Thursday, February 9, 2012

More Finds


This dresser was a find from last summer. I finally pulled it out of the garage, fixed it up a bit and took it to Monticello where it sold the very same day.


Found these goodies while out thrifting a couple weeks ago. Sold the paper roll thingy, scrolly brackets and two drawer cabinet at Junk Salvation last weekend. Love that little mirror with the birds etched on it. Reminds me of “Portlandia.” “Put a bird on it!”


I love finding crochet and velvet vintage hangers which I always keep. The rhinestone bow pin was added to my collection and the pitcher was a gift for my Mom who loves blue.


Also found this little assortment of vintage towels. Love that someone took the time to embroider something pretty onto something useful.


This one was funny and a reminder not to be naughty.


Found the lamp and shade in two different thrift stores, but they are really cute together. The little candy holder is one I’ve had/sold before, always love the bingo cards for packaging small items, more hangers and I can never pass up those metal reflector thingys. They make cute ornaments with a little bling added to them.


Another rose ticking feather pillow.


Cute coin purse key chain and two rhinestone bracelets.

And finally, my favorite recent find.


Found this adorable vintage pink desk at Stars yesterday. I really didn’t need it. Couldn’t think of a place where I could use it, but just couldn’t leave it behind.  I knew I would be thinking about it when I got home so I went ahead and bought it.


Looks so sweet with this little stool I’ve had in my bedroom for years.


How cute it it with this cabinet on top? I’ve had that cabinet in my bedroom forever. It was one of my first antique/vintage purchases and I have never gotten tired of it. It has been a bedside table and just a great storage cabinet. Not sure if it will stay here or not, but I’ll try it for awhile.


A good place for my two French fabric covered boxes and little bears.


Still working on getting my bedroom put back together after the big painting project.  Seems to be taking me forever. Trying to minimize and de-clutter, but it’s just so hard. I love so many things. We did finally do the tv cabinet switcheroo as we broke down and finally got a big flat screen so that means decorating changes in the living room. Hopefully I’ll be able to share that soon too. Bye for now!


Kathy said...

Great finds, especially that little pink table. You are right, it is perfect with the stool and I think I like it with the cabinet on tope.
Congratualtions on the quick turn-around on the dresser - yay!

jeanne@juNxtaposition said...

wonderful all !! especially like the turquoise change purse !

Squirrelhaus said...

I love, love, love your pink desk and cabinet!!! You were lucky to find them!!!!
Chris :o)

Wanda @ Just Vintage said...

The cabinet looks like it was made for the little desk! You did find some cool things. And I'm not surprised the chest sold the same day. Gotta love it! Except for having to rearrange so soon. LOL

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

The desk and cabinet are so YOU! Love them!!!