Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Loves of my Life

I don’t need it to be Valentine’s Day to remind me that these three cuties are the loves of my life.


This picture is a little old. Mother’s Day 2010 to be exact. It’s fun to see how the kids have changed and grown up since then. Makes me realize though, that I need to get some new pictures taken. My daughter will be graduating high school in June then off to college in the Fall which will be bittersweet for me.

I hope wherever you are, you can share the day with the loves of your life. Happy Valentine’s Day!


Cottage Rose said...

Happy Valentine's Day... you have a lovely family...


Le Faded Fleur said...

You have a beautiful family! Posted a few pictures of your booth at the Junk Salvation show, check them out if you have a chance... There is a super cute one of you and Isabel! Hope you had a lovely Valentines day!

Anonymous said...

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LizlovesVintage said...

A belated Valentine's to you too!
xxx Liz

chateau chic said...

Okay, I'm scrolling down your blog and drooling at your pictures. Please tell me you sell in or around northern Virginia! :-)
Thanks so much for stopping by, following, and adding me to your blog roll. Wow, I appreciate it.
Mary Alice

Paula Parrish said...

Ah, I love this picture of your family. I hope that you enjoyed your Valentine’s Day. Smiles, Paula

Paula Parrish said...
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Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hi Lisa!! You have a lovely family and the kids are all grown up already. Man, time flies.

Hope all is well your way.