Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Monticello Home & Garden Show

Where the heck did March go? What a crazy, busy, fun month that was but here we are, now in April. I had a great visit with my little brother in beautiful Phoenix, AZ. Did quite a bit of thrifting and found some lovely vintage items. We also spent a few days during spring break up in Seattle and Vancouver, BC. The weather was kind of crummy, but we had some great family together time, ate some great food and saw the sites.

I also spent some time in March getting ready to be the dealer for the window at Monticello for the month of April. Just got moved in yesterday and while I need to add a few things and maybe do a little tweaking here and there. I have to say, I am tickled pink with the results. Here is a picture courtesy of Darcey at Monticello.


Kind of hard to get a good picture of everything as the glare on the window was pretty bad. For the first half of the month I’m going with a Spring Cleaning theme. Then in a couple weeks, I’m going to change it up with a Vintage Boutique theme. So fun to do something new!

Don’t forget, the Monticello Spring Home & Garden show starts this Friday. Lots and lots of great stuff the dealers have been saving just for this show.


As you can see, the show runs through May 28, and the dealers will be continually restocking, so make sure to come in often.

My next big show is Farm Chicks, the first weekend in June. Starting to get really excited about it. Lots of projects in the works and I know it will be here before I know it. Now, if only the weather would cooperate a bit so I could work on those projects. TTFN!


Kathy said...

Your window space is gorgeous. I haven't been there in a couple weeks so it looks like it is time for a visit!

calamityjaneslifestyle.blogspot.com said...

Hi Lisa,

I love your window space! Looks so Springy. BTW...I can't take the credit you gave me for the picture. Darcey actually took those photos. She does all the great postings on our Facebook page so give her a shoutout on Facebook.
Great job in the window!

A Cottage Muse said...

The window looks so cute!
Can't wait to see your next idea come to life!

GardenGirl said...

Hello there!

Will I see you at R&R? I hope I'll see you and Isabel! If not, at FC for sure...I'll get down there to Monticello too! Beautiful job!

deb @ Garden Party ;)

Auntie Joy said...

Looks great Lisa!


Hope to come down for a visit soon, if you are ever in Gig Harbor stop by we have plenty of items you may want to look at for your spot, we have been junkin for 30 years and love to repurpose and see our things go to good homes and shops, hugs Mary

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Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

hi lisa! the window display is fantastic! i like the spring cleaning idea a lot! you did an awesome job! i would LOVE to come up to shop!!!


Mitzi said...

I love your display, and the theme ideas. the Monticello poster is really great too....very well designed!

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

What a beautiful space. LOVELY!

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