having another Flea Market on Sept. 12th, same day as Barn House. Check out my blog for details of our schedule and pictures of our shop in Battle Ground. Great to see you found so many treasures, I love the hunt!!!
Lisa (great name! :-)

Laura said...

What an amazing sale and what great stuff-

Her garden is beautiful. I loved the bookshelf.

Enjoyed visiting and am now a follower!


Volunteer programs India said...

Brilliant! I love the way you arrange those great stuffs in your garden. Have a nice day!

Alison Gibbs said...

What great things you bought. Love the bookshelf. No wonder you wanted take some photos of that garden it is gorgeous.

charmedwishes said...

that's nice, i wish i could also do antique hunting or even go to flea markets for that matter. the dresser has definite potential. you should sand it and then add fresh varnish or paint it a pretty pink. the garden is heavenly. new follower here!


Anonymous said...

Hi stranger! How have you been? You hit some good sales! Is Karen quitting the business? Coburg will be here before you know it - see you then. xo, Sue

Rita said...

It is a slice of Heaven, I would love to make my yard look like that. Ciao

Tracey said...

Oooo you got all kinds of great stuff!!

:) T

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Wonderful finds! I really like the lamps and drawers.
Very sweet picture of the cat!
Isabelle x

one gal's trash said...

Hi Lisa,
I have been thinking about you today. I have spent most of the day painting 2 pieces of furniture for my space at Vestiges (soon to be FOUND on Fremont). I have come to the realization that I hate painting furniture. I want it to look good after one coat and it just doesn't. I have a newfound respect for you clever furniture re-do gals. Shall we meet for coffee soon with the magpie?


Natasha Burns said...

Hi Lisa! the stuff you found is incredible! you find the bestest goodies!!!!
Did you get my email reply the other day? I wasn't sure if it went to spam or not, I wrote (or should I say, gushed) about your fabulous swap parcel. I got some photos of it yesterday and i'll be posting them on my blog this week. Hopefully, your parcel from me will finally arrive any day soon! xoxox

Olde Tyme Marketplace said...

SUPER BLOG!! Love all your pictures!! So glad I found ya!
Hope your day is great!!!

My Vintage Treasures said...

What great finds!!! I love the bookcase too :)

Rochelle said...

I love Beth's backyard too! Such an oasis....