Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Barn House 2011~Wow!

Just back from my trip to England yesterday.  Suffering a bit from jet-lag, but I had a fabulous time with Isabel. We saw and did so much in one short week and I have a ton of pictures to sort through. Will hopefully be able to do so in the next few days! I did, however, want to share with you some snaps I took just a few minutes before the opening of the Barn House sale. It was, in a word, incredible! Loved everything about it! Great vendors, great junk, wonderful customers and just the best overall fun vibe imaginable.  All thanks to Joe and Jermonne, my homeboys! Love them so much!

So here we go!


Picture of my space. I can’t believe how much I packed into this small space. The gold velvet settee was the first thing to sell.


My bling corner. Earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces and belt buckles.


Lots of cool vintage frames.


The cute vintage buffet. Still available, btw.


Love the chippy paint on this folding chair. Also had lots of lovely vintage millinery from my own stash for sale. Just a peek at the cool work table I brought and sold to Lara.


Remember the dresser from this recent post? It got a lovely shabby chic style makeover.


More goodies!


Lovely vintage clothing, and ticking pillows.


Here’s just a glimpse of the awesome metal garden table you may remember from this post. It was the second thing to sell and I could have sold it ten times over.


Another shot of the velvet settee and more miscellaneous goodies.


Lots of cool, vintage mirrors too!


Isabel and her lovely daughter to my left.


My adorable neighbor Stacy on the right!  She had the coolest stuff and was super sweet!


Lovely Lara’s booth!


Sweet Lisa Souers! Love that she came all the way from Yakima to do the show.


Here is Sue and Kristin! Kristin’s booth with the adorable covered wagon was a perfect fit for the show.


Cindy’s always artfully arranged booth.


Sara and all her yummy goodies.


Joy’s space. She always has the coolest stuff!


Sweet Debbie and Laurie! I think they outdid themselves this year! There booth was amazing and almost empty at the end of the show.


Joyce’s lovely booth.


Lynn and Natalie’s space. So cute! Love that bench up front.


Liz’s always gorgeous space inside the barn.


Joe and Sue’s space.


Diane’s space.


Duchess (JoDee and Kat)


Lovely Julie’s space.


Theresa Sheeley. So cute!


So adorable Chocolate Spider girls.


Lovely Manor Bourne!


Tracey and her beautiful daughter from A Cottage Industry.


Brocanteur Vintage




Sweet Lynn!


Plantantis (came all the way from California!)


And of course, Barn House!

I now realize I should have broken this up into two posts. I hope you enjoyed all the pictures and I apologize for not giving fair warning that there were a lot. I also apologize as I didn’t get pictures of all the booths as I ran out of time. To all the customers and visitors who came and shopped,  thank you all from the bottom of my heart. It wouldn’t be possible to do this without you. And, to Joe and Jermonne, thank you so much for all the love and support. You guys know how I feel about you! I also want to send out a big thank you shout out to my helpers, Mitzi, John, Zoe and Kate! You all made this show so easy and fun for me to do! Thanks so much you guys!

Again, I hope to be back soon with some of my England trip pics! TTFN!


Rosetta said...

Oh,che bel giro di mercatino!Super!!!!Rosetta

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Super pics! I loved your photo tour and only wish I could have been there in person. Looking forward to hearing about your trip to England! :)

lizaanne said...

WHEW!!! That was an awesome fix! I've had MAJOR "thing for roses" withdrawal!!!! ;-)

So glad you had a great show, and a great trip. Looking forward to your England update!

Tete said...

WOW! This is surely the most awesome show to ever be and how exciting for you to be a part of it. A show that big and full of so much would scare me to death! Glad you had a great time and you took some really great photos of so many booths! Good job for showing all of us all the fun that went on!
Hugs- Tete

Recycled Rita said...

I loved all the pics! I am doing a similar show in Sept. in Rainbow, CA - The Vintage MarketPlace and this is very inspiring! karen...

Karla said...

GREAT photos, lisa, and your shop at barn house looks gorgeous. i soooo wish i could have traveled to see it all.
can't wait to hear more about your trip to england and also to see what you brought back from all their fabulous charity shops...long live sue ryder!!!
p.s. is there a link anywhere to more info on the barn house show?
♥ karla

Wateringen said...


This pictures are so fantastic.
Thank you for sharing this pictures wit us...I realy enjoy it.
I follow your blog.
Pease take a look into my world.


Wateringen said...

I can't find it to follow you...how is this possible!
I wil try it later again..


Ellen said...

New follower to your blog today. I am loving all of your pics from the Barn House sale!! Wish I were closer to be able to shop that one... am on the East Coast though so it would be a bit of a drive! :) Can't wait to see pics of your England trip!

Ellie said...

Each time I see pictures from a major show, my heart palpitates and yearns to be there. I haven't found anything comparable in central Florida. I miss the Rose Bowl and fleas in southern California so much. Love your blog, and have been a follower for a long time. Thanks for sharing.

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

What yummy shopping!

The Little Red Shop said...

Hi Lisa! Thank you for including all the wonderful vendors in your post! My goal with my photos is to give proper credit to each and every vendor for their booths…but the shows get pretty crazy once they're up and running!

I hope you're having a sweet weekend.

Julie M. (The Little Red Shop)

The Little Red Shop said...

ps Oops…thank you for posting photos of many of the wonderful vendors… : ) I've corrected the links on my photos of your beautiful booth on my facebook album, and should be able to fill in the blanks on many more!!

Unknown said...