Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My Secret Surprise

A few months ago I got an email from one of the editors of Artful Blogging Magazine saying that they wanted to use one of my pictures in their next issue. They were doing an article on Tiffany's "Show Me Your Form" challenge and they wanted to use one of the photos I used for that challenge.

Last week I got my copy in the mail and I can't tell you how thrilled I was to see this.

Isabel was over and we quickly flipped through the magazine looking for this.

Turned the page to find this...my picture.

I can't tell you how excited I am to have my picture in a magazine. I know it's not a whole article or anything, but I don't care. I know I'm probably making a big deal over something little, but I still don't care. I'm stoked! It doesn't take much to make this gal happy.

To make it even better, also included in this issue is one of my favorite bloggers, Heather from Pretty Petals. Her article features a picture of the "junque in my trunk" swap gifty she gave me. If you want to see what was inside you can see it here.

So, contratulations to Tiffany and Heather and all the other artful bloggers in this issue. It's a good one full of fabulous eye candy.

On my next post I will tell you about the Portland Antique Expo I went to last Friday and show you the fun things I found. Have an awesome Tuesday!


Maison Douce said...

I am so glad I was there to share in your excitment!!! Go ahead and make a big deal out of it... You deserve it!! Love you,

ShabbyInTheCity said...

I know how excited I would be! I'm so happy for all the bloggers who get written up :) And..what would those mags do without the bloggers these days? I don't pick up mags anymore because they pale in comparison to what we are doing...in my opinion :) I read that Mary Englebreit lost her publisher and will go out of print unless another one is found. I shouldn't think any company wouldn't want her.

My Shabby Roses said...

Wow, Excited I'd be excited too! I'm so glad for you, it's always fun to be recognized. You are an excellent blogger and what a perfect magazine to have Manni in. She did look great with all her fine jewelry!

Timi said...

OH MY GOD!!! You have been published! That's a big deal girlfriend. Congrats! I'm so excited for you.
I feel like I know a celeberity now

I remember that picture on your blog and I remember thinking....what a cool picture. I guess I wasn't the only one who was admiring it.

Heidi Ann said...

Congratulations! I think it is very exciting, indeed, to have your picture featured in a magazine! Cool.

Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

Lisa... you aren't making a big deal girlie! Any time your beautiful photos are used in a national magazine it is exciting and an honor!!

Your Manni is just gorgeous and I love that photo of her!

Thanks for your sweet words about my blog. I was excited to see they chose your swappy trunk too ;)

XOXO heather

WSU Laura said...

Congratulations! That really is very exciting. Your form looks gorgeous and now it is out there for everyone to enjoy.

miss gracies house said...

Congratulations~I definately understand your excitement!!!!That would fuel me for months! I'll have to go find that issue!
Can't wait to see about the expo...I missed it again:( volleyball tournament but oh well, maybe next spring.
Have a good week,

laurie said...

You have every right to be excited..shout it from the rooftops and carry a copy to show everyone! I am thrilled for you!

Martha, Vintage Trifles said...

I can see why they chose it -- it is wonderful!!! Congratulations! xoxo, Martha

colbycottage said...

Hi Lisa, I am so happy for you!! The picture is wonderful and you so deserve it. I love that magazine and your picture fits in beautifully. Kathy

Coleen said...

Hey Lisa!!!
Congratulations!!!! I think that is most awesome!!!
I have been wanting a manni since i saw the online party....I saw one at expo for $250.00.......with a wire skirt....brown fabric on top...i do not know much about them - was that a good price?? I passed it up and have been kicking myself ever since!!!!

cherished*vintage said...

Whoo hoo Lisa! I would be so excited too. It's such a fabulous picture. Congrats!!!

Gail said...

Wow Lisa!
I'd be over the moon! She's gorgeous, good for you.
I think that's a dream a lot of us bloggers have, to be published, and you accomplished it.
Rock on girl!

Holly said...


~ Hearts ~

Stacy said...

It was only a matter of time before your creativity was shared with the "masses"! congrats!!!

Vintage Linen Treasures said...

Wow! VERY impressive. Congratulations! That's so awesome, but not surprising since your work is just so beautiful!
Patricia :o)

Karen ~ Cider Antiques said...

Congratulations! So nice to see all you gals in print. It is great!!! I am happy for you :)


Christine LeFever said...

Kudos to you, Girl! That form is magnificent and therefore it's no wonder they needed it!


Pat said...

Lisa, I recognized your special mannequin in Artful Blogging right away. It was like seeing a friend! Enjoy it...Pat

Tammy said...

Congratulations on the magazine photo. I hav looked everywhere and cannot find the latest issue. Darnit! I love that magazine. So anywya, I love your photo in it.
Hav a lovely week.

Loretta said...

I'm scrolling backwords thru your lovely blog. I can spend HOURS in blogland. I discovered your blog on another blog. As usual I don't know which one, but I love your style. I checked out the pics of your pretty home on your sidebar link. My mom was born in Amity OR but married a Cdn. We used to go to OR each summer; it's my favourite state. Where is your antique store in case I ever get to OR again? That is exciting your item was in a magazine!