Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Shopping Carts, Shelves and Linens, Oh My!

On my weekly run over to Monticello Monday, I stopped at my usual thrifting haunts. I debated whether I should as I had a lot to do at home and I kind of wanted to make it a quick trip over. However, I'm really glad I did take the time to stop. Here's what I scored on Monday's thrifting adventures.

I found not one, but two shopping carts, two cute little shelves, a cute little chandelier type thing someone made out of wire fencing and some flowers, a cute laura ashley lamp shade, sweet little cottage style glass lamp, a little wood tray and an awesome bench which you know, will receive one of my shabby chic makeovers. I love the size of it. I think it would be adorable at the foot of a bed, under a window or even in front of a fireplace for additional seating. The possibilities are endless!

I also found these cute linens. I really don't know why I'm still buying linens. I have so many, but I just love them and can't pass them up if they are cheap. I especially love the little fork and knife holders.

Yesterday Isabel came over and we had a sewing day. She is getting ready for her sale this weekend at the Portland Expo Center. She made some gorgeous totes that she will be taking to the sale. I'll be going over with her on Friday to help her get set up and do a little early buying.

What did I work on yesterday, you ask? Well, my pile of shopping carts is getting out of control so I made a couple liners.

Here is the one I made yesterday. I think it turned out so pretty, but then, I say that about all my liners. Modest, aren't I? But seriously, I do spend a lot of time picking out fabrics for each cart. I want them to be so cute that people will just be amazed at how adorable they are and have to have one for themselves. My plan seems to be working as they seem to sell as fast as I can make them.

The fabric I used on this one is some that I bought recently at JoAnn's. You may remember I showed the pile here.

This one I finished up this morning. The picture doesn't do it justice. I think the lighting is off. But if you click on it, you can get a better idea on the fabric I used. White with pink roses on the outside, pink with white polka dots on the inside. Don't you just love polka dots? I do.

This weekend my MIL will be coming for a visit so I need to clean up the guest room. Fortunately since we had visitors not too long ago it isn't too bad. It will be nice to see her again and have her here to help celebrate my youngest's 13th birthday which is on Friday.

I have a surprise that I have been keeping secret for awhile now that I want to share with you. Something came in the mail yesterday that has me "tickled pink." I promise to let you know about it soon.

Happy Wednesday!


Jennifer said...

Those shopping carts are very cute! Thanks for sharing. Makes me want to run out and go shopping!

Hilda said...

pretty shopping cart liners!!

Timi said...

Are you serious???? Your going to leave us hanging???? That's so wrong!

Love the carts. You always do such a good job. I love mine :-)

laurie said...

Great shopping cart liners! You have the knack with those. My daughters birthday is sunday so we will be doing the celebration thing too! (15 years old tho)

p.s. I think I know your secret...but my lips are sealed tight!

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Oh those knife and fork holders are so cute! I can't seem to pass up pretty embroidered linens either!

Cottage Rose said...

Your shopping carts are so lovely, you do a great job on them. I can see why they sell out fast. And what a great haul you found lots of pretties.

Have fun with them.


tiffany ~ shabby scraps said...

tooo cute!!! I saw some people with carts like that at farm chics...wonder if they were yours! I love them!!
xoxo, Tiffany

ShabbyInTheCity said...

You're gonna be in a magazine? Everyone else is it seems!
I love the carts and their liners :)

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Cute shopping cart! You just amaze me with your knack at finding cool old stuff. What is your little secret? Cannot wait to find out.


Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage said...

You found awesome treasures ! I love your cart liners too ~ Mine is all torn up and looks horrible !!

Alicia ~ Time Worn Style said...

Your shopping carts are just gorgeous, no wonder they sell so fast!
alicia ~ time worn style

Lori said...

Love the carts!!! Lori

Loretta said...

I love your liners! Did you make the pattern yourself? I'm sure it's really easy; I sew but need a pattern! I have a small shopping cart. I think I'll "steal" your idea...but it's no good in our rain! I use transit a lot with my cart, as I don't drive.